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Fenric's Characters

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Fenric Elteron NorZilliar

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Myobi NorZilliar

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Krystal NorZilliar

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Kazuki and Izumi NorZilliar

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Yoshiro, Ferdar, Ayame, Karina, Kirana, and Karl NorZilliar

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Name: Inari
Race: Goddess
Class: Principal Avatar (deity rank 17, Avatar ECL 70)
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good

Inari is the goddess of rice: The plant itself. The cultivation of it. The products made from it.
She has countless billions of worshippers spread across the various planes of existance. There are three avatars solely devoted to rice: The Traveller, Myobi, and the Secretary of Rice.
Foxes are her children. Inari created foxes to watch over the grain and eat the birds and rodents that would destroy the sacred plant. Kitsune are her especial messengers: sacred foxes endowed with the ability to take on human or elvish form. Myobu is the avatar of all foxes.
Werefoxes arose from the Iron Woods, when the great wolf Fenrir dwelt there with his mother. She experimented with various canid animals: jackals, foxes, hyenas... All of them are descended from the great wolf, and therefore from Loki himself. They are accepted by Inari due to their vulpine heritage.
After a large group of us migrated from Hel's domain to the Plane of Shadow, we took on the characteristics of that plane. Thousands of years of living there made us a distinct sub-species: the shadow-foxes. Fenric is the avatar of werefoxes and the shadow-foxes.
Inari is an agricultural and racial goddess. She is concerned predominantly with nurturing and growth. She is good, but it is the quiet good of the countryside rather than the formalized good of high society. We don't go on crusades. We don't try to win converts or convince people to change their beliefs. We don't really feel a conflict with "evil" beings at all, unless they threaten us directly.
Finally, since rice is a critical component in many economies across the multiverse, she is revered as a goddess of wealth and prosperity as well.
The worship of Inari is mostly personal. The sanctuary is open for prayer and meditation as you feel led.
There is a small ceremony at dawn every day, where the main sacred fires are lit.
There is a celebration at the full of the moon each month, and a quiet time of prayer at the dark of the moon.
There are major ceremonies and holidays at the times of rice planting, transplanting, and harvest.
The fox festival is held at the time when the wild cousins give birth. We feed them a special treat made with rice wrapped in fried bean curds.
Otherwise, the temple does not hold regular formal services.


Name: Myobu
Race: Celestial Kitsune (shapeshifting fox)
Class: Secondary Avatar (deity rank 17, Avatar ECL 50)
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good

Myobu is the avatar of foxes and priests. If he appears outside of the temple, he is restricted to the level and abilities of the priest who summoned him.

Liu, The Assistant Minister of Rice

Name:Liu, The Assistant Minister of Rice
Race: Celestial (appears human)
Class: Secondary Avatar (deity rank 17, Avatar ECL 60)
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good

The Secretary of Rice is Inari's envoy to the Celestial Bureaucracy. He has stated that he reports to the Minister of Agriculture, but has authority in the Ministry of the Treasury and the Ministry of War. He appears as an ageless human in ornate chinese court robes with a mandarin hat and long mustaches.

Daisuke, The Traveller

Name: Daisuke, The Traveller
Race: Celestial (appears human)
Class: Special Avatar (deity rank 17, Avatar ECL 70)
Alignment and Temprament: True Neutral

The traveller wanders the multiverse spreading the knowledge of rice to places where it is not know. He appears as a venerable old man with a bag of rice over his shoulder. He has remarkably little to do with the Town, and only shows up if some major event brings all of the avatars together at once. It turns out that Daisuke is the original manifestation of the deity from the dawn of time.

Aimi no Yarafuji

Name: Aimi no Yarafuji
Race: Nogitsune
Age: 50
Class: Two-tail (5 HD)
Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Evil, but "not too evil"- she's selfish and doesn't mind hurting other people if she needs to, but she's not cruel and has an odd honest streak: she hates to lie.  She is also more than a bit of a prude.
She is usually very nice to her "victims", buying them dinner and drinks; she even becomes friends with compatibly minded people afterwards.  She prefers to use the hypnotic powers of her ball rather than her Charm Person ability.


