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Geomancer's Characters


Name: Aharon the Wanderer
Race: Human (kinda)
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good. Normally quick to laugh or make a joke, but has little tolerance for cruelty and evil and when he sees it he goes into a blood-lust were he gets angry unreasonable and violent.
Age: 19
Eyes: Black but flecked with an off-white tan.
Hair: Extremely dark brown, looks black unless examined closely.
Clothing: basic garb.
Weapons: Nothing but a small knife he keeps up his sleeve at all times.
Abilities: Proficient with most weaponry, very skilled with knives of all sizes and the bow and arrow. Has no traditional skill in magic, so all the spells he knows are self taught, things he discovered accidentally or powers he gained out of necessity (keeping yourself warm outside when its 5 below and you don't have a coat). That sort of thing. He is learning magic and is now adept at elemental spells.
Back story: Aharon lived in a small rural village for the beginning of his life. When he was five he was brought before the village council. They told him that he was the reincarnation of the village's founder and that many of the villages greatest leaders had been him in previous lives. The village council explained that the powers and knowledge of the village's ancestors had been entrusted with him and that somewhere in his mind they lay if he had need of them.
One month after young Aharon discovered his fate the village was attacked by a large group of barbarians. The village fought bravely but all the villagers where killed by the horde of barbarians. Aharon and his mother hid in the forest but she was killed by a stray arrow. Aharon wept over her body for three days and during that time the barbarians stripped the village of its resources and went off in search of more plunder. Aharon, after laboring for two weeks to bury the bodies of the villagers, went off to follow the barbarians. He was only five years old but either by luck, grim determination or some otherworldly power he was able to bury the 170 villagers and then set off after the barbarians. For three long years he followed them, barely eating, always seeing the terrible results of their evils. On his eighth birthday exactly, he found them. Aharon went into their midst and, using the vast and terrible magics of his inheritance, gleaning spells from the minds of the village ancestors, driven by the very spirit that had founded his village; He killed them all.
The next thing he new was he was in the bed of a nunnery with a vague, fogy recollection of the last three years and only the terrible feeling that he had done something horrible, and that he wielded a deadly power which he cannot yet control. He left the nunnery and, having no village and no home, began to wander. Now his wanderings have taken him into the town.
Current Story: Upon arriving in the town he went to the Church of the Seed, where he contacted his inner self and the spirits of his people. They charged him with the task of protecting the Town, to make up for letting his home village be destroyed. In an event at the Church, he has discovered more of his power.


Race: Sentient Crocodile
Appearance:Looks like a crocodile shaped like a gorilla. Short back legs and arms that hang towards the ground.
Backstory: Was flushed down the toilet and landed in the sewers where he slowly gained sentience. Now he wants to better his position in life. *note: he speaks in a British accent, sometimes.
Current Story: Joined K.N.A.V.E.S and is Officiales rank. His K.N.A.V.E.S name is Czar Prohibition. He feels very protective of the head of KNAVES Clergyman State.

Melach the Geomancer

Race: Human
Appearance: Gray hair and eyes. He wears simple peasants clothing (The picture is him with his stone armor.)
Abilities: He can control stone and summon earth and stone related monsters. He can cast regular spells with limited ability.
Storyline: He crashed into the town in the interior of a Meteor. He had no recollection of who he was or where he came from. All he knew was that he was a Geomancer, one who can use Stone Magic. He now wants to know more about his past, and seeks anyone who can help him. Inari restored his memories by giving the spirit who was guarding them a new body. Melach, memories restored, repaid Inari by creating a wondrous statue in her honor. He is now working at the Omnishop


Race: Spirit
Appearance: Brown haired, brown eyed human. He has small horns on his head.
Story so far.
He was the spirit Inari extracted from Melach's body. He is currently the chosen of Daisuke and living in the temple of Inari.

(No Picture)
Race: First Men
Appearance: Short dark hair mostly covered by a pirate's cap.
Story: James was born of the first men, at the beginning of time. He had a couple adventures, went up against an evil wizard and got cursed with immortality. Not that he minded to much. He spent his life exploring the world and eventually become so good at it that he was able to run from one plane to another. He spent most of his time exploring every plane of existance. Then he applied to be the god of Travel at the Celestial Bureaucracy. He was denied, but after a little corporate reshuffling he got the job.

New characters:



Upcoming characters:

Someone for the Xavier institute.

A little green child you will be seeing more of.

I'd write something about them but I am lazy.

Invader Vlar:

and his sidekick Vir:
More information when it develops.

Eric [Modern]:
A moody teen who can absorb the qualities of everything he touches. As a child he became a horrible fire monster after absorbing fire and killed his little sister.

A mortal who got trapped in the Realm of Madness. He was driven crazy and his form was warped and changed by the Madness energies. He pulled together his sanity and is now trying to warn people about the threat Madness poses.

Strange colorful bird from the Realm of Madness, can turn it's tongue into anything it wants.

Izaac the 'Mad Knife':
A brigand who uses magic items to pursue wealth. His favorite is a knife of many different properties and where he gets his name.

A zombie hunter who opens a monster hunting agency.


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