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Gnrlshrimp's Character List

Name: Random aka Professor Affadavit (The Cannibal Scientist)
Race: Used to be human but his DNA is now too badly mutated for him to count as a human any more.
Gender: Male
Class: Doesn't exist, if it did it would be some kind of artificer/craftsman/insane guy combo. Mad scientist is a good way of describing his class.
Age: Mid 40s
Alignment and Temperment: He's Insane! The professor is quick to anger, his temper incredibly short. As well as this, he is a very very cowardly man. He has the odd tanrtrum and is very reluctant to answer any questions. He never talks unless he thinks he has something useful to say, which he usually does. His greatest joy in life is his work, when he has a challenging project he is always in a good mood, however he hates it when people fail to recognise the genius behind his work.
Equipment: Random has tons of equipment, all of it being for construction e.g. hammers, other tools, a variety of metals, woods and stones to name a few. He has no weapons or armour to speak of but always surrounds himself by several of his "creations." Among the more notable of the various bits and bobs he always has at hand, are the vials of liquid agony, which do exacty as they say on the tin, and a notepad that never seems to run out of pages.
Description: Random is fairly short, with blond hair and blue eyes. He looks fairly thin, like he could do with eating a bit more. One of his eyes however looks metallic, despite being blue it really stands out. His right hand always has a thick leather glove over it, hiding its mutation and his left leg is visibly shorter.
Backstory: Random was always extremely intelligent, and spent all of his time reading. He eventually became something of an expert craftsman able to build absolutely anything given enough time, resources and manpower. He was able to find plenty of work in his old home, and quickly made a fortune. Later on in life he democratically voted as leader of his planet, which only gave him more work.
But constantly working on his creations, running the planet and setting up all his experiments drove him insane. He lost control of his creations and destroyed his home entirely, at which point he lost what little sanity he had left.
He then built a vast laboratory in the wasteland that remained and continued with his work.
However when he tried to build a teleportation device things went wrong again, he was transported, along with his laboratory and his creations, to the town. He started muttering about "another failed experiment" and quickly returned to his laboratory, now located just outside of the town.
Story: Professor Affidavit, as he insists on being called these days, has joined up with the new evil little gang that Magtok is forming, mostly to keep himself amused. He left KNAVES when he considered it no longer any use to him, but now he finds himself often searching for ways to occupy himself. This latest venture with Magtok is just another attempt to keep himself busy.
Common Knowledge: Very little.
Random is insane...And he talks in Dark blue.

Name: Lucifer, Affadavit's horse.
Race: Horse, but definitely not a normal horse.
Age: 15
Alignment and Temperment: CE, very chaotic, also very destructive.
Description: A large grey horse that looks normal in every way, his large sorrowful eyes are often used to make people forgive him after his latest rampage. Enjoys causing chaos and destruction wherever he goes, his favorite way of doing this is by using his cloud of doom, a small cloud that stubbornly follows the victim wherever they go, constantly searching for a weakness, normally uses a combination of acid rain and ridiculously large lightning bolts.
Backstory: A gift from the lord of destruction, Lucifer has since proven to be very hard to control.
Story: Lucifer hasn't been seen for quite some time, although he is still around. Maybe Affidavit has plans for him, maybe not.

Name: Claudius
Race: Half of Random's mind, inhabiting a shapeshifting creation.
Gender: Male
Class: Don't even ask
Age: Mid 40s, he is the same age as Random
Alignment: Neutral, bordering on good.
Equipment: Claudius has various things concealed in his pockets, although none of them are very important except perhaps for his mind screen, a device that transforms a person's brainwaves to light and sound.
Description: Claudius' is a shapeshifter, so his appearance changes, his most common form is of a man with brown hair and green eyes, he has a wide face and is about five foot nine. He wears a blue shirt with brown trousers and a dark cloak, he also has a bowler hat which he regularly uses to hide his face. He has a metal walking stick with a large emerald on top, a sign that he is still the same person as Random.
Backstory: Claudius was created when Random split his mind in two to avoid the effects of Ba'al's sword. Claudius, however, has certain characteristics not present in Random, he is a kind person but gets depressed very easily. He also has some of Random's arrogance and is almost as reluctant to accept help.
Story: Claudius has left the town for now, after having been cured of the severe depression he experienced after Affidavit finally left him in peace. With his mind at ease he has little reason to return.

Name: Countess Slythynia Elizabeth Halstoff

Race: Vampire Were-rhinocerous

Gender: Female

Class: Cleric 17/Paladin 10

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Good. For some as yet unknown reason Slythynia became lawful good shortly after she became a vampire, Slythynia suspects divine intervention.

