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Helgraf's Characters

Alright, currently I only have one character, Helgraf. I'll expand this later if/when it becomes neccesary.

Name: Helgraf is what he goes by; whether it is a surname or family name or some other such is not known.
Race: Half-elven by appearance
Class: Magus (trying to pin him down in D&D terms without making him ridiculously epic is quite hard. In essence, he has traits of the Void Disciple prestige class, the old 2nd edition Dimension specialist wizard, and a few other oddments thrown in. I'd really have to build a custom progression to get the feel right.)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Temperament: Patient, dry and betimes witty. A bit of a flirt at times with the ladies. Slow to anger, slower yet to rage. Counselor-type.
Age: Just over 1,700 years. Appearance would suggest late 30s/early 40s equivalent in humans.
Height: 5" 10"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown faded from red.
Eye Color: Blue
Talks: With an accent that is like some bastardized version of scottish, irish and elvish. Will sometimes unconsciously take on the speech patterns of those he is communicating with.

Long black robes that are actually a sort of dimensional folding, from which he pulls forth things he needs. Most of the time, they feel like regular silk cloth; if touched at the moment he is 'drawing something through', one's limb would sink into the cloth as if it were a black glossy lake - and the limb in question would quickly grow very cold indeed, exposed to the void between dimensions. This has been used as a weapon on very rare occasion, but more frequently a defense, causing attacking weapons to pass through non-space and emerge without actually striking him.

A white rod, half-high and slightly ornamented at the crown. It bears no apparent powers, and he sometimes leans on it when walking.

A silvered university sabre of 'proverbial dullness'. An old relic of no magical pedigree but much personal sentimental value.

Woodworking tools; a full woodworking 'lab' at home, a less-complete version at his shop, Divers Woodworks.

Ears that slope up close but not quite to points, blue eyes slightly recessed in the face; a fairly plain nose. Moustache, no beard. Fingers are long and nimble; body-frame is, on the whole toward the thin side, though legs are well built; a slight 'beer-tum'. Silvery cords outline the muscle groupings of his body; this can be seen on his face and hands most readily, but should he be divested of his robes or open them up, it would be seen that they run all along his body.

Much of the wizard's backstory is yet unknown; he speaks little of the days of his youth, but to those he trusts, he makes it known that he has spent the better part of the last seventeen centuries travelling, ever seeking to learn more of magic, its means and variations, its practice and theory, its laws and lawlessness. From country to country, then eventually world to world, plane and dimension hopping, all in the great knowledge quest. Yet, about ten years ago, he returned to more familiar worlds. His quest has seemingly ended - or perhaps he has chosen another road. Whatever the motivation, he has come back, to find a town where once there was little more than wilderness, and he appears to have decided to try settling down for a while.

[Common Knowledge]
That the old man has some command of magic is clear, though he seems on the most part to restrict himself to low-end effects ... chilling drinks, mage-handing items from across the room, a variety of prestidigitations commonly used. His ability to sculpt wood into art is quite impressive; those whom have seen some of his best works occasionally wonder whether he is a better mage or woodworker.

He sells custom woodworks by commission, and also several pieces of handmade wooden jewelry, art objects, busts, figurines and the like; inlays and gemstone setting are well within his capability. He also makes furniture, though by special request only. He is capable of creating magical pieces, both temporary and permanent as well.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Helgraf has just arrived in the town and set up shop in a pavillion tent until he can earn enough funds to purchase a permanent structure; he has purchased some cut and uncut stones from Alarra's Gems for use as accents (and possibly spell foci) in his creations. Aside from this, he has not yet had much opportunity to be drawn into the lives of those around him; his own past has not yet brought upon him any troubles either.

[Other Notes]
Though she has not been introduced into the story as of yet, he has a daughter, Rowann, who is currently in her mid-teens. The child's mother, his former wife, has vanished, and despite his considerable skill and efforts, he has been unable to find her, save to confirm that she is not, in fact, dead. Rowann is currently effectively an NPC who would only appear in Helgraz' Tower; a structure not in the town proper that serves as his home/keep/place of magical experimentation. Depending on how events unfold, he may bring the Tower to the Town - or create a portal to the Tower within the town. Again, time will tell.

Aerich Mendahlsohn (NPC)

Aerich is a Zabrak. He's also a shrewd businessman and a psionic hole with extremely high resistance to effects that would affect his mental/emotional state. He runs Divers Woodworks when Helgraz is not available, and is well enough cognizant in the trade to recognize attempts to 'rook the assistant'. These sorts of efforts are generally made note of, and appropriate 'miscellaneous charges' are typically added to the final invoice of any customer who tries such activities.

He is about 6' 3", weighing about 210 lbs; greenish irises, balding with a crown of horns that grow from his head. He is, unlike the shop owner, generally laconic and does not talk much unless required to in order to take down the details of a commission or answer paying customers' questions.

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