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Lirian and Anar

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Race: High-elf (lijosalfar)
Age: about 5500 years
Class: Ranger 3/Evil Paladin 15/Librarian 5
Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Evil, grouchy and intolerant
This light elf ranger turned to evil when werefoxes destroyed his village. He teamed up with another survivor who had secretly been a cleric of Myrkul.
Ivellios was not interested in being a priest, so instead he joined the military orders: eventually becoming one of the feared Hands of Death.
After the death of Myrkul, he became disheartened and travelled many realms. Eventually he settled in town and became the town librarian.

Zakziril Enraldi NorZilliar

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Ran NorZilliar

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Yectas NorZilliar

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Fendran NorZilliar

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Thonar NorZilliar

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The History of the Shadow Werefoxes

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The History of the Kitsune

The History of the Kitsune

Before the mighty rulers of the Middle Kingdom first took their thrones, teachers went out among the scattered tribes of men and taught them the secrets of the cultivation of rice. These became revered as gods, and became the focus of much worship. Eventually, the original god became weary of his endless work, and sought a way to ease the burden.

First to be added was a court functionary in charge of agriculture by the name of Liu. The god took the name Daisuke (“great help”), and relinquished the majority of his power to the new composite entity and becoming an avatar.

Liu and Daisuke looked for a solution to the problem of pests endlessly destroying the sacred crop. Small birds devoured the ripening grain and rats and mice plagued the storerooms. The god of cats scoffed at the suggestion, and refused to send his children into the muddy rice fields. The god for a time was at a loss, and had no success until his worship spread to the kingdom of the rising sun, where he finally found his answer in the goddess Inari: the racial goddess of foxes.

Inari offered the services of her children in perpetuity, in exchange for the prestige of becoming the principle personality of the new deity. The weary Daisuke and the unassuming Liu readily agreed, and Inari became the goddess of rice. As her first act, she created a new race from the stock of her children: the magical, shape-shifting kitsune. The snow-white messengers of Inari became so completely identified with the goddess that she herself began to take on their qualities. As reward for their faithful service, the very first two kitsune: Myobu and Myobi, brother and sister, were elevated to avatars of the goddess. Myobu was given charge over all fox-kind, and Myobi took up the care of rice and rice products.

The crafty Inari went from world to world, begging the portfolios of rice and foxes from the local gods. She was generally successful, and over time managed to secure a tiny portion of the worship of countless billions of worshippers. And so it came to be that the goddess was loved and respected, and her power expanded to all the worlds where rice was grown or foxes dwelt...


Name: Elric Thomas
Class: Devil Worshipper 12
Race: Human
Age: 42
Hair, Eyes: Black, black
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Temprement: callous, selfish, greedy

Elric is the youngest son of a minor noble family in the city of Haven in the country of Chaomominous, in the realm known as the Gateway.

He grew up spoiled and idle, and his natural talent drew the attraction of the leadership of the local Devil Worshipper cult. He rose rapidly through the ranks, becoming quite powerful. An ill-advised attack on a temple of the goddess of the earth, however, led to a strange curse being placed on him:

No matter how he tries, everything he does turns out to be a victory for good.

Since then, he has travelled several world righting wrongs, correcting injustices, rescuing the oppressed, reuniting separated lovers, and saving the helpless. His record would make many a paladin envious and he has amassed five medals for bravery, fifteen commendations for service beyond the call of duty, the keys to three cities, and a personally autographed edition of the Book of Torm.

He has single-handedly halted a devistating plague, destroyed a tempest dragon and a terrible squid-headed demon, and even defeated an emerging kobold god. He rescued a city dedicated to Torm from a dread necromancer, destroyed the dread artifact of a demon lord intent on destroying the world, and put a halt to the water supply poisonings of an insane alchemist.

He considers himself an abject failure.