Equipment: Slythynia carries her longsword and rapier with her at all times. Both are heavily enchanted with magic, specially designed for vampire hunting they possess somewhat unusual abilities as well. The longsword can be used to briefly give off a flash of light as bright as the sun. It's not enough to kill a vamp, but enough to stun it at least. Her rapier is a holy weapon (just like the sword) and also gives off a faint warning glow in the presence of undead (other than Slythynia). Strapped to her back is a heavy crossbow, with plenty of explosive bolts that also give off a blinding light on impact.

Finally Slythynia has a special hat with a powerful enchantment on it. Firstly it permanently provides a very dark shadow that stays over Slythynia as long as she is wearing it. This protects her from sunlight that she would otherwise suffer from. Additionally it protects her from the effects of any spells she casts such as a healing spell or a cure spell, this effect also applies if any other clerics or paladins attempt to hurt her with healing spells or other undead harming spells.

All Slythynia's equipment is enchanted to change in size and shape when she takes her hybrid or animal form, including her hat.

Slythynia also has a bag of holiding to store the various items for her spells as well as other things.

Descritption: Slythynia wears a black outfit over her armour and a black coat. This dark effect ends with her hat though, she wears a light brown widebrimmed hat, in contrast to her black clothing, that casts a very dark shadow over her during the day as long as she is wearing it.

Slythynia's skin is very pale and her eyes are a bright purple colour. She is quite tall, about six feet in height. Her hair is long and black, trailing down to her neck.

Additionally as a Were-rhinocerous Slythynia can transform into a large Rhino or her hybrid form at will.
In her hybrid form Slythynia becomes significantly larger and her face becomes more like that of a rhinocerous, even growing a short horn. Her eyes remain purple in this form though. She grows a small tail but remains bipedal, her skin also becomes slightly darker.

Backstory: Slythynia lived out in the wild as a child, as her parents had. It was here that Slythynia first gained control of her 'anthropic abilities.

In her teenage years Slythynia spent most of her time in her animal form, spending time with other rhinos.

When she was eighteen Slythynia was found by Count Godric Halstoff and adopted as a second child. She was taken back to the Halstoff mansion, a huge house almost like a castle on the outskirts of the city, a large wall surrounded the mansion, keeping all unwelcome visitors out. She was taught how to live in society and how to speak common, as well as this she was given a good education and proper clothing. Her new family accepted her strange abilities with ease.

However during her twenty fifth year the truth was revealed. Her parents were both vampires and so was her brother, she was caught and drained, coming back later as a vampire. For the next five years she lived as the others did, making daily trips to the nearby towns to quench their thirst for blood.

At the age of thirty some unknown force changed her alingment to Lawful Good, Slythynia suspected divine intervention but she cannot prove it. When she realised what she had done she vowed to kill her family and change her evil ways, promising to serve the forces of good instead. She forced her family to abandon the town and was left in control of the Halstofff Mansion and the Halstoff Fortune.

This understandably caused many problems, however the high priest of a nearby church saw that she had changed her ways and together they found a solution. Slythynia used the Halstoff fortune to buy the services of a powerful spellcaster who gave her equipment the enchantments they still possess.

Slythynia became a cleric and a paladin, but she does not serve or worship one particular god, instead she is willing to serve all deities of good alignment.

Eventually her family returned to hunt her down, this was a long time later, the high priest who had helped her was long since dead. They promised to kill her and threatened to kill others if she didn't leave so Slythynia was forced to abandon her town and move to the Town.

Story: Slythynia was eventually tricked into falling to the side of evil once more, however her time as an evil vampire was short. She, ultimately, isn't evil. However, she cannot bring herself to serve the light once more and now lives her life as a neutral, fallen paladin.

Slythynia speaks in Indigo

Well...I guess I'd better do this:My Hamlet character, Lucas

Name: Lucas
Race: Um...Skeleton.
Gender: Male...not that it really matters, since he's a skeleton.
Class: Doesn't really exist, it has some aspects of the fighter class, some of the ranger class but it's not really either...Anyway, he has 6 levels in said class.
Age: Unknown.
Alignment: Good
Equipment: Nothing fancy. He wears no armour, although he may invest in some soon. He wears a completely standard cloak and carries a +1 longsword, additionally he has a set of boots of striding and springing.
Description: A fairly tall skeleton. Despite being an undead creature widely considered as evil there is something about him that makes people think "Perhaps he's not so bad, perhaps he's actually quite a nice guy."

