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Forum Request and Discussion

Ok... this is partially a do-we-need and also a could-we-have =).

Do we need to run trials for town? Do we need a courthouse.

If we do:
Could we have a forum to do it in so we keep all the posts like that seperate.

((I'm thinking the moderators of that forum being the judges))


I would like to be a lawyer again.

I would say it depends on the criminal element... and it's partially reliant on the police station, which we don't have either.

Agreed, we can't have a courthouse unless we have a police station.

I can transfer the Courthouse after the other one finally comes back up.......

and imagine, I can play all I want ..... ah.... the joy.

Ohh the peace!
El Jaspero

Should the Courthouse reappear I'd be happy to resume my duties as Judge Jaspero.

Are Pxp and Indurain on the list of invitees? I know Indurain doesn't Town much anymore, but we've had some memorable and great times in the past.

and Pxp and Atreyu are together, and she's a good RP'er too. Well, I think so and I've heard of no complaints.

I'm sure sooner or later we'll need a courthouse. Town just wouldn't be Town without crime that needs punishin'.

Something I would find useful is another Town Directory. I know that with only 2 pages of threads so far, it might not be that neccessary immediately, but having threads organised by category or alphabetical order would be quite handy, if anyone's willing to keep it organised, up-to-date and tidy.

~Xaspian, wants it all in one place

I agree, also weather would be nice.

You want the weather? I thought it was only me...

Yeah, the weather is useful, so that everyone is in agreement about what the conditions are outside.

Weather! Sorry that I missed that bit out!

And perhaps a discussion/decision on when daylight hours are?

That depends on what time zone Town is in....

The time where I am is currently 1947L (7:47pm)

If you decide time zone, or city, I can find sunrise/sunset times.

I'd be willing to manage the directory here as well, unless someone else wants to do it really badly Smile

Starting tomorrow I should have a lot more time to spend here in Town, including managing the directory.

I'll be brutally honest about having set weather... I don't think I have factored it into a single on of my posts ever.

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