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Fax Celestis

Fax Celestis' Characters

Shasta Rana Wanderlust
[Stats and Description]
Shasta appears as a 5'4", brown haired human male. He's rather quiet, and would be rather unassuming if it weren't for the blindfold that encircles his eyes at all times. Shasta is about twenty seven years old. He wears a gray jacket with black shirt and pants. He calls himself "Shasta", but that's not his real name.

Shasta was blinded by the Many. His family--mother, father, and two sisters--were all killed at the hands of the Many, particularly Keltan, but Shasta was able, through his inborn psionic powers, to drive them off.

Shasta was nine.

After this point, he decided to wander. He changed his name and took advantage of people's pity on him to survive. As he grew older, he managed to acquire a modicum of his sight back through his powers. He learned to draw and acquired a healthy appetite for tea and alcohol in various forms.

Determined to eradicate the threat of the Many, he has recently moved to the town proper.

[Common Knowledge]
Shasta is blind. He has a dark history and is a rather decent artist, particularly with charcoals. He has psionic powers, but apparently nothing extraordinarily remarkable.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Saving Phoenix in the Hive
Rescued by Phoenix
Fighting Zerg with Silver
Return to the Police Station
At Trog's With Silver (Part 1)
Fax Celestis

The Many
The Many are not easily describable. They appear as antlike humanoids, though there are several apparent "breeds" of each, which are each detailed below:

The Mil

The Mil are part of the leader-caste of the Many. They are short, not standing more than about four and a half feet tall at most. Their eyes glow red, blue or green depending on subcaste (Fire Caste, Ice Caste, or Earth Caste, respectively). They are highly intelligent and are psionically capable, though they are an integral part to the hivemind. They have tough chitinous exoskeletons, and are capable of great feats of strength. They are aware of a sense of self, but are still dependent on and part of the hivemind.

Notable Mil
A member of the Mil-Fire caste and a leader within the hierarchy of the Many, Keltan is hell-bent on acquiring new minerals and ores to further his caste's development of new and exciting weaponry. He is currently after a large deposit of Durestral and Aetherine under the town. He is apparently able to wrest his consciousness through the hivemind and "possess" other members of the Mil-caste. Whether there are limits on this is unknown.

The Dant

The Dant are part of the leader-caste of the Many. They are about the size of the Mil--and in fact are almost exactly like them except for their extra set of arms and their wings. The Dant have weaker exoskeletons and less-advanced psionic powers than the Mil, but are more vicious in combat and capable of flight. Like the Mil, the Dant are divided into three subcastes: Air, Storm, and Star. Their eyes glow different colors depending on subcaste: yellow for Air, electric blue for Storm, and white for Star. The Star caste is the only caste of the Many whose members have genders, and they are tasked with forming new colonies.

Notable Dant
A member of the Storm caste and consummate guardian. One of Keltan's good friends.

The Dach

The Dach are part of the warrior-caste of the Many. They are larger than the Mil and Dant, but are not as intelligent and are not divided into subcastes like the Mil and Dant are. They are almost totally dependent on the hivemind, though they are capable of making tactical and combat decisions on their own. They are supernaturally quick, are preternaturally tough, and are often used as scout mounts by the Mil and Dant. They have no concept of 'self'.

The Caud

The Caud are part of the worker-caste of the Many. They stand nearly ten feet tall and have gigantic claws used mainly for digging. In times of warfare, Caud are sent into the front lines after being enraged as a type of berserker unit. They are capable of spitting an acidic substance which is usually used for mining purposes but serves well in a fight. They report to both the Dach and the Mil and Dant. They have no concept of 'self.'

The Hest

The Hest are part of the worker-caste of the Many. They stand on four legs and have four arms and are capable of spinning great webs. While fully upright, they are nearly four feet tall. The Hest take care of the young of the Many. Unlike most of the lesser castes, the Hest have subcastes, denoted--as usual--by their eye color. Those of the Mind caste have yellow eyes, are psionically capable, and temper young to the hivemind. Those of the Spirit caste have green eyes, are capable of seeing into the spirit world, and train the young physically. Those of the Pride caste have black eyes and cull the weak and slow-to-develop from the young.

The Baz

The Baz are part of the warrior-caste of the Many. They appear similar to gigantic bees, though their upper bodies are humanoid in appearance. They are the honor guard for the Dant and Mil castes, particularly the leaders of each. Unlike all other castes of the Many (short of the Star-caste Dant), the Baz have genders. This is assumed to stem from the fact that they are not originally of the same race as the rest of the Hive--as evidenced by their beelike instead of antlike appearance--but are in fact a convergent species. Baz--unlike their Dach counterparts--are self-aware.

The Ral

Insufficient data. Worker-caste? Appear to be generally used as mounts and are not intelligent.

The Lux

Insufficient data. Worker-caste?

Continuing Storyline
The Beginning
Keltan "Dies"
Keltan's Return
Krymacch abducts two citizens
The abductees escape
Police investigation
Meeting with Drake Darrow
Break Out
The Many...Defending The Town?
Fax Celestis

A note on the Many: Players wishing to play a member of the Many are welcome to do so. Just let me know first.
Fax Celestis

The Many-Subsumed are those who have become part of the Hivemind but are not part of one of the Many's castes.

A human male who rides a Ral-caste and wields a vicious lance. Not much is known of him.
Fax Celestis

Flavius Hilaris
Loud, boisterous, and a braggart, Flavius is something of a magician and a swordsman. He is an odd character.

Continuing Storyline

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