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Gezina's characters

Name: Gezina van den Vechte
Also known as (nicknames): Gez, Ina
Age: 18
Birth date: Around now, in an alternate timeline
Place of birth: Foxville's temple of Inari
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Secret
Eye Color: Gold
Hair color: Goldish yellow
Hair Style: Fur
Distinguishing marks: Monkey tail
Father's name: Kyrian
Father's current status: [X] living [ ] deceased
Mother's name: Jeanne van den Vechte
Mother's current status: [ ] living [X] deceased
Ethnic background: Half saiyan werefox
Religion: Inari
Degree of religious practice: Priestess
Current address: A bit out of town
[ ] rents [X] owns
Brief description of home: A cottage which was once infested with demons, quite small, but with an interesting library.
Other occupants of current home: Lyrik Iralorp
Current occupation: Priestess of Inari
Current employer: Inari
Significant past jobs: None
Income level: Ask Fenric
Education: Little
Marital status:
[ ] never married
[ ] first marriage--how long?
[ ] second marriage--how long?
[ ] third marriage--how long?
[X] divorced--how long? a couple of months
[ ] separated--how long?
[ ] widow/widower--how long?
[ ] other
Spouse's name:
Name by which character addresses spouse:
Spouse's occupation:
1. name: Kyran van den Vechte
age: under a year
2. name: Eshilda the silent
age: under a year
3. name: Iella the mighty
age: under a year
4. name: Lyrik Iralorp
age: under a year
5. name:
Police record
[ ] No arrests or convictions
[ ] Arrest(s) for:
[X] Conviction(s) for: Assault (while posessed)
[X] Sentence(s) served: Assault (while possessed)
Medical record
General health
[ ] Excellent [ ] Good [X] Below average [ ] Terrible
Chronic conditions:
Current conditions:
People often found with outside of work: Kyrian
Organizations of which he/she is a member: Clergy of Inari, Association of time travelers

[ ] Expensive couture clothing, long-lasting styles
[ ] Expensive couture clothing, trendy styles
[ ] Good quality, conservative clothing
[ ] Good quality, unconservative clothing
[X] Whatever everybody else in his/her group wears, which is: Blue oriental clothing
[ ] Whatever's most comfortable; comfort is main value whenever possible
[ ] Whatever's handy, doesn't really care
[ ] Dressing to be noticed--how and why?
[ ] Other
[ ] Every-hair-perfect type
[X] Average grooming and cleanliness for own group
[ ] Clean but sloppy
[ ] Dirty and a slob
[X] Talks fast [ ] Average pace [ ] Talks slowly
Accent/dialect: A northern and elven dialect
[ ] Shrill
[X] Average
[ ] Deep
[ ] Unusually musical
[ ] Unusually authoritative
[ ] Other
Any favorite phrases or words? Nope
Usual cuss words, if any
[ ] Projects a calm image
[ ] Volatile--moods change, and body language with it
[X] Usually fidgety
[ ] Other
[ ] Stiff and rigid
[ ] Stands straight but not stiffly
[ ] Average--varies with mood
[X] Slumped and defeated-looking
[ ] Flexible and graceful
[ ] Usually relaxed
[ ] Slouchy and careless
[ ] Other
[ ] Doesn't gesture much
[ ] Gestures are deliberate and controlled
[X] Gestures mostly when excited/upset
[ ] Gestures much of the time
[ ] Gestures wildly, even weirdly
Favorite gesture: Smiling
When does he/she use it? When talking with people
Smoker? [X] No [ ] Former smoker
[ ] Yes--what and how much?
Drinker? [ ] No [ ] Former drinker
[X] Yes--what and how much? Wine and occasionally
Drugs? [X] No [ ] Former user
[ ] Yes--what and how much?
[ ] Prudent, cautious--saves money
[ ] Average--some debts, some savings
[ ] Spends whatever he/she has, soon after acquiring it
[X] Deep in debt
[ ] Into criminal activities from financial need
[X] Does not own a personal vehicle because: She doesn't need it
[ ] Luxury car make:
[ ] Standard vehicle make:
[ ] Old/dilapidated vehicle make:
[ ] Other
Leisure/Cultural Preferences
Enjoys sports? [X] Not particularly [ ] Yes
How much? [ ] Mildly [ ] A lot [ ] Rabid fan
What kinds?
Enjoys music? [ ] Not particularly [X] Yes
How much? [X] Mildly [ ] A lot [ ] Rabid fan
What kind(s)? Religious
Enjoys reading? [ ] Not particularly [X] Yes
How much? [ ] Mildly [X] A lot [ ] Rabid fan
What kind(s) of books? Adventure
Enjoys dance? [X] Not particularly [ ] Yes
How much? [ ] Mildly [ ] A lot [ ] Rabid fan
What kind(s)?
Enjoys theatre? [X] Not particularly [ ] Yes
How much? [ ] Mildly [ ] A lot [ ] Rabid fan
What kind(s)?
Enjoys movies? [X] Not particularly [ ] Yes
How much? [ ] Mildly [ ] A lot [ ] Rabid fan
What kind(s)?
Enjoys the outdoors? [ ] Not particularly [X] Yes
How much? [X] Mildly [ ] A lot [ ] Rabid fan
Doing what outside?
Enjoys going out? [X] Not particularly [ ] Yes
How much? [ ] Mildly [ ] A lot [ ] Rabid fan
Going where?
Is good food important to him/her?
[ ] Not particularly [X] Yes
How important? [X] Mildly [ ] A lot [ ] True gourmet
What kind(s) of food? Chicken, fish, rice
Can he/she cook? [X] Yes [ ] No
How well? reasonably
Enjoys shopping? [X] Not particularly [ ] Yes
How much? [ ] Mildly [ ] A lot [ ] Addicted
Shopping for what?
Where does the character live?
[X] Big city [ ] Small town
[X] Rural area [ ] Other
Where would he/she prefer to live?
[X] Big city [ ] Small town
[ ] Rural area [ ] Other
Why doesn't he/she live there?
What kind of home?
[ ] Apartment [X] House [ ]
Trailer [ ] Other
Décor of personal space controlled by this character: Plenty of little fox statuettes, as well as a small altar to Inari
Carefully planned? [X] Yes [ ] No
Expensive? [ ] Yes [X] No
Neat? [ ] Yes [X] No
Clean? [X] Yes [ ] No
Comfortable? [X] Yes [ ] No
Attractive? [X] Yes--to whom? To followers of Inari
[ ] No--to whom?
Cluttered? [X] Yes [ ] No
Basic overall style/impression
Would he/she like a pet? [ ] Yes [X] No
If yes, what?
Does he/she have any? [ ] Yes [X] No
If no, why not? She doesn't want any
If yes, what pet does he/she have?
Why did he/she acquire them?
How important are these pets to him/her?
How well does he/she treat the pets?