The Devil Worshipper Class

Devil Worshipper Guild

Base Class is Cleric. Unless otherwise specified, use the information for clerics in the Player's Handbook.


- Bane, Disguise Self, Detect Thoughts, Suggestion, Dominate Person, and Demand
- The custom spells "Invoke Death" and "Mindlink"
- Hellfire, Hellfire Storm, and all of the "Investiture" spells from the Fiendish Codex II
- All "Summon Monster" variants with the caveat that only devils of the appropriate HD can be summoned. Your extra spell-slot is required to be a "Summon Monster" if there is one for that spell level. A devil worshipper may spontaneously summon a devil as per a Summon Monster spell in place of any other prepared spell of the same level.


A DW gains power through either adventuring or sacrifices leading to the condemnation of souls.

5 sacrifices, or 2nd level: the DW gains a Teddy Bear of Despair.
10, or 4th level: Devilish Robes.
15, or 6th level: Staff of Hellish Fire.
20, or 8th level: Devilish Boots
30, or 10th level: Ring of Devil Control
50, or 12th level: Dagger of Soul Stealing


A DW gains the Devil-Touched feat "Devil's Favor" as a bonus feat.

At 6th level, the DW may choose a Brand of the Nine Hells as a bonus feat. The choice of lord cannot be changed once made. This feat can be taken at any level advancement after 6th if the choice is not made then, but the bonus spot cannot be used for any other feat.


Devilish Robes

Lawful Evil robes of protection +3. They are black with a red silk lining. The outer shell is slit to reveal the red underneath when the wearer moves. It gives fire resistance 10. Cannot be created.

Staff of Hellish Fire

Unholy, Axiomatic Staff +3. It can cast Greater Magic Weapon at the wielder's level three times per day, and an Unholy version of Burning Hands also three times per day. Cannot be created.

Ring of Devil Control

A lawful evil ring that grants the wearer a +10 bonus to any check to command or controlling their summoned devils. This includes any banishing of the devil, attempts to wrest control, and the devil's own willfullness.

Dagger of Soul Stealing

A dagger +1. Criticial on natural 20 only. On Critical, the victim must make a will save DC 15, or die instantly, having their soul drawn into the dagger.


Name: L'Narith Stigyanara
Class: Stygian Devil
Race: Erinyes
Age: Unknown
Hair, Eyes: Black, black
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Temprement: harsh, domineering, sadistic, fearless, and arrogant


A high ranking erinyes, she was punished for her overly ambitious advances toward a higher ranking devil by being assigned to be the personal torturer for Elric. This honorless task has seriously delayed her goal of advancing to the state of Pleasure Devil, which she is on the verge of.


Name: Chktkhk
Race: Celestial Spider
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Hair/Eyes: White/Blue
She is a large, furry spider, about the size of a cocker spaniel, from Celestia; specifically the grounds claimed by the Celestial Bureaucracy.

She purrs like a cat when happy

She communicates telepathically when she wants to.

She spins beautiful jewel-like webs that have an enticing, hypnotic quality to evil-aligned creatures.

Teh Fxo

Name: Teh Fxo
Race: Fxo
Age: about 3 months
Gender: uncertain
Class: uncertain
Alignment: mischevious
Height, weight, and stuff: Oddly enough, no one can remember exactly what it looks like after it has left.


Teh Fxo was called into existance by Atreyu as a side effect of his godly powers when he made a misspelled snide comment in IC text that should have been OOC while in the Temple of Inari where such things are dangerous. It claims to come from a world that seems like ours, but everything has the second letter of the word transposed to the end.

It so far has demonstrated a prankster streak, the ability to cast strangely named spells, and use items that are so utterly mundane as to not exist to supernatural forces.

It does not appear to be evil, having made Atreyu's wool into a very nice blanket after shearing him.

It escaped into the Town after Xu Fu had a spell go awry.

It demonstrated cartoon-character like abilities, most similar to Wile E. Coyote, during the battle with the muffin king.

