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Forum Revisal

It has been decided to remove the Enupnion Homebrew forum, since that forum had not been used in quite a long time.
All of the enupnion threads have been moved to a single forum which is now the Homebrew forum.

Other changes to forum layout are being considered, and if you have suggestions you can place them here.
The Chilli God

Might it be possible to extend the use of the Town Art forum to also include general art from townies that isn't related to the Town?
My reasoning for it is to get art topics in Chit-Chat... Out of Chit-Chat. No offense meant, I would just rather see chit-chat in Chit-Chat and not drawings.

PS: I support the decision to get rid of the Enupnion homebrew forum. =P

wow...two or three threads...that really is taking up all of the room in chit chat...

*Is sad* Was still hoping someone would show a slight bit of interest in that project Sad But I guess there's no point in having it if noone posts there.

I guess the next to go would be the Hamlet. Noone seems interested in that, either. (This is not a suggestion, by the way)

Apparently all my ideas die from lack of interrest *sighs*

I'd like to make a random suggestion here.

It would be really cool to have a Silly Message Board Game Section like they have on GitP.

A few people have offhand mentioned that they would like some Kiss or Kill and Stabbity Death action here in Nuppyland.

Okay I'm done rambaling now.

It would be a place for threads like 'Things to do when you've no money at the mall' and the 'A-Z of Town' to go, as well as the possibilities of other games... I support the idea, I think.

I'd also second The Chili God's suggestion for 'officially' opening up the Town Art forum to all art. Quite a few people have non-Town art anyway, but it would be nice to have all the art in one place so we can keep it contained we can find art we want to look at again more easily.

EDIT: Rant moved to relevant thread.

Okay, I've shifted some things around, made some changes...
I did open up the Art forum to all art, as it should have been,
I made a webcomics forum which is a little under populated at the moment, but I think it'll be okay.

Anyone have suggestions or comments?

Alright, feel free to ignore this if you want to Vael, this is just a little idea.

Make two Towns.  One would be the Town we know and love, with an absolute minimum of rules.  The other would be more plot-oriented, giving people running the plot a good deal more power.

This may help stop some of the apathy.  By keeping the fun town and the plot Town seperate, EotW plots can be taken more seriously, because they can destroy their Town clone.  This can also keep people from accidentally bumbling into a plot thread and getting yelled at.  It will also make it easier to keep track of things.  For example, usually, if I deadtime for the night, I'm gone for 17+ hours.  In that time, a fully public thread like the Streets can pick up hald a dozen pages, and Trog's may pick up a new thread or two, making it all too likely for me to miss something important.

I know I was the example in that, but I know I'm not the only one it's happened to.

I just think this will make it much easier on the plot runner and everyone that doesn't want to be involved.  Characters could exist in both normal town and plot-towns.

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