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Hawkeye's Characters

The Heros


Name: Hawkeye Shipmaster
Gender: Male
Original Race: Tiefling
Current Race: Human
Age: Looks mid 20's, but is older than that, has lost count of his age.
Alignment: Lawful Good, has been other alignments in the past, mostly LN. Logical and straightup. Doesn't show much emotion on the outside.
Eye Colour: Eye colour: Changes. Normally blue, but can change to an all blue or all red (think "dune" for the last two)
Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Hair Colour: Brown, quite short.
Weapons: Expertly made bow made by one of the finest elven bowyers. Also has a longsword.


Name: Alex Shipmaster
Gender: Male
Race: Demigod
Age: 3 years
Alignment: CN, as chaotic as you like. Volatile at first, but has calmed down as of late. Very quick to anger, stubborn and doesn't forgive easily.
Eye Colour: Red
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Hair Colour: Red, very long
Weapons: Primarily uses magic, but can summon a longsword

The Villains


Name: Merant Herreldr
Gender: Male
Race: Demon God
Age: Unknown
Alignment: CE, has LE deity powers
Eye Colour: Red
Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Hair Colour: Red and black
Weapons: Two swords, one fire one ice. Also magic.


Name: Kalidas Herreldr
Gender: Male
Race: Outsider (Demon)/human
Age: Less than a year
Alignment: CE
Eye Colour: Purple
Height: 6 feet
Hair: Black with red streaks
Weapons: Gauntlet and magic


Name: Melantha
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 21
Alignment: CE
Eye Colour: Grey
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Hair Colour: Black
Weapons: None. Uses magic as a shadowcaster.



Name: Eldoran
Gender: Male
Original Race: Human
Current Race: Fire Outsider
Age: Unknown
Alignment: CN
Eye Colour: Red
Height: 5 feet 10 iches
Hair Colour: Orange
Weapons: No weapons. Uses magic as a sorcerer (specializing in fire) and a chosen of Ilmater.

Family Tree


Hawkeye's Background

Pre and Early Town

Hawkeye's background pre-town is pretty simple, picked up from the wild at the age of five by a band of mercenaries and trained by them to be the party archer.With an uncanny nimbleness and an and the eye of a hawk (hence his current name) he soon became well known as a person to be feared if you found yourself in his bow sight.

He stayed working as a mercenary, traveling through many planes, working up to the position as an owner and leader of a mercenary company when he was well paid for a contract. Unfortunately shortly after this he made a grave error leading to the deaths of most of his company and the people they were escorting, an error that he took a long time getting over.

After some time of wandering he came early to the town, shortly before its main boom time, and spent most of his time in the milk bar. This changed when one day a friend of his, Amiria, was assassinated in the milk bar, he went to the police to report it but did so unsuccessfully as the police were understaffed. He took it upon himself to investigate the crime, and solved it leading to the conviction of the murderer. Because of that he became a police officer, eventually reaching the position of detective following good police work and keeping the peace under hostile circumstances.

The Light and the Dark

This content little niche for himself was shattered when a powerful magical pendant he was wearing was warped by a power inside him, giving it's name as Merant, a name he had used in the past but was no longer mentioned. After days in a state of mind of insanity and an unbelievable display of magical power it was brought to an end by a selfless act by a former party member named Eldoran, who shattered the pendant using the power of Ilmater as a trade for his services to the god. For a good time afterwards the presence of a strong magical item near him led to the power Merant to nearly rise up again, unsuccessfully in all cases. However, later in his time in town a different circumstance led to Merant rising, and was successful on quite a number occasions (as will be told later).

Wukei, Loki, and Hel

Shortly after recovering from his short time of going to the dark side, he was almost ambushed by Wukei Shipmaster, who wanted to join the police force. In need for officers, and having has good contact with her in the past, he signed her up. Loki was Wukei constant companion, and he described himself as a go...od lawyer (even though when questioned he was the norse god of chaos and trickery...). They were constantly together, and he appeared to look out for her, but when Wukei's life took a turn for the worse he appeared to have an alterior motive for his actions...

When it became known that was another person who appeared as Wukei was in town, she tried to escape, but was tracked down and convinced to stay by Hawkeye. However, this person found Hawkeye on his own, and revealed that he was, in fact, Loki, and he said that Wukei was his daughter, Hel, and Odin had made it so she had forgotten this. He left it to Hawkeye to explain this fact to Wukei, even though she may end up rejecting Loki, or not believing it. Hawkeye explained this to Wukei, she remembered who she was, but Loki's plans for this situation backfired, he had expected that Wukei/Hel to go with him, she refused and stayed leaving Loki to vanish and come up with a new plan...and this lead to far more worse and complex results for Wukei, and as it turned out, Hawkeye as well...

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