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General Ranting II

A thread for Ranting

Follow these rules and the Forum rules.

1) You may not discuss rants on the board. If you wish to discuss, do so in private.

2) Rants directly or indirectly targeting forum members will be deleted.

My TV is broken Sad The sound works, but the image is gone. Sometimes it returns briefly, only to fade away again. Sometimes it fades in and out several times, as if it's teasing me.

Stupid, annoying TV.

I just need to scream.  But don't feel like doing it for real.  So here goes.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rable Rable!  Argh!  GDLKJHDFJPOIU!  %&*#@!

I hate cancer.

Well, it's not about cancer (*huggles McBish* May you or whoever actually has it be well soon.)

My whole trip, there was something wrong with my camera.

First off, I didn't actually get the colour I wanted.  (It's like an icy purple, I wanted dark.)

I had the camera ready, but when we got to Sea World, the battery was dead.

I charged the battery, put it in the car, but by the time we got to the next place?  I lost the friggin' camera.

I found it this afternoon while pulling out my cart so that I could go shopping.

I don't take pics often.  This was mostly for this whole trip.

ARGHHHH!!! I feel like violently and brutally drowning some idiot in ink! Preferably someone working for Canon.

I've just spent a lot of money, despite the fact that I have very little money this month, on ink for my printer because it's been running out and I need it... so I run around to four different stores, unable to find the kind of ink my printer says it needs. In the last store they say I can use another kind, and on the box it says it fits in my printer so I buy it happily.... only to come home and find out that I bought color when what I need is black!

It's not like it's easy to figure out either, because the "black" ink is called "photo". Well, how in the nine hells am I to know that "photo" means "black"?!

Warning, swearing ahead:


And why the fuck is it that they can't just make one damn kind of standardized ink cartridge for all freaking printers instead of a million varieties for each goddamned brand?! How fucking lame are they that they can't figure that out?

Why can't anyone figure out how to make standardized things instead of making a different variety for each new product!? How lame is this stupid world?!

Sorry, but I really, really hate how everything comes in a million mutually incompatible varieties. Noone seems to understand the point of using the same standards Evil or Very Mad

Why oh why was I talked into going to fireworks night? You sit around for an hour waiting for some numbskull to start the fireworks... he's half an hour late in which time you have lost all feeling in your extremities. the fireworks are directly above you meaning you strain your neck looking at pitiful puffs and pows. you then wake up with stiff extremities and a sore neck... THIS IS THE LAST BLOODY YEAR I DO THIS!!!


What is the friggin' point of wearing makeup that matches your skin exactly?!

There's this new makeup that goes on white and then matches your skin tone (which to me just sounds like lotion being used to provide 'makeup.')  When it finally 'matches your skintone' it looks exactly as though you don't have makeup on at all.  The point of makeup is to hide the flaws in your skin!

No, I don't use makeup, but the obvious money-making scheme (moreso than normal for those kind of companies) just irks me...
Orange Zergling

I haven't been able to access GitP all day, the Left 4 Dead demo is downloading at an abysmal 10 kbps (and it's a 3200mb file...), and I'm almost positive a 360 is one of the things I will absolutely not be getting for Christmas... graaaaaaaaaah!!

EDIT: Hey, it spiked up to 22kbps for a few seconds... only 6.4 days left till it finishes! WOO!

Dead GitP does not make for a happy Raistlin.
Neither does the lack of NaNoWriMo ideas.

You know what? I was going to try to contribute to this discussion. I had a post half typed out. But now, thinking about it, I don't really see the point. People are probably going to continue RPing their own way, and stating my opinion, such as it is, will likely annoy somebody, without changing anything.
So, yeah, I'm now fed up with a new thread and discussion every couple of months trying to 'save Town', or change the way people play in Town, or impose new rules, or start a sub-forum.

Ah, it feels good to have a rant. I should use this thread more often.

Having said all that, it probably won't be long before I change my mind, and end up participating (or trying to) in such discussions. Maybe I should rant about my own indecision.


Someone put the lime in the coconut and shook them both up!  I was saving that lime.
The Bushranger

The Bushranger on November 30 wrote:
Well, it looks like Giant is down. Again.
Completely down.
As in, won't even load anything at all, "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" down.

...and, once more, The Lag From Hades.
Evil or Very Mad   Evil or Very Mad  Evil or Very Mad

I think and think and think.  But rarely do I do anything.  I hate it.  But it circles around me all the time.  Why?  Why do I do it.  Why do I suck so much at breaking free.  I can always find an excuse.  I can always put it off, get an extension, say that it doesn't matter.  But it does.  Sometimes more then others.  But in the end, it always matters.  And right now it matters so much it can hurt.

