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Haruki's Characters

Haruki, Archangel of Moonlight

Race: Celestial
Class: Magus Swordsman
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 531 years old
Hair: Long and White.
Eyes: Bright Blue.
Skin: Light.
Equipment: A Magic Pendant, Holy Blade, Angelic Bracers and Anklets.
Halo: Golden
Wings: White
Mother: Selene
Father: Seraphim
Power Level: 8

Special Abilities: Wizard and Priest Spells (Ragnarok Online)

Description: Haruki is an Shining Angel descended from the Heavens in order to protect the Earth below. Having already spent 531 years doing so, he usually refers to his age as such. His long, white hair flows in the wind and his blue eyes glitter like a light of hope in the deepest Darkness. He has the ability to make his wings disappear and reappear at will, in order to hide himself. Haruki made the choice to not wear Armor, though he could if he wanted to. He has excellent skills with the sword and a magical ability that surpases most.

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