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Guards United For Immediate Protection Of Law Investigating Crimes Everywhere.

To protect and serve the good citizens of town.

Inside the building there a many people at various desks. They all have something in common, a badge. This badge certifies that they are members of a squad developed and devoted to doing just one thing, stopping crime. They are the GUFIPOLICE.

The Laws and Punishments


Murder: 36 hours; 10,910 gp resurrection fee
Battery: 24 hours; 10-660 gp healing fee
Assault: 18 hours; 10-660 gp healing fee
Resisting Arrest: 6 hours
Kidnapping: 24 hours; 2,000 + (500 * days kidnapped) gp fine
Poisoning: 24 hours; 2,000 gp fine and 360 gp healing fee
Torture: 48 hours; 10-660 gp healing fee
Theft/Robbery: 12-24 hours
Vandalism: 12 hours; repair fees
Forgery: 6 hours; 500 gp fine
Desecration: 6 hours; 500 gp fine and one day of community service to temple
Jay walking: No hours; 50 gp fine
Disturbing the Peace: 6 hours; 150 gp fine
Bar Brawls: 6 hours; 300 gp fine plus share of repair fees
Streaking: 6 hours; 150 gp fine
Contempt of Court: 6 hours
Trespassing: 6 hours; 100 gp fine

Police Officers


Chief of Police: Hawkeye

((more to follow))

Hawkeye walks into the newly refurbished station and sits at the head desk. He smiles, it had been a break from the service but this was in his blood, so to speak.

Icetwig walks up to the front door, looking at the building as he approaches. He doesn't know how long he's gonna have to work here, so he might as well familiarise himself with the place.

He opens the door, if it's not locked, and walks in.

Hawkeye smiles "Ah, good to see someone in here. What can I do for you?"

"This is a police station, right?, I went to the other one, but they seemed kinda rude. Are you taking applications?"

Hawkeye nods "We are. I take it you're interested then?"

Icetwig nods.
"Yeah, well, it seems like you'll need some help, with all the chaos going on around here."

Hawkeye nods "We want to restore order in the streets, keep an constant official watch on the activities. But the ongoing case in the slums is out of our hands, we haven't got near enough people to send out and I don't think a third force in the battle. It'll get even more messy than it already is." he shrugs "The other areas should be more manageable, and the slums after the killing stops."

"Well, whatever I can do to help. I'm good with a sword, and have experience of dealing with crime."
Not necessarily dealing with it from the right side, but it's still experience.

"Seems good enough. Standard pay was 100 gold a week, does that sound agreeable with you?"

"More than I got for my last job. When do I start? Is there a uniform of some sort?"

       Enupnion Forum Index -> The Town
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