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Gusk's character


Name: Gustavo Kudaranai, he is more often called Gusk or Stu.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard (Diviner - barren Necromancy)
Alignment: Neutral good
Age: 24
Hair: he has short unatended blond hair as he doesn't has a comb
Weapons: he has a short wooden staff with a clumsy carved spear tip wich he uses more often to walk than to fight as he is a magic user.



Gusk was born in a little town far away wich he can't remember the name due to his bad memory. He was said to be very smart and was always said he would have a great future. he saw magic for the first time when he was four when a band of thieves attacked the town and the town wizard took down part of the raid but gusk who wanted to see the battle from nearer got burned in the face and hands leaving him 5 scars. At the age of 18, he run away from his home with little but a few coins in his pockets. He went travelling after that without a known destination, begging to get food and helping troubled people for not much more than a rice bowl and a kind thanks. he can't go back to his birthplace, not because he would be scolded for running away or becouse he wouldn't like but because of his bad memory he can't remember were the town was so he has no other option than going ahead.

Gusk has a terrible memory and is short tempered and he doesn't like to have someone bossing him around. He is pretty smart and well natured so whenever someone asks he will try and help, although he may sometimes complain. He will sometimes search with his magic some yerba mate* as it is his favorite beverage.
*Mate: [url][/url]

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