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Good D&D Arena Maps

In a few days I'm running a D&D game were most of the fighting is going to happen in some kind of an arena. I've trawled the internet trying to find a good one but I just can't and as time's running out I thought I'd see if you guys knew any.

My recommendation? Grab some graph paper, and find someone that can draw a perfect circle. Working for me so far.

I was hoping to do something more interesting. Like the arena that was used back on giantitp but I can't for the life of me find it.

Well, in that case, perhaps this post has what you're looking for.

Edit: This thread has the key, quoted here as well

-Each square is 5ft by 5ft.

-Colored squares: These are the starting areas. The challenger starts in the Red square, the defender starts in the blue square. You can start anywhere in the square.

-Big spikey circular thing in the middle: The Sarlaac pit. Or, for those who want to keep in more medieval, the Maw of Doom. Stepping in any of the squares the sarlaac touches starts a grapple check (Sarlaac has +25). Every turn while grappled, you take piercing and crushing damage, 3d6 each. After 2 full rounds of being grappled, you are sucked in and swallowed whole, taking 4d6 acid damage and 5d6 each of piercing and bludgeoning. The only way to escape is with a DC 25 climb check, which will let you escape from the digestive tract, but you're still grappled.

-Brown diamonds with red dots: Lava geysers. Every time you step in one there's a 25% chance that you take 10d6 fire damage (reflex half).

-Greenish blobs: Acid pools. 3d6 acid damage for every step through them. *

-Grey circles: Normal, boring, 5' diameter boulders. Use them for cover or for improvised weapons, or whatever else you can come up with.

-White circles with the two lines: Bunnies. Have absolutely no effect on the battle unless someone does something to them.

-Weird stick figure in the upper-left hand corner: Waldo. Oh, there he is. Basically like the bunnies, but he can be used as cover, too.

Thank you, you've saved me alot of time and your awesome.

No problem Smile And I just edited the key into my previous post
The Chilli God

Also! The bottom of This Post has a whole bunch of 1v1 or 2v2 arena maps. Consider them at your disposal.

Also! This map I once used in a PbP, for a 12-man FFA labyrinth challenge. I don't recommend you use it, because Line of Sight is such a goddamn pain in the arse, but the option's there.

Once again thank you. I don't suppose it would be pushing my luck to ask if anyone's got an arena for a more players v monster kind of game?

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