Giantitp's down, and my MMORPG I play is down as well. Shoulda come back up over an hour ago. >.<

I'm a horrible, truly awful, downright evil person. Just a relatively short time ago, I'd have publicly supported stuff as described within this article (Warning, sickening) if I knew it existed, the stoning of LGBT people who wouldn't/refused to be 'healed', and stuff like that.


last night, my mom manages to freeze up my computer. I blew it off, pressed ctrl+alt+delete and went away to give the thing time to work itself out. I come back this morning, and it's still frozen, the internet window and everything still stuck open behind the Task Manager despite it saying nothing is running. I try and force a logoff through Task manager, which simply fails. I try shutting down by pressing ctrl+alt+delete again and again. Eventually I'm forced to manually shut down and restart. When I log back in again, and try to start the internet, it starts going really slow, my background turns grey for a minute and LiveUpdate starts telling me I need to download Windows Service Pack 3. Before I do that, I back up my files with System restore, as suggested, but then I couldn;t get Live Update to come back up. I end up going to Windows Update online and it takes forever to just scan my computer and determine what I need. It's currently 2/3 through installing the thing, and I'm getting rather irritated. Using the laptop, I find out I can't sign up for the class I want to, and so I still need to go talk to a councilor today at the college, and since they haven't been open all week and it's two says to the start of term, EVERYONE will be doing. There will be a huge waiting list, and I actually have to put an effort into my appearence today, because I'm certain to run into someone I know. I also have to run to the bank, and get myself breakfast (as there's nothing to eat in the house, I don't think my paents like food shopping anymore, there's never anything to eat in the house, but that's another rant, isn't it?) and drive to another town to the nearest campus, (thank goodness I don't have to go to the main one which is an hour away) and still be home before 2 o'clock to pick up my dad from work. (and I know already he's going to want lunch, and I'll end up buying, because I always do, and I really have to wonder where all of my paycheck goes every week and why I have only $20 at best in my bank account?)

and the freaking update's not finished yet!


Oh, yeah, and did I mention I woke up with a really sore throat and still need to perform a virus scan? If I have to update that I might scream. But that would make my throat worse, and I might lose my voice, and if I can't talk I can't work and... *sigh* Today's starting out so well, isn't it?
Destro Yersul

Well, Destro's got something to rant about now. Because Destro did something fantastically stupid, and didn't notice until it was way to late to fix easily.

See, I'm starting college. Today, I guess.. *glances at clock*

Today. And I was meant to take two courses. However, being completely oblivious and somewhat nervous seeing as this is my first time going to college, I managed to <expletive> things up big time. Because the college I'm going to has two campuses. One close to me, and one farther away. And I managed to sign up for one course on each Campus. One after another, ten minutes apart. Speedy Gonzales himself could not go between these two campuses within ten minutes.

So now I have to explain to my parents how badly I've messed things up, I have to explain to the college why I can't go to that class and could they take me off the list please, and I have to figure out how in the hells I managed to miss something like that.

If you'll excuse me, I'll be over in the corner banging my head against the wall...

stupid *bang* stupid *bang* stupid *bang* stupid *bang*

IM Etiquette

-- Hi, hello, hey, or any other language (hola, aloha, etc) is all right.  "Hai" is the Japanese word for "yes" and if you're not responding to someone's yes or no question, it doesn't fit.

--BRB is not needed when the last time you spoke to someone was two hours before.  It is only needed when you've been speaking within the last 5 minutes.  A similar issue happens when telling someone you're back, just to continue to ignore them for the next two hours.

--If you know someone doesn't like poetry, for heaven's sake please don't send it to them.

--Don't IM someone that's busy then continue to poke them until they give you a response.

I'm sure there's more, but those are the most bothersome.

Okay, I'm not talking about anything specific here, I just have a few general complaints about society. If you read this, thank you.

You know what I hate? Car insurance. They charge you a lot of money a month for minimum coverage, and it's the law. You can't get a registration without insurance. Very, very expensive insurance. Even on the bare minimum payment, I'm still shelling out my month's worth of Paychecks to make sure that I can drive a car that I already own. All so that when I actually get into an accident, let's say, I hit a patch of ice and slam my mercedes benz into Hades Bends down on my way to work this morning and I get extensive damage to my lights and a ding in my side, I won't get any help in repairing the damage and my money will be short because I have to pay some goddam car insurance.