Backstory: Before he died, Lucas was a thief, a remarkably good one in fact, who lived in a large city. He joined a gang at a young age, helping them get better equipment than their rivals and occasionally helping them fight off rival gangs. However, as a young adult of only about 20 yrs of age, he was ordered to break into the house of an incredibly wealthy and powerful merchant. There he was supposed to steal an object of great power that this merchant apparently owned. Unfortunately, it would've taken a real expert to take this prize, Lucas was good, but not that good. He was soon surrounded by guards and went down fighting, killing two in the process.
That merchant's object was, in fact, a rather useful book of necromancy. Lucas was soon raised as a skeleton by this merchant for his skills. However, it was his fighting skills that the merchant wanted. The book gave Lucas significantly greater abilities than he had in life, but he was forced to obey the merchant. He served as a bodyguard and an adventurer for the merchant, helping him collect several other rather useful items that the merchant was able to sell for great profit.
The merchant was a kind man, and, as an old man later on in life, he set Lucas free and gave him a decent amount of money to be used as he wished. However, the book stripped Lucas of his new abilities, reducing him in strength to a level similar to when he was alive. Lucas, however, did not mind and spent many years simply exploring the land before coming across the hamlet.

Story: Lucas has grown tired of travelling and has decided to stay in the hamlet for a while, he now works in the mechanics' shop, as a cleaner. For Lucas it is a nice change from exploring.

Lucas speaks in red.

And my sci-fi town character

Name: DA'korva
Race: DA'korva is a humanoid, one that looks fairly similar to a human, and is often mistaken for one, however, what he really is, is an ARN'thorian, from a planet (ARN'thor) several lightyears away from the galaxy in which the sci-fi town is located.
Gender: Male
Class: Ho hum...Yet another charcter without a class that exists, but, I don't play any sci-fi rpgs so that kind of makes sense. Lets just say he's very good in melee and leave it at that.
Age: 130. ARN'thorians live, on average, for 250 to 300 years.
Equipment: For someone who has travelled such a great distance, DA'korva's equipment is surprisingly primitive. He carries no ranged weapon of any kind and has only a simple sword strapped to his back. His black, single piece, skintight spacesuit, with a a helmet that can be removed, while capable of generating oxygen and enabling DA'korva to survive in space for a while, possesses no effective means of stopping anything other than a simple melee weapon. DA'korva's ship follows this strange pattern, it's a small ship, sort of shaped like a bullet with wings, about the size of a fighter, and, while capable of reaching impressive speeds and creating wormholes, has very little shielding and no weaponry, although it looks capable of turning on a pinhead. DA'korva has a small translator device, which allows him to communicate in the commonly spoken language of the area, as his first language is ARN'thoran, the language of the ARN'thorians. Without his translator device he would be incapable of both speaking and understanding the language in that area. Finally, DA'korva has a pair of rather plain looking glasses, although it contains several filters as well as a motion sensor, heat sensor and night vision mode. DA'korva originally lived within a huge forest, being able to see clearly in all conditions was very advantageous for him.

Description: DA'korva, like all ARN'thorians, is a giant, standing at just over 8 feet tall. His face is fairly square in shape, and his long, wild brown hair often falls over his green eyes, this combined with his short beard makes him seem a little like an ape, masking the intelligent man DA'korva is. While otherwise similar in appearance to humans, there are one or two other minor differences. Firstly, DA'korva seems to be incredibly well built, his body rippling with muscles, especially in the legs and neck, however, when your homeworld is a planet witha very strong gravitational field, this makes sense. Next, his skin is unusually pale, ARN'thor gets very little sunlight, and is only just capable of sustaining life. Finally, DA'korva has a second stomach for liquids, much like a camal, liquids are not as easy to obtain as on planets like Earth on his homeworld, and so ARN'thorians are highly efficient when using liquids and only need a drink about once a week.

Backstory: DA'korva has abandoned his homeworld and travelled to his new home in order to escape his homeworld. Civil war seems immanent there. DA'korva detests fighting, resorting to violence only when absolutely neccessary and so fled the planet in order to avoid being conscripted into one of the recently created ARN'thorian faction armies. While each of the recently created factions argues and debates over how to fairly divide the inhabitable land, DA'korva now attempts to find peace once more.

A note on ARN'thorians and ARN'thor: While I won't reveal everything about the ARN'thorian race yet, or the history of ARN'thor, I will go into a little more detail.

Firstly, their primitive weapons. Until recently, the people of ARN'thor had amazingly managed to live in peace, and as such, their research has been focused on other things rather than weapons. While they possess the technology to create powerful weapons, they have never used it for that purpose before.

The immanent Civil War. Recently, a small meteor hit the planet, damaging some of the forest area in which the ARN'thorians live. This has further strained their already limited resources to the point where there is barely enough to go around. Now several factions have developed, each with a different view on how to share the remaining resources fairly. Unwilling to leave their home planet in search of better locations, the ARN'thorians now argue and debate over resources, most people know that war is inevitable. The smart ones have already left.

