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Gladitorial Arena thing.

Ok. In old town, we had a Gladiator Arena event thing.

I was thinking, how about we have one here.

Only... not as limited.

I.e. It could be a constant contest going on. With Different Levels of competition. Different Arenas. And So on and so forth.

Whatdya think?

Didn't it turn into little more than a place to discuss various interpretations of the rules?
The Chilli God

Heh. I'm acting as a referee in a gladiatorial arena tournament at the pbp's on Giantitp, and yes, I do believe that it has turned more into a Q&A thread than an actual tournament.
...Unless we do this whole thing freeform, instead.

By the way, I call dibs on the referee. Wink

Heck, I've even got a whole bunch of different arenas to use.

I never saw the old Arena but there shouldn't be to much arguing if we keep it freeform and divide it into power levels.

In old town the arena was open to all competitions- low level, high level (which is where all the endless and annoying debates spawned) monster fights, free form, everything.
People just never chose to do any fights other than the ones random people (Mortia, and Lykan and I) proposed (despite my prompts and suggestions to hold other fights and contests).

I'm willing to take up my old position of Arena Judge, if people are interested. Though I would like people to make some suggestions on fights and how to handle free form fights (I mean... I suppose we could just go at it in the arena, but it would be competitive, and people would reaaaaally be inclined to godmod and or argue over who wins. Or they would just go on endlessly).

I was sorta thinking of not free-form.. So what we had was a sort of league, of (possibly) Low-Level or High-Level.

I'm just juggling ideas =D

I'd probably be more interested in freeform arena fighting over D&D-rules-strict fighting (which is more traditional for the Town, but hell I haven't been here that long Razz), since I'm no good at munchkining.
The Chilli God

It's going to be risky either way. If it's freeform, then there's the risk of godmodding. If we shove in a game system, then there's the risk of people forgetting certain parts of the rules, arguing over rules interpretations, and so on and so forth.

And there's also always the risk of lack of participation. We've had to disqualify many players because they just wouldn't show up to the game.

I'm sure that we're all responsible and mature players, here, so I'm also sure that we can hold freeform matches without things getting out of hand too much.

If anything like this is held, I'll watch with interest, but won't participate. I don't trust myself enough to avoid godmodding, or playing over-powered, but I don't know the rules enough to play with them.

Don't let that stop you, though. I want to watch.

Aye, I'll agree with that, Chilli. Though active judges may be necessary to settle disputes, just in case.

And participation is a very, very annoying issue... don't commit to something you can't do, people.

Blah with my sometimes able to be on sometimes not with very little rhyme or reason I guess I won't be able to participate but carry on with out me.
The Chilli God

*Points at self* Do I need to give references or something?
Honestly, the only reason why I haven't been much active is because there's hardly anywhere where I can get myself involved (See: General Ranting).

Yeah, participation issue is why we had the rule of auto-disqualification for an unexplained absence up to three days long.

Well... The problem with freeform is deciding who succeeds or fails when, I think. Maybe we could introduce atleast a small measure to decide that, other than just letting the player decide, as it happens in Town. Why not let each combatant roll a d20, and the one with the highest roll succeeds on whatever is being rolled for. Maybe add in Power Level by adding the power level as a modifier to the roll, that way if you have two characters of different power, the most powerful will have a better chance.

So, first character acts by attacking the other character. The characters then first roll to see if the second character manages to succeed or not against the attack. In either case, the second player then decides just what that result means by describing the outcome of the attack.

We could even expand it to include when you're defeated. If you fail against an attack, you have to roll again to see if the blow was fatal enough to bring you down. You'd add the number of times you've previously failed to the DC, so that the more times you get hit the better the chance that you fall on the current attack. So, roll d20 to see if hit was fatal. DC = 5 + Difference in power levels + number of previous attacks that hit, or something like that.

Just an idea, it could probably use some refinement, but I think it might be a good compromise between rules and freeform.

If someone pokes me to remind me, I might go in the arena sometime. But it might be unlikely...

I like the concept, Deadly. Personally, I like the idea of just deciding ahead of time who wins each match, or even rolling if it comes to a dispute (though it really shouldn't come down to that). It allows for you to pretty much do whatever you want, except that if you're the one who is supposed to lose you get to come up with some way for your character to lose the upper hand right before he/she delivers the fatal blow... Razz
J. Muller

I think the concept is very interesting. It would, in my opinion, be cool if we didn't limit ourselves to just a gladiatorial arena--for example, with characters from Modern Town we could make it a factory, an abandoned warehouse, an office, etc. As far as winning/losing goes... personally, I'll play if it's freeform. And if that's the case, I'll decide whether my character will lose or whether I'll try to win before the fight even begins. It's not the winning that's fun, it's the contest. Even if I decide that my character will lose the fight, I'll play it out to an appropriate finish.

J. Muller wrote:
It's not the winning that's fun, it's the contest. Even if I decide that my character will lose the fight, I'll play it out to an appropriate finish.

Exactly. Losing can be just as fun as winning, and if you've decided whether you win or lose beforehand, there would likely be even less arguing than normal freeform.
Seft Sirag

The closer to freeform / simpler the rules the better - I don't really understand D&D mechanics, don't have any dice and have never managed to figure out any die roll programs other than the old roller on GitP, so probably wouldn't bother participating if things started going too far down that route.

One die roll, or a flip of a coin (coins I can manage!) at the start to determine a winner may be enough. As has already been said, the fun part is the RPing, not the winning, and too much focus on the mechanics can detract from it somewhat.

I'd be in for it, if it was freeform.

As nice as the "decide who wins before hand" idea sounds...what happens in this situation?

Player A challenges Player B.

Player A is decided before hand to be the winner.

Player B's character pulls moves (spells, feats, whatnot) that in the end leads Player A to death first. to put this.

Say Player A had a fire character, that's weak against water right?

Player B has an water character.

What happens if Player B manages to pull off the better attacks first, and finish off Player A?
J. Muller

I didn't say we should decide who wins first. Just that I'll be deciding whether my character will lose, or if I'll try to win, before the fight. I didn't say I'd be telling anyone which I had decided.
Orange Zergling

Somebody's been playing Pokemon.


IMO, it should be freeform, but characters should be matched with others near their own power (duh), and there needs to be absolutely no prize whatsoever.

Where's the fun if you're matched with people of the same-ish power?

And the only game I've been playing recently is Halo 3.
Orange Zergling

Because... then you can't just beat them up, kill them, create a new layer of hell, send their soul to that layer, and then destroy the layer in two rounds?

Well, obviously there's that, but it's a challenge to try and go up against an elemental that you're weak against, or something.

My arguments seem to fail considerably more when I start getting sleepy.
The Chilli God

Technically, it's also a fair challenge to do up against someone equal in power to you. That's an Ideal CR Opponent.

As for figuring out who wins, I would back up Moozy's idea of the DICE OF FATE, but only after it's really not clear if anyone's going to win, or if there's a major dispute. Having it rolled only when necessary would probably clear Kyrian's issues with the DICE OF FATE and with FATE herself.

Smile ?

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