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Farewell ye all

Farewell everyone. I'm leaving (again), this time probably for good. There are several reasons, but mostly I'm going to have less time soon and other things I'd much rather focus my energy and time on. And somehow Town always ends up taking all my focus and time. I really would have liked to stay and do more to help this place out, but I can only do so much, and however sad it makes me Town has to go. Thanks to everyone who's shown support and enthusiasm for my ideas, it's much appreciated.

If anyone ever wants to contact me just send a PM here or over at GitP, I'll probably be more likely to see it at GitP. I probably won't be on MSN or AIM much either.

Trog's Tavern can go back to being owned by Trog, or I suppose someone else could step up and take good care of it. I always felt it could use an active owner, and maybe I wasn't the best... I don't know. I tried, at least.

I'll be taking down both the dynamic directory and the weather forecast as well at some point. I don't think the directory really offers anything the search function of the forums can't do just as well. It was sort of neat in its own way, though, and I suppose if anyone wishes to host these things (and have the means to do so), I could send you the code and everything. It's not pretty code, but it does what it's supposed to do. The weather forecast requires an Apache webserver with mod_rewrite turned on and running PHP with GD support, no database needed. The directory requires a webserver with PHP and a MySQL database, and the robot is written in Python with Tkinter and uses the MySQLdb module (which afaik only supports Python 2.5, not 2.6 or higher). I suppose all of it could be rewritten to work with some other system, though.

I'll miss you all, and all the fond memories I have of this place, but sometimes it's probably best to just move on and not look back. I feel like I keep getting stuck here otherwise. So take care all of you, and keep on playing.

You're going to be greatly missed. Thanks for trying to keep this place alive. *Hugs*

Goodbye and Farewell Deadly. You will be missed.

Thanks *hugs everyone*

Just dropping by to let everyone know that the weather forecast and directory has been taken down. I'll keep a backup of it, so if I ever return or if someone wants to take over, it's not all lost.

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