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Here Be Gods (A Town-based Story): Two lines of Play. H/V

Here Be Gods

Loki tapped his fingers on his desk as he looked over a list.  “God-killers.  Heroes?  Pfft, hardly.” He told his associate.  “Pests is more like it.  They either want to kill us out of some sort of vengeance or to gain our powers.  Take Merant, for example.  He killed Bane and stole his powers.  None of us are safe as long as these killers exist.  Neither is the balance of the Universe.  As we gods aren't allowed to interfere in a plot, even that to kill us...I'm afraid I need your help..."


Wukei continued etching a new key, making a face of concentration.  Might as well.  Her husband was busy off helping gods.  She made a face at that, too, though of disgust.  Friggin' gods.  They never helped, but they always expected it.  If things went her way, every single one of them would be put out of her misery.  This key was to yet another one of their "homes."  Let humans and demi-humans decide their own fates.  Now, if only some strong-willed people would aid her in the deaths of these evil deities that plagued their town (Inari and her ilk could be disposed of later...)  She just hoped that someone would respond to the note posted at the Bulletin Board.


Welcome to the Town-based Story, "Here Be Gods."  There are two lines of play.  Hero/Villain.  Well, neither is technically the hero or the villain.  It's more along the line of god-hater/god-protector.  Though most of our "bosses" will be (hopefully) guest-star gods or god-killers played by their original players.

I'd like level 28 characters.  This means I really just want potential god-killers that need help to do what they want, or followers out to protect their god, but they can't do it alone.

4d6 rolls, 6 times.  Remove the lowest die. Redo if the roll is below 12.

I'd really like this to be played by characters of the Town.  I think we have enough protectors of gods (good or evil) and god-killers to make this work.  Which means that your class is probably already picked.  Though I'd like you to run it by me, if it's not in the books.

God-playing people, if you don't mind playing as a guest star, please PM me.

How do you want Hp to be done? What books are we allowed to use?

HP is done by the book (sorry, I didn't think about it being any other way.)  Full points for first, class +CON bonus after.

You can use any book, but I need info if it's something outside the DMG or PHB.  (Yes, I do have a couple of others, but I'm not sure where they are.)

Enupnion based classes and races are allowed.  (The ones that are in the homebrew stuff here.)

Well, some people prefer not rolling for HP, so they'll tell you to take average, or 3/4ths, or something to that nature. Considering this is such a high level game (and therefore has so many rolls for HP) it might be better to have an average just so someone doesn't get killed by poor rolls.

I'm thinking about joining, but I have no idea who I'd play with.
Draken Frosthand

I am considering playing as well, the nature of most of my characters is an issue, unfortunatelly. Most are not really ECL-able.

*shrug* What Vael says works too... (I'm used to running low levels...I play with a lot of first-timers.)

To clarify, you can play a character that has lived in the Town (NPC) and has just come out of the woodworks.  I just thought it would be easier for someone to play a character they already know.

I have been told that the starting gold is 3.3 million.  Go for it.  Town has Omnishop, so you can buy about anything (even more modern weapons.)  But I want to go with realistic DnD prices, not the usual 1 gold for a +100 sword of god's bane.  

I will be watching you *glares at them all threateningly.*

If you have questions about specific weapons that you think I'll question, speak to me.

Okay, so I plan to play Idis, the clone Aesa made out of ice.
I have two Prestige Classes I want to take that are not within Core:
Ultimate Magus, and Frostmage.

Ultimate Magus is basically Mystic Theurge, but for a wizard and a sorcerer. It is within Complete Mage...
It is a ten level class. 7 of those levels advance both wizard and sorcerer casting progression, while the remaining three levels advance the lower leveled class.
It gains an ability that adds to caster level, allows you to sacrifice spell slots from one class to add metamagic to the other class's spells, and lets the sorcerer half learn a few new spells.