Waking up
Who else is sleeping in the same bed? Nobody
What time does he/she wake up? Whenever she feels like it
What wakes him/her up--alarm? dog? wife? Nothing
Is he/she cheerful in the morning? [X] Yes [ ] No
Does he/she eat breakfast? What? A bowl of rice
What does he/she do during breakfast--read, talk, watch TV, feed kids, etc/? Think and pray
Is this a big deal, consuming time and thought? [ ] Yes [X] No
How does he/she get there? Currently, not.
Does he/she anticipate, dread, resent, etc., the work ahead? Look forward to.
Does he/she give the job genuine attention and effort? [X] Yes [ ] No
Does he/she enjoy this work? [X] Yes [ ] No
Why or why not? She feels she has a good relationship with Inari.
Is he/she good at this job? [ ] Yes [X] No
Would he/she rather be doing something else? [ ] Yes [X] No
How long and hard is the work day? Quite laid back, but long
Does he/she stop for lunch? [ ] Yes [X] No
Eating what, typically?
With whom?
Who prepares his/her meal? Depends
Who does he/she eat it with? Depends
What does it typically consist of? Rice and meat
Does he/she enjoy the meal? [X] Yes [ ] No
Why or why not? She enjoys nice meals
What goes on during dinner--TV, conversation, fighting, reading, etc.? Conversation or thinking.
Who cleans up? Depends
What does your character do on a typical evening? Pray and talk
Where? Depends
With whom? Whoever happens to be around
How much does he/she enjoy it? A lot
What would he/she prefer to be doing instead? Nothing
Is the evening atmosphere pleasant, calm, tense, frenetic, wary, fun, productive, other? Calm
Does he/she usually go to bed at a consistent time? [ ] Yes [X] No
What time? Sometime
With whom? Alone
When does bedtime occur at a different time? Always
Does he/she usually fall asleep right away? [X] Yes [ ] No
If no, what is he doing in the meantime--reading, watching TV, sex, tossing and turning, etc.? praying
How much does he/she enjoy this activity? quite a bit
Does he/she dream a lot, little or never? Depends
Are most of his/her dreams scary, pleasant, sexual, etc.? pleasant
Is any one dream recurrent? [ ] Yes [X] No

How does the character get along with:
Spouse? Divorced
Children? Quite well
Parents? Quite well
Siblings? depends
The opposite sex? depends
Children in general? quite well
Neighbors? quite well
Friends? Quite well
People more successful than he/she is? Quite well
People less successful? Good
Boss? Very well
Underlings at work? Quite well
Competitors at work? Quite well
The local police? depends
The IRS? She pays her taxes
Anyone who challenges him/her? Not currently
Anyone who angers him/her? Insensitive people
Anyone who helps him/her? Plenty
Anyone who asks for help? Not many, she's not good at the help people usually require.

What is his/her earliest memory? Inari's first answer to a prayer of hers.
If he/she were suddenly much much richer, what would he/she do with the money? Help people
What is his/her stated dream in life? To be more powerful
What does he/she really long for underneath? Helping people
What event is he/she most afraid might happen? Her children dying without her having a chance of coming back.
Who does he/she, in his/her deepest soul, really love best in the whole world? Karsen Iralorp
What would he/she be willing to die for, if anything? Her family and friends
What does he/she believe about God? Inari is her god, even though she knows there are more.
About the purpose of life? To make the world a better place.
About an afterlife? The ethereal plane.
What does he/she actively work to gain or keep or protect--not merely say is important, but actually invest time and emotion in--money, fame, family, love, country, revenge, etc.? Making the world a slightly less bad place.
How would he/she describe himself/herself, if totally honest? A weak werevixen with too many emotions.
In a single word, how would you the author sum up this character's attitude toward the world--interested, optimistic, defeated, exploitive, compassionate, dissatisfied, power-mad, controlling, happy, etc.? defeated.
Would your character agree with your assessment?
[ ] Yes [X] No
Why or why not? She tells herself she doesn't love Karsen anymore.

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