ARN'thorian history. Nothing too interesting here. Since very early on in their development, the ARN'thorians have been forced to work together to survive in their forest home. Aside from their struggles to survive, the ARN'thorians have had a fairly quiet past, and religion never really developed on the planet, although a few small cults do exist now. The ARN'thorians have been around for approximately 50 million Earth years.

That's all for now, I'll add to this section if and when I think of something that may be important.

The Creations/Jury. (Long overdue, I know...)

A Standard Jury member, complete with sword. Yes, the Jury don't wear Trousers or shoes, and if it wasn't part of the KNAVES uniform, they probably wouldn't wear a coat or hat either.

And a Winged Jury member, equipped with its spear. Unusually, the winged models do wear boots.

There are several main types of Jury:

The Drones.
These are Affidavit's workforce. They're small, only about 5 feet in height and look thin and weak compared with the others. They are capable of lifting fairly heavy weights and are surprisingly quick at doing most forms of manual labour, be that building, cleaning, repairing etc. Additionally, they are capable of making most of Affidavit's simpler inventions, including themselves. In fact, new drones are made entirely by old drones.

The Standard Creations/Jury.
Tall, about 6 feet in height. Apart from drones, these are the most common of Affidavit's creations. They're fairly normal looking humanoids but are stronger than your average human, and faster, and surprisingly accurate with the diamond pistols they wield. They're also equipped with some plain old swords. These creations are quite old now in terms of design, they haven't been updated in a while.

The winged Creations/Jury.
A more advanced form of creation. These stand even taller, about 6 feet, 6 inches including wings. These were created by Affidavit to be his eyes in the sky, and are usually equipped with the grenade launcher he designed, as well as a large spear. There are fewer of these creations, and Affidavit values them highly. If there were an official elite unit among the creations, the winged creations would be it.

Shapeshifting Creations/Jury.
A while ago, Affidavit found a way of letting his creations change shape and appearance. He has since created a small number of these shapeshifters. They usually take the form of a standard creation and stay among their ranks. While not much better than standard creations when it comes to combat, these creations are much better at adapting to the situation and can be used for infiltration missions, if required, although, in a world of magic, they aren't all that good at avoiding being detected.

Diamond Creations.
Woe betide the fool who attacks Affidavit's lab (unless it's some incredibly powerful sorcerer, or a god, in which case, please don't completely wreck the place. Pleeeease!) as he has stationed his ten diamond creations at various points around the lab. These 7 foot tall behemoths are mad entirely out of diamond, modified as usual by Affidavit to be far harder  and stronger than normal diamond. Additionally they are capable of keeping vast amounts of light stored within their bodies, as their structure makes it rather hard for light to escape, although it does slowly over time. This light can be discharged suddenly by moving their arm into a straight line, likely causing blindness and stunning the unlucky person on the receiving end for several minutes.

Spider Creations
Affidavit has only created two of these so far, a large one and a pocket sized one. These are his attempt at a stealth unit. They have a huge number of light sensors and Light emittors, that together allow each spider to accurately repicate the images it blocks, rendering it practically invisible, although someone staring hard enough would notice movement. They are also incredibly quiet and have two sharp fangs and two extra apendages, each ending in a sharp blade. They are also capable of firing webs coated with liquid agony to both trap and infict pain upon enemies.

The Scarred Creation

One particular shapeshifting creation spends nearly all its time in the form of Affidavit. This is because Affidavit is currently sharing the mind of this creations with a creature known as Voliminal. Voliminal grants "Affidavit" powers over light, shadow, fire, earth, water and air. Voliminal is contained within the sword "Affidavit" carries.
False Affidavit or "Affidavit" is identical to Affidavit in appearance, although he dresses sllightly differently, wearing a brown shirt underneath his coat. He also has one shoe with an enlarged sole, as in copying Affidavit, he even shortened one leg. He also doesn't have a walking stick. He normally has a pair of wings on his back, made from a mixture of the elements Voliminal controls. False Affidavit tends to be more confident than Affidavit, as he doesn't fear death, although he does fear losing his sword.

"Affidavit" originally only had control of Virus. After searching for the various other creatures that now make up Voliminal, he merged all of them into one sword, which resulted in the creation of Voliminal. The sword itself is a creation of Affidavit's.

After the sword itself became something of a weakness, Affidavit had the sword inserted within the creation itself, where it has now fused with the creation. It now has a horrible scar that won't fully heal. Periodically, it still bleeds slightly.