Ah, well, Cest La vie!

I got to the ER at 2:30.  I spent time in the waiting room til 9:30.  I got to go home at 3:30 (am.)  All they did was give my mom one bag of IV fluids for not drinking or eating for 2 days...those bags are like 8 oz, max.  It's rediculous.

I write a post.  A bit longer then my normal post. Then my computer destroys it somehow.  Bah.
Draken Frosthand

Bloody MSN still doesn't want to connect.


The Bushranger

*strangles Giant's servers*

Bah! Bah, I say! BAH!


I have never pretended that I like my current job.  It has one minor perk in occasionally being able to work from home, but that hardly makes up for all of the annoyances, frustrations, and aggrevation.

But lately...

I've been missing these past weeks because since December 29, I have been working at least 12 hours every day, with the occasional bump up to 15, and one instance of 20 (!).  Including Saturday and Sunday.  I ran out of steam to do anything but stare blankly at the oh-so-critical work.

Things have finally settled down to "just" seven days a week, but this sucks beyond all reason.  "salaried" does not equate to "enslaved"!

And of course, the economy decides that this is just the best time to go to hell, and I am finding little prospect of changing away from here in the near future.
The Bushranger

So I completely skipped posting on Giant yesterday, and I've been feeling kinda blah torwards my PbPs lately. Figured I'd catch up on them both today.
Guess What?!
Evil or Very Mad

The Bushranger wrote:
So I completely skipped posting on Giant yesterday, and I've been feeling kinda blah torwards my PbPs lately. Figured I'd catch up on them both today.
Guess What?!
Evil or Very Mad

Yeah. I know your feelings there, Bushranger. At least a little bit. I mean, I got a plot to run there.

Yeah, and it said to check back after 5:00 PM EST.

It's way past that now.

Probably means tomorrow.


Re: General Ranting II

wxdruid wrote:
A thread for Ranting

Follow these rules and the Forum rules.

1) You may not discuss rants on the board. If you wish to discuss, do so in private.

2) Rants directly or indirectly targeting forum members will be deleted.

Voice of a MOD: Remember the Rules!

Have you ever walked into the kitchen while someone's cooking and asked "whatcha makin'" and they say "food?"

Well no shit...really?  I thought you were making a new painting...

Why can't people answer a simple question?

I seem to be stuck in a rut when it comes to my writing now...heck, I'm not going to lie to myself, it's been at least the last six months. I haven't written anything worth a crap since May, and that was for a WW game. I get ideas, start writing, and within a page or two I'm so down about what I've written that I can't bring myself to carry on.

I can't even write a damn ship-fic that I can bring myself to show to other people. My goal has always been to write a novel, I don't care whether its published, or even if anyone reads it other than me and my SO, but at the moment it seems further away than ever.

It's bloody frustrating, the ideas are there but the execution just isn't at the moment. Please don't let the pinnacle of my writing be the poem I got published when I was 6  Sad

Today is day 10 of my week, and I won't have a day off till Sunday.


I'm tired of people.  I'm tired of always being there emotionally for other people and not getting anything in return.  I'm tired of people hating me when they don't even know me.  I'm tired of people judging me because of what I wear, the fact that I walk with a cane (yes, they blame me for it), or because they think they have some right to judge everyone.

I'm tired of the sickness.  I'm in a constant state of panic and agitation because I've got anxiety attacks, and they're getting worse and worse.  I am constantly feeling fear--not of anything in particular, just the feeling of adrenaline.  And it's part of the reason I'm hating people.

I'm tired of the migraines.  I have a constant migraine between November and March.  Another reason that I get pissy around this time of year.  (Though I try to hide it because apparently I'm the best person to rant to whenever one of a million people here feels like they need to discuss their woes of their family not understanding them.  Or that they can't keep a girlfriend.)

At this point...I really don't care anymore...


Okay, I would have actually suggested this website to people, if half the stuff I got wasn't as advertised, but what really pissed me off was this:

It looks like it would be awesome for Easter baskets, right?  Except when I got it the first time, I didn't even realize that's what I got.  So I gave them the benefit of the doubt (I ordered a lot of things, so I thought it was just misplaced) and told them it hadn't been put in my shipment.  I got it shipped, and upon seeing the bag I realized I had seen it.  What was included in the bag?