Frostmage is pretty self explanatory. It's from the Frostburn supplement.
It advances one class, gives natural armor, adds a few spells known (mostly summoning spells), and gives the cold subtype at level 10 (immune to cold, vulnerable to fire). It also gives you access to the Piercing Cold metamagic feat (which lets you bypass cold resistance with your cold spells, which is handy).

The planned build is: 5th level wizard, 3rd level sorcerer, 10th level Frostmage, and 10th level ultimate magus.
I'd also like to take one little variant for my wizard class- Focused Specialist. It's from complete mage, and essentially if you are a specialist (which Idis will be- an evoker), you can sacrifice another school (and thus can't cast from it), and you gain another evocation spell per day (per level, just like the specialist variant).

That all look good, or should I give more details?

Looks fine.  I understand it.  So, yeah, that works.

Hm....just how would the god-defender role work out?
I'm curious.

Basically you'd be a paladin or a cleric type person (or someone who's given yourself to a temple, sorta like Hawkeye...even though he's really just an archer.)

You've got to want to either, a: protect your god.  b: protect the balance of the world, c: just have something against a certain god-killer and need to gang up against them.

There's going to be two threads when we start out.  You guys probably won't run into each others' threads for a while.

Oddly enough, option c) seems kind of appealing. >.>
I think nameless little hatreds like that. They amuse me.
Would it be possible to be a non-religious class? Admittedly, I'm not to fond of most of those options. I've had bad experiences with D&D clerics.

Like I said, Hawkeye'd be a defender, and he's got no true god-given powers.  So it's not a problem.

Oh goody. Whoo psionic characters!
SRD, I imagine, if Wukei doesn't have the Psionics Handbook.
*summons up Invisible Castle and Co.*

Oh, that reminds me:

I am not going to force anyone to use Invisible Castle.  I actually loathe it.  I'm not going to force you not to use it, but I won't be expecting any show of proof that you got a certain roll.  In fact, if you show me IC, I'm probably gonna go off on you.  I trust you enough to trust your rolls.  Of course, if you get good rolls only, I might begin wondering...
Draken Frosthand


I think I will go with an Aspect of Draken, a god-killer.

Here goes the base build. Non-core I intend to use are the Archivist base class, from Heroes of Horror (basically a divine spellcaster with the cleric list but needing a grimoire), and the Geomancer prestige class, from Complete Divine (mixes characteristics of arcane and divine spells to gain benefits, progresses as only one of the two)

Wizard 4/ Archivist 3/ Geomancer 11/ Mystic Theurge 10

If you guys want to have something against one another (not you two, specifically, but god-killers v god-helpers) to help your background, note that I do favour background stories and probably will give you some sort of prize.
Draken Frosthand

Thinking again. I don't want to make that awfully complicated magic user.

Wukei, do you have Magic of Incarnum or Tome of Battle? I am thinking between these two.

No, I've got PHB, DMG, a planar book (old 3.0 book) and Forgotten Realms.  Along with some 1st and 2nd ed books about elves, etc.
Draken Frosthand

I have the 3.0 Manual of the Planes. Fun book.

Well... Since the mechanics there are kinda different from standard I will drop them from mind.

I will think of something... All those caster levels and spells per day are already scaring me, and the skill points of an int based character are scary.

Funny...I thought using 3.3 mil gold would be scary...
Draken Frosthand

Didn't go so far in the construction.

And really, that resumes to taking the itens you want and thinking of what to buy with the change

Vael -- Idis (god-defender?)
DB -- ? (god-defender?)

Draken -- (god-killer)

Showing interest but no definition yet:

Wow...don't I feel loved... *whisper* You get characters drawn if you join...I get bored easy.
Draken Frosthand


I have the character finished, wildshaping druid. Restrained myself mostly to Base material and things you can take out of the SRD.

Except for a prestige class from Complete Warrior, the Warshaper. Five levels, five interesting abilities (improved natural weapon damage, reach improvement, fast healing, strengh and constitution boost, and finally the power to change shape infinite times during the duration of a single shapeshift). And a few feats from various other suplements.