The Von Halstoffs

Slythynia's family. All three of them are vampires. All three of them are powerful, and dangerous. When they were betrayed by their adopted daughter, who they'd turned into a vampire five years earlier. Now they have sworn to track her down and kill her, considering it a matter of honour to do so. If word got out that their daughter had become good, they'd be the laughing stock of the whole vampire world.

Octavious Von Halstoff

Slythynia's brother. Octavious is the youngest after Slythynia, only five hundred years old. Octavious has always been a bit wild and eager for a scrap, despite many attempts by his parents to make him seem more civilised and well mannered. Octavious has been acting as a sort of "scout." He set off ahead of his parents, intending to track Sly down quickly. He has slowly and steadily been closing in on Slythynia, getting closer and closer to her all the time.

Race: Vampire, obviously.

Class: Barbarian 20/ Ranger 20. Octavious is a fierce fighter and an expert hunter.

Equipment: Octavious wears a hat similar to Slythynia's, it covers him in a shadowy darkness, however his doesn't provide an immunity to positive energy. He wears no armour, instead relying on his incredible agility and natural toughness. His outfit is entirely black, including his hat. He also carries a very deadly looking great axe, which he wields easily in one hand (In D&D terms, it's a +5 Shocking burst, anarchic great axe of speed) and a rapier that originally belonged to Slythynia (+5, flaming burst, keen rapier).

Description: While realitvely few people can see through the darkness around him, his figure and posture suggest something...animal-like about him. Behind the darkness is a tall figure, bulging with muscles. His hair is long, and practically covers his face, hiding the brown eyes underneath it.

Backstory: Nothing that important to mention here, except that Octavious willingly became a vampire, once he found out about his parents. Also, Octavious was born before his parents became vampires.


Name: Victor Hills

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance and Personality: Victor is fairly tall and muscular for his age. He has long black hait and dark brown eyes. He is very quiet, and quite shy, often reluctant to say anything at all, even if he has something important to say. However, he is no pushover, if pushed too far he can turn out to be quite violent. He has a strong artistic side and enjoys drawing sketches of wildlife.

Abilities: Victor, though he doesn't understand it, has a special gift with animals. One could describe him as a beastmaster, he shares a special link with animals and often has at least a bird with him. He has, so far, only a fairly basic knowledge of animal languages but he is able to communicate with them and, with those he makes an especially firm friendship with, share a mental link with them. He has little control over this so far, and finds it quite hard to close a link once he opens it. With practice, he is getting better, however.

Backstory: There's not much to say here really. Victor was born into a normal, quiet family, in a (relatively) normal, quiet part of the town. His parents have nourished his gift but at the same time have tried to prevent him from getting mixed up in the madness of the town. Now, though, they believe he's old enough to learn more about the world, and to realise just what sort of town he really lives in.

Felix, the disturbingly optimistic Necromancer

Name: Felix. Whatever his surname is, he never uses it.
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Race: Plain, boring old human
Appearance and Personality: Felix is a cheerful, happy, extremely optimistic man who always looks on the bright side of life. It's incredibly hard to make him feel at all miserable or out of place. He's fairly short, with grey hair and rather small eyes. His back has a very slight hunch to it and his skin is already showing signs of some pretty severe wrinkles. But, the life of an adventurer can have that kind of effect on you. He certainly looks older than he is.
Abilities: Well, he's not your usual sort of necromancer. For starters, he's a good guy. But, anyway, he only ever summons skeletons as undead minions, and he's rather picky about bones. No grave robbing, no killing people for spare parts or anything like that. He'll use the bones of dead creatures that would otherwise go to waste, and the bones of his enemies, to prevent them being raised once more to commit evil deeds, etc.
Also, he's rather talented with golems. I won't list them all here, but he can summon various kinds of golems from various objects, such as a sword...or a bit of earth, or a glass of water...or sometimes even his own blood.
Finally, he has a rather unique talent with bone. He can summon small bones at will, and use them as weapons, and he also possesses a powerfully enchanted bone spear that he can summon and dismiss at will.
Equipment: A suit of bone armour, inscribed with various kinds of special enchantments that protect him from  such things as projectiles, the various elements, and various other things. A powerful bone spear that packs quite a punch. Various devices and liquids used in the creation of his golems and undead servants.
Backstory: Not much to this. He's an adventurer that recently decided to settle down in the town, but has since had his mind taken over by one of Professor Affidavit's beetle creations. He thinks he's still his normal self, and still behaves in his normal manner, but everything he does is carefully manipulated by the Professor. This is why he suddenly and quite randomly decided to join ANGEL. He's now the Professor's spy, and he doesn't even realise it...

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