Cheap little pinwheels that the kid that loves to play with rocks wouldn't even like.
Cheap lanyards
Cheap bracelets to match the lanyards
Sandal Keychains--who knows what the hell they were thinking with that one
Oh, get this -- award ribbons.  WTF?!
Fish shaped keychains.
Those little 5 cent mazes you get from Harvest Festivals

This is rediculous.  Seriously.  I don't want keychains and award ribbons.  I want something the kids can play with.  And I want what I payed for.

Don't buy kits from SSWW.

It's not the first time they've fudged on the kits.  The coloring kits I got, the markers were dry.

Some of their stuff is awesome, but most of it is cheap crap.  (Even if you pay for the quality of it.)

I am tired of the term "If I can do it, anybody can do it."  This usually comes from someone that has NO physical or mental disabilities.

Here's where I can see this term working:
A person with a learning disability going to school and getting As.
A physically challenged person winning a race.
Someone that is both doing about anything.

Someone that has personal trainers saying "If I can do it, anybody can do it" when they're trying to lose weight?  Please.  Of course you're going to lose weight if the place advertising it is going to have you on the commercial.

Someone that has no mental challenges or physical challenges going to college (nor any financial problems)?  Another time that is rediculous to use the statement.  My sister has a learning disability and she got straight A's in college.  She doesn't go around saying that rediculous phrase.  And she'd be one that I could see saying it.

I don't know where this cliche came from, but people need to stop using it.  You are not as special as you think you are.  Stop pretending that you've got some disability that makes the world a challenge for you.  If your only challenge was "I was too lazy to go before, but now I have...yay me," then you should never say something like "If I can do it, anybody can do it."  Lackadaisical attitude is not a hump to overcome that makes you something special.

I smile.  I try to take it in good humour.  I'm now trying to take money from people for it.

However: it would be nice if a single one of my friends actually believed me when I say "I don't want kids" instead of telling me I'll change my mind in the future.

Mind you, I'm looking forward to raking in the money in ten years' time when I still don't have kids.  Wagers are fun!

My sister's bf just got in a car accident. (No that's not what I'm mad about.)  After Jenn got off the phone so she could call her bf to see exactly where he was, mom hung up the phone on the charger and went into the other room.

The phone rang, so I got up in a hurry to answer it, just in case it was her, hurting myself in the process.  It was a stupid automated person from GameStop informing me that Pokemon Platinum would be in tomorrow...seriously, I don't need to wait 2 minutes for an automated thing to tell me something I already know...
The Bushranger

And, Giant seems to be stuck on the nightly database update.

This, on the night I stayed up, in part, to PM some of my fellow Acryonymites an idea for a plot involving our characters - one inspired and actually made better by something that had initially pissed me off, but after watching Stargate: Continuum on directors' commentary mode had cooled off and realised the Potential.

And now this.


I am SO tired of "Going Green."  It was bad enough when it was on ads, but now it's all over TV shows.  Even when it makes no sense.

A Wizards of Waverly Place comm:
"I'm going to change out all of the old light bulbs and put in CFLs.

...that's the little squiggly ones."

Why the hell would a wizard care?!

But there is one sliver of hope: House.  House's new episodes are all about being green, of course (my dad says that Obama's sorta pressing on TV to be more green, and that's what's with all of this crap) but a House comm:
"Do I get extra points if I pretend that I care?"

At least not every character in the world suddenly cares.  Of course, it wouldn't be House if he cared.
The Bushranger

As is, of course, known, there's a minor hiccup in the world's economy going on at the moment, and everybody, right up to and incuding, government, is having to tighten their belts.'

Well, Florida's government just finished some belt-tightening. Among those things cut has been, apparently, preferred stadium seating for lawmakers.


...which is, however, not my point. With all the possible pork that could be carved out of the budget, instead they decided to go after something that, one presumes, was selected either because it gored no oxen, or because everybody's ox would be gored:

Namely, $21.8 million in funding for the state's libraries.

That clucking you hear is the chickens feeding on that amount.
Plus, a large number of libraries, mostly rural ones, including the one I voluenteer at, won't be able to afford to stay open if this doesn't get put back into the budget.

But education is important, dontcha know.

Evil or Very Mad
The Bushranger know, given the fact that even with the forums closed, the new-comic server load is so bad that even on broadband it won't even TRY to load most of the time, I really don't buy the "the forum causes Giant's server problem" argument. Evil or Very Mad

People who invade nice innocent D&D forums with nasty images should be shot.    I mean, why?  Why bother?  What do they achieve?  most GitP'ers so far haven't replied to the threads, thankfully - no one is feeding a troll that I suspect didn't stick around anyway.


