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Happyturtle's characters

Name:  Happy Turtle

Class: Mid-level Barbarian/Low-level Sorceress

Race: Human / Shapeshifter / ??

Sex: Female.  Usually.

Default Appearance:  Generally appears as a human female in her early twenties, with long brown hair (worn loose) and brown eyes.  Average height.  Above average weight which is all muscle.  Usually wears miniskirts, but sometimes switches into combat fatigues.   Appearance subject to change due to shapeshifting.  Wears a wedding band.

Alignment: Variable, usually Chaotic.  Currently CE

Special Abilities: Greater Spork Attunement, psychic turtle shell armor (active when raging), shapeshifting (cannot change size unless shapeshifting into a turtle), incredible pain tolerance (physical pain only), contingency teleport which is activated when her player is no longer having fun.  Shapeshifting appears to heal her wounds, but doesn't actually do so.

Weapon of Choice: warspork, a giant sharpened spork that can act as a piercing or slashing weapon, and can catch spells in the spoon and fling them.  Also uses throwing sporks, which act like daggers, and (occasionally) handguns.  Also can shapeshift her body into piercing or bashing weapons, or armour, similar to the T-1000.

Weaknesses:  Is driven by her emotions, which makes her easy to manipulate.  Tends to act before she thinks.  Poor judge of character.

Background:  Happy was an evildoer but was reformed to good with the help of Fan Amakirr, a redeemed vampire.  They fell in love and married, but on her wedding day, she came under the influence of Draken, went mad, and killed her husband.  She was killed by Draken soon afterwards, and cloned by Magtok.

She retains all of Turtle's memories, but she doesn't have a soul.  A powerful wizard named Tessa gave her an artificial pseudosoul, and then dropped her through a portal into Town, for reasons of her own.  In guilt and despair, Turtle decided to give up on trying to be good, and joined Magtok.

She is utterly devoted to Kaela, who spends a lot of time sleeping in her soul, and is loyal to Magtok.

Turtle does not know that both her husband and the real Turtle have been resurrected back on their original plane.


Name:  Tessa Camlar Fairley

Class: Wizard

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Appearance:  She may be anywhere from 18-80 years old when she appears, so her appearance will change.  She has pale skin, light blonde hair, and brown eyes which glow blue with magic unless she suppresses it.  She always wears bracelets which glow green, unless she suppresses it.  She always has a book satchel with her.

Alignment: True Neutral

Special Abilities: Timewalking.  Dimensionwalking.  Can cast spells from any class's spell list without preparation.  

Weapon of Choice: Tessa has no combat skills, other than magic.

Background:  Tessa is carrying around with her the mana absorbed from an entire plane.  She brought Happy (the clone) to Town for reasons of her own.  She has family back in her home plane, so will never settle in Town (Young Tessa has parents, siblings, nieces and nephews.  Elderly Tessa has kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.)


Name:  Sheldon

Class: Empath with some minor spell like abilities

Race: tortoise

Sex: Male

Appearance:  He's a turtle.  About 15" long from head to tail.

Alignment:  Neutral evil

Special Abilities: Levitation, Teleportation (limited), Mage hand

Background:  Unknown.  His professed aim is to become Happy's familiar.  He's a lot smarter than his proposed Mistress, so you'd think he'd want to stay pretty far away from her.


Name:  Peter Raven

Class: Barbarian/Healer

Race: Shapeshifter

Sex: Male

Alignment: NE

Special Abilities:
shapeshifting (up to one size category up or down), incredible pain tolerance (physical pain only), contingency teleport which is activated when his player is no longer having fun,  

Weapon of Choice:
shapeshifts his body into piercing or bashing weapons, or armour, similar to the T-1000.  Can also create projectile missiles, which he retains control over for a limited time after firing, though it wounds him to do this.  (recovering the lost mass heals the wound)

Background: He is Uncle to Happy Turtle, and raised and trained her.


Name:  Charity Evans

Profession: Artist / Chromomancer

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Alignment: Good

Special Abilities: Knows normal first aid.  Color based magic.

Weapon of Choice:  Paintbrush



Name:  Shoshannah Gelid

Profession: Magician

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Alignment: Evil

Special Abilities: Sympathetic Magic


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