Name: Teh Kti
Age: Two weeks
Gender: Uncertain

The child of Teh Fxo, Teh Kti appeared when the Town School was completed and started attending.

It likes Math, for some reason.

Name: none as yet
Race: Dire Gecko
Age: Who knows
Gender: male
Class: Insurance Salesman (2)
Alignment: Lawful Annoying
Height, Weight, Stuff: A gecko the size of an iguana. Bright green.
Special Ability: Unnervate. At will, the dire gecko can make a single creature feel like its eyes have just been licked. There is no save, but there are no other effects.
Special Ability: Eye licking. Geckos can lick their own eyes at will.
Special Ability: Gecko Feet. The dire gecko can walk on walls, ceilings, and pretty much any surface in any orientation with no check or penalty.

The Hands of Darkness

The exact number of Hands is unknown.  What is known is that each embodies a particular facet of evil.  They roam the multiverse looking for new acquisitions for their masters.

They all resemble humanoid forms in dark, indistinct grey robes.  They have glowing red eyes after the nature of Shadows, but the resemblance is superficial.

Each is nearly invulnerable, with the important exception of a critical weakness by which their physical form can be destroyed relatively easily.

The known Hands of Darkness in the Town are as follows...

Corruption Violence Excess Deceit Greed Betrayal Disease Idleness Lust Fear Madness Death Shadows

Additional Information about the Church

This is a transcript of Myobi's mini-sermon to Aikidu...

Inari is not overly fond of ceremony: for it is not ceremony that will lead you to enlightenment.

All things have a spirit, and the spirit is in all things.  But this perception is dulled by the impurities of physical life, and you fail to reach your true potential due to this.  It is therefore in your best interest that you seek for purity in your emotions and your mind; for through that purity, your spirit may shine through. Ceremony is of limited value because the quest for purity begins and ends with your inner self.  This is why the main altar generally houses a mirror, not a statue, on the altar.

Fenric's choice of an actual representation of the goddess makes sense for the situation, but is not standard.

The state of purity is difficult to explain, because it does not mean the same thing to everyone.  Only by meditating on your spiritual state can you learn what things hinder you personally.  An earnest, honest, open heart is needed for this.  The goddess, who can read your very being, can help with this: but it is a private matter between you and her. Therefore we provide a quiet setting: a peaceful sanctuary free from distracting clutter, a quiet garden where you can relax your mind, a serene place where it is easier to distance your true self from your physical self and focus on what needs to be.
One more thing: purity is not merely a matter of eliminating that which is "bad".  It is also a task of strengthening which is "good".  Your task may be to grow in an area of yourself that you have neglected, or imperfectly developed.
Regardless of the details, when you know what needs to be done we provide the support, council, and assistance to help you do it.

Some must tend to the sick.  Others are sent to fight the evil in themselves by battling external evils.  Still others are called to improve their creative nature by creating works of art:  for every person has their tasks which bring them closer to perfection.

Every morning at dawn they lite the sacred fire at the altar and offer rice and incense to the goddess.

If you haven't guessed, this is mostly for the benefit of people who like sleep more than they should.  It also is the main means of producing the blessed rice which is quite handy for helping out less advantaged and slightly injured people... or using as a Bless spell in a pinch.

Every full moon we celebrate the joys of the cycle of life.  Every new moon we reflect on the transientness of physical existance.

The fox festival occurs around the time that the wild foxes give birth, in March.  We leave out offerings to the fox spirits so they will be helpful rather than harmful.  Of course, the vast majority of the foxes who happily dine on rice-stuffed tofu pockets that day are just plain foxes - though they're happy enough for the treat.

We observe the boys' and girls' festivals, as well.

Traditionally, the main Inari festival is on the sixth day of the second month.

Technically, that is April 22nd this year: they used a lunar calendar.  

But since this is a game, we'll stick with the easier date.

A bit of housekeeping.  Too much had gotten out of hand, in the past - it's time to bring it back in.

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