Through my first week of exams... wasn't too bad. My expectations of myself are kinda high so I'm aiming for A* in every subject... doubt I'll get in English, but I'm not too worried about the others. Heh, I still have to revise like a third of the Biology syllabus, when I have two out of three of the Biology exams next Wednesday... oh yeah. That reminds me.

Next Wednesday, I have four exams in one day: Spanish Writing first thing in the morning, then a loooong break... and then two biology exams and then a Maths AS Paper. Seriously, wtf. I suppose it's my fault for doing Maths a year early and thus having it colliding with GCSEs and therefore having multiple exams on the same day. Woohoo.


Sorry. Just had a need to scream, and if I do it IRL I'd probably get mum and dad worried over very little.

Fortunately, spiders in the UK are not really dangerous.  The baby spiders hatching at this time of year are small enough to be a nuisance only and not set me off on a phobic panic or whatever you call it when you freeze and/or scream.

However, there must have been a nest we didn't know about in the bedroom because at least 30 of the rotten things have hatched and taken up residence in the curtains, and baby spiders love to make webs, so half the bedroom is webified tonight.  Yuk!

What the f*** is wrong with humanity today?!

It is considered normal to go out and sleep with a new person every night.  (It's funny when you read it in comics like LICD, but not in real life.)  If someone wants to wait until the wedding night, they're considered a freak and are mocked until they finally give in to society (that's what happened to my sister.)

My sister is currently sleeping with random people.  Now, it's within the same group--sorta like those wife swapping communities, but with the 'friends with benefits' crowd--but that doesn't make it any less sickening.

And she doesn't just keep it to herself...oh no...she's gotta tell me and Mom (and even more surprisingly, Dad) all about it.  

For those that don't know, I'm highly religious.  I know I go against the code sometime, but I always try to see what I'm doing wrong and stop it.    I do not want to know that my sister is practically a walking sex toy...

And yeah, you probably didn't want to know--don't care...but I had to rant somewhere...

I get really pissed at the government for a lot of the stupid things there doing right now.

It is spelt "Cool". Notice the "C" at the beginning.

Not "Kool". That makes you look like a complete and utter ass.

The other thing that bugs me is chatspeak when you are creating a quiz on facebook, or the suchlike. Good gods people, you aren't under some time restraint so bad that you have to use UR or OMG or something! Nor is it gonna cost you more to use proper english for once in your whole pathetic life!

Epson 3-in-1 scanners are royally flawed...if the printer doesn't work, neither does the scanner.

NEVER buy Epson...unless you want to get screwed over.

May I recommend Brother?  It hasn't failed me yet...except for dying of old age...

How can people who spend money that they're supposed to use on them and their children (mostly to support their kids) get away with spending it on stuff because they 'likeded' it, like cell phones?  Why doesn't the government rip away the funding?  They say it will 'hurt the children', but if the kids aren't getting the money anyway, why continue to fund people buying phones and the latest in clothing styles?  Rip their funding!  They don't deserve it.

Meanwhile, people that are honestly unable to work get told that they can't get government aid because they haven't worked long enough or because they're not handicapped.

How is it possible to not be handicapped when you've had a major surgery on your spine, or had fingers removed, when the people that DO qualify simply have a mild case of AADD?  (Which I don't believe is a real problem, in most cases.  The strongest form of AADD, ADD, or ADHD [ie, the top 5%] should be funded...but not the rest.)

Something is wrong with society...completely wrong...

I'm sick of Jack in the Box commercials.

I don't find them completely unbearable, but the closest one is in North Carolina. Which is roughly 723 miles away.

Something tells me I'm not their primary consumer. So why the hell show the commercials here?
The Bushranger

Why is it that people, when they find a library computer that on the sign-in screen says Reserved - (time), and the reservation is not theirs, insist on sitting and entering their library card number in the box, sometimes multiple times, trying to get it to work for them?

And sometimes even call over a librarian asking why the computer isn't working!


*kicks router*

Grr, my network's been acting up for a while now, and it's got particularly bad over the past few days. Knocking me off virtually completely for the last two days. It's slightly ticking me off at the moment.


Fricken viruses, I don't know how I got this one but it knocked my laptop for six, had to restore it to factory settings. Good job it's my backup computer, otherwise I'll be even more ticked off than I am at the moment.

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