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So everybody always tells me when I start talking about games that I should do proper reviews, I'm often pretty forward about what I like and what I don't. So I've decided to start writing some small reviews of various games I play, starting with the only game I've played over the last 7 days, Dark Souls.

Feedback, other opinions, Etc. Are all welcome.

So Dark souls. Often recognised prominently for its high level of difficulty. And it is difficult, but not for all the right reasons.

Combat in dark souls is fairly slow paced, focused more on exploiting openings and keeping up your defence in a very similar manner to monster hunter. The biggest difficulty comes from the size of your health bar, relative to other games of similar gameplay, your health is tiny. This coming from someone who plays the knight class, which has high health and defence.

Another point of difficulty comes from traps and ambushes, sometimes these are hard to spot, sometimes they're obvious, and sometimes they're downright cheap, ranging from pressure plates, enemies hidden behind walls, sometimes even coming from through the floor in the case of ghost enemies, and then there are other types of "trap" Such as the Stray demon optional boss, where a non mage character is required to lose a very large portion of their health before the boss fight even begins due to the floor giving out to a large fall, or Multiple bosses such as the Bell gargoyle fight, which honestly gave me the most trouble so far.

Dark souls is fairly generous with the healing though, your primary healing item is called the "Estus Flask" Which is a multi use healing item that refills whenever you visit a bonfire, which serve as the game's checkpoints, these can be filled to 5, 10, 15 and even 20 uses later on. Using a bonfire also respawns most enemies you've killed.

The game's experience and currency is souls. These are gained from killing enemies and the use of certain items. Another "Currency" As such is humanity, which is gained primarily from items, and rarely from killing enough enemies, there are other ways to gain humanity based around the online system. Humanity is used to turn from your undead state back into a human form, this comes with several advantages, and several disadvantages, humanity can be used at bonfires to return to human form and "Kindle" The bonfire to increase the amount of uses of your estus flask it will give you, souls can be used at bonfires to level up and repair weapons and armor among other things, such as buying from merchants

This brings me to my low point about Dark souls. The online. While I'm sure there's much more depth I could go into, allow me to share my experience of the online system in my 32 hours of gameplay so far: "Your world has been invaded by someone so much more damn powerful than you that you might as well just kiss your souls goodbye" The PVP system is forced onto you whenever you're in human form, It's infrequent, but in the past hour Iíve tried to get to a location in human form for a specific purpose and both times have been killed before getting there by someone who can kill me instantly. The other primary feature of the online is the ability to leave messages, these can sometimes be helpful, or, in the case of my brief experience of demon's souls (Which granted I gave up on that a little too quickly), Can be annoying and ruin traps and ambushes. All these features can't be manually turned off short of disconnecting your console from the internet.

Death in Dark souls has its penalties, but it's a recoverable penalty. On death you drop your souls and humanity at the location you died, or nearby, falling off a cliff will place your souls on the cliff, by the edge, as opposed to at the bottom, the only thing you lose regardless is human form, as death reverts you to undead and the humanity spent on becoming human will be lost.

Onto a more positive point: Weapons and armor, I'm a hoarder when it comes to games like this, There are a huge number of different weapons and several types, and there's no penalty for carrying everything around with you, weight is only based upon what you have equipped, allowing you to carry a huge number of setups for many different styles of play.

The world of Dark souls is surprising varied for saying how close together all the environments are, and there are many occasions where I've stopped to just look around. From dark jungles, shadowed by a huge castle, to the rooftop of a chapel and a ruined city. Dark souls always provides a nice bit of scenery.

Overall, I enjoy Dark souls. It has its moments where I love it, and there are moments when I despise it (the most recent of which being two silver knight archers on some very small ledges in Anor Londo, anyone who's played to them will know the two), But overall, the game is very enjoyable once you get used to its unforgiving combat. I'd give it a 7/10, mostly losing points to cheap difficulty moments and my experience with the online features.

Also, if you want to see more, give me ideas for what to review, if I've got it I can probably review it.

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