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Formlings [Possible Race] (Enupnion Setting)


Left to right: Male Strong Formling, Male Dextrous Formling, Female Charismatic Formling.

Formlings are a secluded species, as varied, and perhaps more so, than humans.  They are best defined as oozes, given some semblance of humanity a long time ago.  Formling ancestry can be traced to a series of long-lost magical experiments by "The Creator", resulting in the first of their kind.

Formling personalities are as varied as everything else about them.  They have a very strong sense of individuality, and as such they often are loners, even amongst other formlings.  Nevertheless, they tend to fit into some odd lots because their personalities, like most traits about them, tend to be exaggerated.  A formling can often be the nicest (or cruelest) person one ever meets.  Oddly enough, much of this personality is lost on other formlings, as there is some sort of mutual understanding between them that makes unnecessary all but the most emotional of moments.
Formlings appear bipedal and humanoid, although the similarities to humans stop there.  Their bodies, although solid, appear liquid and glint as such.  When felt, their skin seems rubbery, with enough give that if one is to push hard enough, he or she can sink in an inch or two.  Formling gender is easily discerned from their exaggerated body types, and men are often bald while women wear long, drooping tendrils as though hair.  Neither possess apparent noses or ears.  Formlings change color once every few days, alternating between all primary and secondary colors as well as lighter and darker variants (usually reliant on alignment).  Formlings with any mental ability as their primary ability can change color at will as a free action.
Formlings tend to either live, disguised, in humanoid society or, more likely in the case of less easily altered types, they form small, isolated clutches of their own, generally consisting of between 5 and 30 members.  Though temporary, their architecture is remeniscent of bubbles.
Formling alignment is unpredictable, although they tend either toward neutrality in the case of clutch members, or one of the extremes (LG, CG, LE, CE) in the case of loners.
Formlings have no lands of their own, but many believe in a lost, subterranean metropolis that once held their Creator... a veritable promised land.  Others denounce this as a fairy tale.  Regardless, all formlings gravitate toward lands of great magic, such as that surrounding a wizard's tower.
There are two primary formling beliefs: that of the Creator, a great, old, lonely wizard who made the first formlings as his children and has since ascended to godhood for his infinite wisdom...and of the Birther, a great, celestial pool of ooze that is their fertility icon (They breed both by splitting in two and the standard mammalian way).  Both are worshipped without necessarily forsaking belief in the other.
Formlings soak up Common and other such languages with ease, although they themselves speak in their own language, Formspeak, which consists largely of bubbling and popping.
There is no concept of names in formling society due to the already clear individualism, so if they do choose something for humans other such creatures to identify them by, it is often an odd moniker based off some sort of defining trait or favorite inanimate object.  Examples: Dagger, Face, Bottle.
ADVENTURERS:  Formlings often adventure simply on a whim, and are undeniably curious about most of the secrets that the world has to offer.  Although their focused skills are welcome in many parties, all have a certain naivete about the workings of a successful adventure.

Primary Ability: A formling sacrifices in two stats (-3 for a physical ability score, -4 for mental) and gains a great focus on the third (+6 if physical, +8 if mental)  Example:  A "Wise" formling could have -3 STR, -4 CHA, +8 WIS, while a "Strong" formling could have +6 STR, -4 INT, -4 WIS.
Medium Size
Ooze Ancestry: Formlings have a +4 racial bonus on climb checks, as well as immunity to acid and damage reduction 3 against slashing and piercing.  As nigh-liquids, they can fit through spaces of diminutive size or more, although it takes more squares of movement to do so. 2 squares are spent for squeezing through one small square, 4 for one tiny, and 8 for one diminutive.
-2 on hide checks due to their garish skin color.
Water Instability: As liquids, formlings cannot swim.  Contact with water deals 1d6 nonlethal damage to a formling, and further immersion (such as attempting to swim) deals 1d6 lethal damage per round.  If a formling dies in such a manner, it discorporates, leaving an off-color cloud in the water.  Some formlings bypass such barriers by using boats or, in the case of retrieving something underwater, squeezing themselves into a jar or similar container and directing a less endangered ally.


((This done after a little chit-chat with Vael over fitting them in))

In Enupnion, formlings are not borne of The Creator, but rather, they are humans born under a full moon. The moon they are born under derives what color they initially are, as well as where their ability focus lies. Formlings are not outcasts, but rather hold high positions in society, be it a charismatic formling serving as a diplomat, a tough (CON) formling serving as captain of the guard, or a dextrous formling crimelord. Depending on the moon, certain superstitions, fears, or legends may sprout up about a particular type of formling.

((Now on suggestion of Moozy...))

Since they're hovering between LA+1 and +0, here's two variants.


Damage reduction increases to +4, add darkvision.


Liquid Anatomy: Formlings have no clear organs, thus making heal checks (including to stabilize) useless on them. They can only heal through natural means (by resting) or by magic.


Formlings CAN NOT change size at will. They can only fit into a tiny or larger area by the boundaries of said area. They do not gain any benefits associated with size. Thus, a formling in a small barrel is still, ultimately, a medium creature.

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