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Favorite Food/Drinks

Just tell everyone your favorite food and/or drink.  Also, try and add some description as to what it tastes like.

Non-alcoholic, sugar-free (didn't know that when I started drinking it) spiced cider.  A nice, warm liquid with an amusing aftertaste.

El Grande Panini. The recipe's on the site here somewhere...
The Bushranger

Sweet tea. The sweeter the better. I like a little tea in my sugar. Wink

Meh, though I'm British, I don't like tea. Coffee is more my thing.

Strong and black or a frothy cappuccino, depending on my mood.
Obsidian Blade

Tea and coffee. Blech. *shudders*

Mochas, however, are absolutely delicious.


Don't like Tea or Coffee or Hot Chocolate.
Lord Vader

Pizza r 1337. I love that stuff.

I also love apple cider, apple juice, and root beer.

Ah, root beer. Keeping me alert, and therefore alive, during Halo Slayer matches since I started playing!

Pizza and coke. Yes, I am a stereotype gamer.

If you don't know my favorite food by also classifies itself as my favorite drink.

...*draws a blank*



I think my favorite food... erm... hmm...
Honestly? I'm really really fond of eggrolls. But tacos/fajitas are in there too.

Favorite food and drink...

Chicken fingers with french fries and honey mustard sauce, and a Sprite to drink.

I order it practically anywhere we go. My parents think I'm nuts because of it. It's not that I don't like trying new things, but I really do like that meal. In fact, I think I'm going to go make myself some now.


*blinks* MINE!

We really need to figure out how to duplicate and send food through the internet.

*sobs, sniffs, and sobs again*It's so wonderful....why can't I have it?! *bashes computer*

Tacos are the best food in the entire world.

Mint Tea with lots of sugar and no milk is the best drink.

Ice cold cider, beats anything any day. Unfortunatly it's hard to get good cider around here, it's either some cheap stuff that tastes like apple juice with bubbles or it's too alcoholic. Hard to find something with a reasonable amount of alcohol, not too much or too little. And when you do find it, it costs a fortune.

As for food... lasagna never fails.

Hmm, to drink...Good cider or port (Alcoholic favourite), or Coca-cola (Non-alcoholic)

To eat....A good steak, the rarer the better.  Either that or Spagetti Bolognase.
The Bushranger

Tacos? Well, I love a good Chicken Chalupa Supreme now and again.

"Drop the Chalupa..."
Ms Elaneous

I have a weak spot for Domino's Cinnastix.  >.>  I've been known to refuse sharing with my friends even.  That's how weak E gets with those babies.  Cinnamon + frosting = *drooling E*

I don't get them often, though.  I resist the urge.  I resist!

Chocolate is the food of the divine... Specially the dark chocolate.

But as for 'real' food... I like crab. Sweet, sweet, snow crab. I can never get enough of thee!

Or fish in general.... Seafood is just tasty.

I will say, pasta and citric fruits are a close second though.

Exachix wrote:

Don't like Tea or Coffee or Hot Chocolate.

Agreed, agreed, agreed, agr-wait, what?

Hot chocolate is nice. ^.^ Especially when I've been really hyper at around 11ish at night.

Also like...Spaghetti Bolognase, Sweet 'n' sour chicken, Chicken, Lamb, burgers, pie, chips, fish....

...How about I say I eat anything. Anything.

Love Lasagne and Cheesecake though.

Drinks...Nearly anything but tea, coffee, and orange juice. Like lemon drinks as well, but most of them I'm a tad allergic to.
Obsidian Blade

Terumitsu wrote:
Chocolate is the food of the divine... Specially the dark chocolate.

Truer words have never been spoken.

As for slightly healthier food... chicken enchiladas. Best. Food. Ever. Artichokes are also awesome...

Orange soda for drink. As for food, it differs by day.

The sheer deliciousness of popcorn can get me to do just about anything (well, not murder and the ilk, I suppose....).
I prefer throwing some ground red peppers onto it for that added spice...

Cheese popcorn ranks even higher. I can devour about 5 pounds of the stuff in mere moments.
It's disgusting, but oh so very delicious.....

My favorite drink is very solidly Dr. Pepper.
Love that taste.
I suppose Pibb Xtra can go there, too, since they're basically the same drink....

It's got to be Baileys for drinking - I can not get enough of the darned stuff.

Food?  Ben & Jerry's did an amazing flavour of Irish Cream and coffee icecream (Dublin Mudslide) which I adored, but of existing flavours it's Chocolate Brownie all the way.  Like the foxy one, I also enjoy a bit of lasagne from time to time too.

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