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Cynical Circle

Gauging Interest: Kingdom Hearts-Based?

I have an idea for something based on Kingdom Hearts, but I'd like to know if people are actually interested before I get going.

Basic premise involves a group of heroes forming and the rise of a new faction of foes distinct from Heartless or Nobodies (one I made up myself).

EDIT: Crap, how did I post this here and not in the section it should go?
Sorry. If a mod could move this to the "looking for players" section I'd be grateful.

Is there a system being used or is it freeform?
Cynical Circle

Thank you for reminding me; it would be freeform.

In said KH-universe, Heartless still exist and are still very common; Nobodies exist, more rarely, though Org XIII is gone.
Players could be characters from outside Disney universes, or they could be non-main characters from Disney worlds. That is, you can't play as Aladdin, but you can play as one of the Sultan's guards and so forth.
Not everyone would have to be a Keybearer--in fact, I'd prefer that not everyone be a Keybearer.
Non-canon Keyblades are accepted as long as they are reasonable.
Players can make characters that are Heartless or Nobodies, but must be sure not to go overboard. Players joining the new enemy faction would be probably by PM requests from me, in which I would dispense information about the faction.

Any other questions?

NOTE: This would not start until next Friday at the earliest due to my having a retreat to go on next week until then.

Really tempted to use an extensive knowledge of Disney films to abuse this game.  Very Happy

Are all animated films kosher or are there limits?
Cynical Circle

Anything that's already appeared in Kingdom Hearts is fair game.

Other things are fine within reason. I would count all old black-and-white toons under the umbrella of Timeless River, mostly for convenience.

If you'd give an example of the films you'd like to use, I'd listen.

Hercules, Mulan, and Fantasia are the ones I'm wondering about.

Does Hercules open up Greek Mythology?  Are generic Chinese soldiers allowed?  And... Is fantasia even slightly allowed?
Cynical Circle

Hercules... opens mythology to an extent. Basically, if I see something that I think just isn't meant to be there, I'll tell you.
Generic Chinese (or Hun) soldiers are fine.

Fantasia... only as a drug trip. Razz

Alright.  I'm tempted to play Dionysus.
Cynical Circle

He'd have to be powered down a bit, of course, but that could work.

For now, I goes to bed. I will think and do things (THINGS!) in the morning.

If I do play him it'll be as a Guy with a Bull and a Cask  with little to no divinity.  I don't like playing gods much stronger than American Gods.  Gets a little dull.
Cynical Circle

I hope we get more players to join us, then.

EDIT: Recruiting a friend to play one of the evil faction.
People who have been accepted to play part of the evil faction are requested not to discuss it unless through PMs to myself and other players who have been confirmed for a character in that faction. I'm trying to keep some suspense and mystique about them, at least for the people who aren't playing one o' dems.

Ooo, Kingdom Hearts, I have fond memories of Halloween Town and Agrabah, soooo tempted.
Cynical Circle

I'd be glad to have you with us. The more the merrier!

And now that I've been informed that Lilo and Stitch is apparently canon. I'm in if you'll have me.
Cynical Circle

Awesome. I'm trying to recruit another friend of mine from offsite to register so he can be in on this too.
Keep in mind that I cannot start the game itself til next Friday, but we can get stuff ready until then.

Okay, here's the character sheet format, which may help you in formulating your characters.
World of Origin:
Personality: (Optional)

EDIT EDIT: Sorry for the bump, but just gotta remind you that this is the last night I have before I'm gone. I'll formulate ideas if I can 'til Friday when I return.

Name: Bacchus, Dionysus
Age: Indeterminate.  Appears to be in his mid thirties.
Gender: Male
Race: Olympian
World of Origin: Olympus Coliseum
Equipment/Weapons: A cask of seemingly endless wine.  His fists and his pet bull, Ferdinand.
Abilities/Skills: Divine Tolerance for debauchery.  Regenerates  nearly any damage, but only when given time to rest and heal.  Slightly above human Strength.
Personality: Jovial almost constantly.  Tends to be just slightly drunk.


Name: Experiment 458
Age: Activated 3 years back.
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant Koala Experiment thing?
World of Origin: Deep Space. Yep, I had to wikipedia it but that's what they call it in Kingdom Hearts.
Description: Tall and thin, well for a koala thing anyway,still probably only comes up to most peoples knee. Almost completely white bar its nose and a set of black stripes around its torso.
Equipment/Weapons: A beret, no one knows where he got.
Abilities/Skills: Can project invisible barriers from its hands in addition to having a second pair of retractable arms bellow the first set and being able to stick to climb up walls like a spider.
Personality: Very curious, which is flaw in its design as it can't stand loud noises. Also an avid fan of mime, but I doubt that'll come up.

If that one's no good just say, I've got like three other ideas if need be.

"It's a little... Mime koala. Drink little mime koala!  DRINK!"
Cynical Circle

Both look pretty cool, guys.

Very Happy Approval! Sweet sweet approval!
Cynical Circle

Now we just need... um... more people.

On the off chance this ever gets started, I'd like to throw my hat in, probably using a modified version of Edsern, Keybearer, if I'm allowed.

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