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GitP: recovery of Town threads

It had to happen sometime.

If you're not all aware, GitP is purging a lot of old threads

This is a severe problem for me, because my comic is based around the events that happened in town in the threads that are going to snuff it in about a weeks time. So that means that I'm going to try to save as much stuff as I can, but I don't think I can save as much of it as I'd like in the time I've been forced to do it in.

Can anyone help me in this?



Sneaks Milk Bar: 2 to 15
Trog's Tavern: 1 to 30
Docks I
Docks II
Docks III
Police Station I
Police Station II
Police Station III
Abandoned House
Silverthorn I
Silverthorn II
The Temple of Bahamutte I
The Temple of Bahamutte II
The Temple of Bahamutte III
The Temple of Banjo
Woods I
Streets I
Streets II


I'll certainly do my part to help. But, how do you want us to save the threads? Copy+paste into word all the text? Screenshot? Some other weird program thing?

I'm going to go and save what Old-Town stuff I can too

And maybe, if possible, we could post what threads and stuff we've saved here? So people don't go saving the same threads?

Thanks guys.

Go into the first page of the thread and click on 'show printable version' under thread tools. Make sure it's on 40 posts a page and on the earlier threads it should be 19 pages in total. Then it's a painful process of copy/paste each page into a word document.

I'm doing Sneaks Milk Bars (very slowly) at the moment, I'd like Trog's Taverns doing for anyone that is willing to help but any of the early threads would be advantageous.

Post in here which thread you're doing to avoid duplicates.

Thanks again.

((edit: and ninja'd))

starting with this thread.

I'll wait until tomorrow to look at it. Put in a focused effort then and see what and how much I can get saved. If the boards are fairly manageable, it should be possible to save a whole lot. If they are really bothersome, it'll be more limited.

Hawkeye, what you want us to do with the word files of each thread once we've copied them?

Holy House of Sneak v1 and v2.9
Kord v Mortia battle
Mortia v Lykan battle
Llama Seance thing

I'm just going through the threads from the earliest time, if there's any specific threads you want me to do, just say.

although I'm also trying to find some of my favourite times so I can save those threads...>.>

Now doing Trog's Tavern CLIV, because it has a funny bit with the midget patrol winding up the crazy drow priestess with pink pjs.

Send them as an attachment to an email to either or


So far I've saved

The Town Guidelines Thread
The Arena: Battle Royal by Indurain
The Town vs Arha Trial
The Temple of Iames (the first one)

more to come at a later date.

I have saved the 48 oldest Town threads so far, up until the first Trog's Tavern, which is all of page 43 on the forums. This includes some of those you've already saved, but it seemed simpler to just take them in order now that I was working through them anyway. I've saved the entire pages instead of copy/pasting into Word, with graphics and pictures and everything and ordered them neatly in folders.

Because of duplicates of images, even these 48 threads take up 130 MB, but I suspect I can compress it down substantially because of all the repeated data.

I'll continue working on this, and I do think I will manage to save every single thread in this way before they are deleted. Once I have everything saved, I'll zip it up and see how big it is.

Edit: Now saved the 98 oldest threads, or page 42-43. Takes roughly 2 hours for each page of threads. These 98 threads take up 350 MB, but the 130 MB compressed down to only 6 MB when zipped so it should not be too troublesome.

Going to take a break. This is tiresome work. Probably continue tomorrow

Castaras wrote:

Now doing Trog's Tavern CLIV, because it has a funny bit with the midget patrol winding up the crazy drow priestess with pink pjs.

Well done Cassie. If that went, I'd have to make a return for the express purpose of making another thread that was half as much fun to do.. Any chance you could PM me that please ?

I have all of the Temple of Inari threads except for the newest ones already saved.

I should have thought about doing the same...but with the sheer amount of threads I put it off. Still, at least they gave warning before purging them all.

I've got most of the minor threads saved, now the long process of saving Trog's...and because of the amount I might plead the case of delaying deleting the tavern threads for a short time so I can save more of them. I might not use them, but I've got some fond memories locked up in them.
Renegade Paladin

Salvaging the old threads has got to be inconvenienced by the constant downtime lately...

Most of the stuff I've participated in was after the cutoff date, since I only joined a few months before then.  I'll do what I can, though.  What's not done?  With the limited remaining time, it would probably be better to divide out the work rather than having everyone do what someone else has already done.

All the ones I've done are at the top, I'm now doing the tavern threads, probably from this moment up to the closing time.

I've been working on the threads related to the old Town Gov't.  It's easier to save them in the middle of the night when I'm at work.

Well, my hands are getting mighty sore from all this repeated clicking and typing. I've so far saved 300 threads manually, but there are too many left

So I'm going to try and rewrite the Town Directory Bot to do all the work of crawling through the many threads and saving them. Hopefully that'll work better

A typo in my Town Rescue Bot means that I've wasted many hours saving the same page over and over again *slaps self silly* I could start over, and if GitP plays nice I may just make it, but most likely I won't.

So I've gone and posted a suggestion in the announcement thread, asking them to make and send me a backup of all the data they delete. I hope they agree.

Ouch!  Don't copy/paste, do File > Save Page As.

That's what I've been doing. Still takes a hell of a time. My bot helped, until I found that giant stupid bug in it, and now that it's fixed GitP is acting bitchy again

Well, here's a list of Threads I’ve saved so far

Temple of Iames
The Arena – Battle Royal by Indurain
The Beach I-III
Town Guidelines Thread
The Town vs Arha Trial
The Cemetery I-II
Police Station I-VI
GUFIPOLICE Cell Block Extension
The Ethereal Plane I-II
Sneaks Milk Bar I-V
Sneak’s Milk Bar Restaurante
Welcome to Town!! (please read)
Council Member Election (OOC)
Council Member Nomination Thread
Elect your Town Leaders
Election Day(s) – VOTE!
Let the Mayor Nominations begin!!
Mortia vs Sneak, the Debate
The City Hall
The Courthouse
The Mayor running mates debate thread
The Town Constitution
The Town Council
The Town Directory now w/ weekly weather
Town Hall
Wukei/Hawkeye vs Gezina Trial
Amiria vs Kord Trial
Amiria vs Kyle Trial
Atreyu vs Indurain mock Trial
Ayame and Kirana NorZilliar vs Shadow the Silver Dragon Trial
Darth Xerillum vs Asgard Trial
Death by the MD vs Mayor Mortia Trial
Fenric, Krystal, LLama vs Wraith Trial
Fishies vs Kord Trial
Gezina vs Apollo Trial
GufiPolice vs Faceninja Trial
GufiPolice vs Yarram Trial
Jormungandr vs Gezina Trial
Kantur vs Johan Trial
The Wedding of Alarra and El Jaspero
Kyrian and Lillah’s Wedding
Nude Fest Closing Ceremonies
Nude Fest
The Palace in the Sky
The Town – The Movie – The Cast!
An Expedition to Serran
Herbalist Store
Hookah Hanks I-II
How Thes Stole Festivus
Lykan’s Wild Workshop of Wonder
Nonexistent Mafia Hit List – OOC
Rawhide’s Void
The Black Dragon’s Den
The Emperor’s Great Hall

If you want to save really long threads, it's easier if you use the archive button at the bottom of the page.  It puts more posts on one page, so a 50 page thread might only be 4-5 pages.

Well, I don't think GitP benefited greatly from the thread purge...

We may want to consider saving more threads before they decide to purge more of old Town.

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