And a small bit of cheese from the WotC forum regarding Improved Elemental Wild Shape [Epic] and some templates from the Manual of the Planes.


Epic characters make me awhile to make. I always get indecisive with the little choices.
Like equipment. And feats.
But never spells/powers, nope...I always pick the same ones. >.>

But for Wukei's clarification, I think I will be a god-defender (psion: kineticist).*scratches cheek*
This is one of those decisions that I get indecisive over.

Ooh! I'll call him Bartok. Just because I watched Anastasia last night. Hehe...I like Bartok.

Actually, Idis may be a god killer... she's a rather odd person.
But it could easily change. I'll just see which side needs more people.

I'm intrigued, but I'm not sure you'd want me participating, as I'd probably cause a problem or two:

- I'm a Brit, so my posting times are a mess compared to yours I think.
- I don't have a Lvl 28 Town character, and I've never played that high a level game.

However, I really am interested. I'd probably play an amped-up Rhapsody, after she's been cured of her illness or completely succumbed to it. She could be either a god-defender or god-killer, depending on which way I skew her story.

Hawkeye is from Great Britain, as well.  He's playing, his girlfriend is making him. ^.~

It'll probably only be a once a day post, so in that, it's very unTownlike.

If you want to create a new character, like I said, I don't mind.

And to DB: I LOVE Anastasia.  Probably because two of my favourite actors (Kelsey Grammer [I was SO worried when I heard he had heart troubles] and Bernadette Peters) are in it.  Hell, I just love musicals, movie or otherwise.

To everyone:  If you have a pic OotS style or otherwise of your character, I'll try to draw them as I get the time to do them.  (Our power went off last night cuz of a storm, so I got a lot to catch up on on my webcomics.)

It's a really good movie. One of the higher ones on my Disney list, I think.
My friends were borrowing it from me the other day, so apparently they enjoy it, too. Or maybe they're just bored and decided that they were going to watch movies. And seeing as I probably have the largest collection of Disney movies within a few miles, they decided to steal a few.
Either way.

Hm...nope, not picture for this person. They're gonna be completely new.
Most of my current characters wouldn't fit the way I'd want them to, for this.

Spiffy, in that case I'm in, one post a day sounds fine for me based on the amount I get to actively post on here.

I'll start considering a character and throw something up on here sometime this week.

It's not Disney.  It's Fox.  Disney doesn't usually do stuff THAT dark.  

No rush, everyone.  Though you might consider something for the other side if you prefer the god-protection racket, cuz it seems we have more god-killers.  And not enough for a full game for both.

So go recruit someone or something. ^.~

Okay... I've got my character ready. I'm gonna play Faol, Lykan's mentioned-but-never-seen-in-town uncle. He's going to be a Werewolf Lord Swordsage 19/Swashbuckler 3.

Werewolf Lord is detailed in the Monster Manual. I want to assume that we're using LA reduction, but that was never brought up. >.>

Swordsages are sorta like those martial artists in Chinese movie or Anime which are essentially Monks with the ability to execute maneuvers of supernatural power, such as shooting geysers of fire or pinpointing the exact point on a target that will shatter every bone in their body, but with more of knights-and-wizards theme. They have a bunch of techniques that essentially work like spells, which I'd be willing to type out for the sake of making things easier.

Swashbucklers are more self explanatory. Full on warriors that take wits and luck into a fight, all with a pirate-y motif.

*wave* I'm back...anyone else finish things yet?

I hate to say this, but this is going to be a completely god-killing game.  So we'll have to make some adjustments.

(We only had one god-defender.)

I can't get to my character sheet from my Wii, so I'm a bit stalled.

This is a most inopportune time to lose computer access.

I suppose I could do a paper sheet to at least sort of keep myself busy and transfer it when I can....

There's no rush.  I don't intend to force everyone to do this in a hurry.  It loses a lot of fun right at the get-go if you force people to do something they can't.

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