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Freeze, will you? [Spell]

Been working a bit on this idea for a while, and decided to try and formalise it. So here it is. Thoughts?

Antienergy Field
Level: Sor/Wiz 9
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 10 minutes; see text
Range: See text
Area: See text
Duration: Permanent; see text (D)
Saving Throw: See text
Spell Resistance: No

This spell allows you to scribe a potent rune of power upon a surface. The rune takes up an area of 5x5 feet, and is drawn with powdered obsidian and diamond. The rune can not be moved once drawn without destroying the spell, and while inactive the rune can be destroyed by a strong wind or other interferances. Once the rune is activated by uttering the final incantations, all forms of energy are negated in a radius of 10 feet from the center of the rune.

Activation of the rune, once it's been inscribed, can be postponed indefinitely, as long as the rune remains intact. Speaking the final incantations for activation of the rune is a full-round action that can be done from afar, as long as the caster is within sight of the rune. Any creature in the area of effect when the rune is activated is entitled to a reflex save to avoid being caught in the field once it activates.

An object or creature inside the area of the spell can not move or be moved, and an object or creature outside the area can not move into it. Ethereal, but not incorporeal, creatures can move through the area normally, and teleportation past or into the area works normally, but any corporeal or incorporeal object or creature brought into the area will be stuck there until the effect is ended. Living creatures inside the area will die instantly, receiving no save.

Light can not pass through the area of the spell, and the temperature inside the area will drop to 0K. As a result the area of effect is very clearly visible as an area of complete blackness and absolute cold. The area emanates extreme cold, dealing 1d6 points of cold damage every round to all who enter within 30 feet of the area. This damage increses by 1d6 points for every feet you move closer to the area of effect, to a maximum of 30d6 points of cold damage upon contact with the area. A reflex save is allowed for half damage each time

Arcane Material Component

A handful of powdered obsidian and diamond dust, worth no less than 5000 gp

A few thoughts:

1) So the spell has a range of 0ft. Does that mean the caster has to be standing inside the area when he casts this? Razz

2) Spell resistance says "see text," and yet there is no text describing spell resistance. Meh?

3) Think of a wizard making tons of little paper sheets with these on them, turning them into paper airplanes, and then flinging them at his enemies while chanting the final incantation. They last permanently. There is no material, focus, or XP costs to cast it. They can just take, oh.... a day to prepare a good number of them and use above method.
This does not look good for Homestarrunner.

4) How long does the energy field last? Permanent means that in your world there would be lots of massive absolute zero zones. Plus it would make a great warding effect around castles.

5) Contradicting text. You first say "you get no save if inside the area," but later when you describe activation, you say you get a reflex save. Differentiate those more, and possible restructure the description to put that last part first.

6) Really. Overpowered.

1. No, of course not Wink I should specify that, but the caster can activate it from afar, but to inscribe it he naturally has to be close.

2. Forgot that... hmm

3. I might work a bit on this. But I don't see a big problem here. Once it activates it won't move anywhere so that airplane would get stuck in the air, hanging there, and whoever happened to be close to it gets a save.

4. It is mostly meant for warding. Put whatever you don't want people to get inside such a field, and it's rather well protected. It can be dispelled, of course.

5. What I mean is that you get a reflex save to avoid getting caught once it activates, but if you're inside the field when it's active, either because you failed to jump away, or because you teleported in, you get no save to avoid death.

6. I don't think it's really that bad. It's stationary, it can't be moved once activated, so you would have to be really stupid to walk into it when it's active, and you get a save to avoid getting caught in it by accident.

Ok, changed some details. It should be more reasonable now, I hope
The Chilli God

Comparing to Wail of the Banshee, which is quite similar in effect:
-Takes 10 minutes as opposed to 1 standard action to cast.
-Costs an extra 5000gp to cast.
-Range of pretty much nil as opposed to Close.
-10 ft. radius of insta-death effect as opposed to 40 ft.
-Permanent as opposed to Instantaneous.
-Fortitude Negates as opposed to an initial Reflex Save.
-No Spell Resistance as opposed to yes.
-Has a secondary effect of really bad cold damage.
-Does not rely on sound.

I would feel a lot better about this spell if it were 10 minutes/level duration, the same duration as an Antimagic Field, rather than permanent. That way, it couldn't be abused as much.

The cold damage is only really bad if you're stupid enough to keep walking closer to the rune, and I think after the first bits of damage people get the point and walk back to try and find another way. If not, they probably deserve it.

With the modifications I just made, to make it perfectly stationary, I don't see how it could be abused much.

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