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Farewell, Townies (Maybe...)

I am leaving the town and will likely never be back.

But I will get a few things straight before I go.

ValdisRequiem; don't you dare accuse me of being heterophobic, hating women, or being insensitive to trans-gender issues again; because to put it simply, you're wrong. Accept it.

SotS and Vael; You're great, important people. You're like a beacon of what everybody should be; Tolerant, understanding, and above all else, faithful. If anybody in the world can make life work for them, it's you two. The best of luck to you, and neither of you are to blame for my leaving.

And finally; I despise stupid people.

Well some of us love you, still, Aiki, above others that are staying.  We'll miss you.

No... *hugs* At least PM me contact details so I can talk to you still.

Good luck Aiki, I hope that the likely never come back changes to just a small haitus.

We'll miss you Aiki. Be well, and I hope everything works itself out.

You will be missed, Aikidu.

Farewell, Aiki.  You leave a void in your absence.

While I personally don't know you Aiki, from what I've read of you, you seem like a nice guy.

I wish you luck.

G'bye, Aiki. We'll miss you. =(

You guys are... too nice. Really.

Thanks Llama. I really didn't expect Lykan or Casteras to say they'd miss me... heh...

Thank you... so much.

If you want to keep in touch; my MSN is now on my user page.

I barely even knew you but I'll miss you too.


You shall be missed, Aiki. By me, at the very least (and everyone else who posted in this topic).

All I can do is echo everyone else's message - you'll be missed Aiki, and I'm sorry you're leaving.

*Atreyu trots in and lays the Rolled Up Paper of AAARRGGGHHHH My Brain!  What the Shock is Wrong with You Canadians? on the ground in memorial.*

It'll be here waiting if you return.  I do expect you back for my birthday, at least.

I've composed a short poem inspired by the leaving of two good Townies in the period of about a week.

"It is a sad day when a Townie leaves,
Whether for reasons in his control or not.
And everyone heaves a sigh of sadness,
And hopes he later comes back to the lot.
Yet for now there's nothing we can do,
But say "Adieu,"
And go on with the rest of the plot."

It's not great but it's fitting.

Heh, thanks Uber.


I never knew I had so many 'fans' -giggle-

(also, I'm still going to be lurking for the night.)

You hear that, he is lurking for the night.

....Ready the cuffs....
The Chilli God

*Sets the timer*

*Realizes that I accidentally wiped Moozy's time out of the stopwatch*
*Buys a new stopwatch*
*Sets both of them while grumbling to myself.*

....bye Aiki.
You'll be missed from this Townie as well.

Honestly, I don't think you should leave because we've fought or whatever. You have people who care about you here, as shown, and you shouldn't let my negative opinion of you make you feel like you have to leave them behind; I told you, I intend to act as if the thing never happened, and go on with my life. You should too; its done, and we can keep on going like we had before we had even known the other existed.
Please, don't go just because of me (unless there are other reasons and I'm being vain...)
I didn't accuse you of anything; I simply told you the first impression I had had of you before, and even granted that I could very well be wrong.
However, I don't appreciate you dragging our business out into the public, especially when I had worked hard to keep it between us.
And...I'm going to run before I make myself out to be more of a self-concerned twit.

You're being mostly vain, Valdis; and I would very much like to be your friend and not your enemy, though that hasn't been offered. First impressions are hard to overcome... I hope I get a second chance. I'm not quite as bad as I seem...


And... the fact that so many townies who I barely speak to, Uber, Flabbicus, Wu, Lykan, DeBunny, Casteras, Darkblade... I barely speak to any of you, and it makes me feel... kinda better knowing that I'd be missed by all of you, as bad as that sounds. I thought I had fewer... I'd call you fans but I feel it'd be out of place... xD

But, Valdis; your first impression sounded like an accusation... I'm sorry for taking it as one if that's not how it was meant; and I have a bad habit of bringing things out where they can be seen. I make scenes, I'm a drama Queen; what do you expect? -smirk- It doesn't make it right, but I'm sorry.

There are other, more... mundane reasons for my decision to leave... but the big one just got blown to pieces. I figured you'd want me to go. I'm... not the most socially adept guy in the world. Anyway... sorry for any harsh words said; and I'm back to thinking about leaving, as opposed to actually leaving.

I might be away for awhile... but there's a bigger chance I'll return now; heck I might not even leave.

Yay! *tackle hug* Aiki's staying!

Hurray, staying! Do stay, please! We need all the Townies we can get. You belong here!

*is confident that you shall decide to stay*

YAY Aki staying or at least isn't going to be gone long.

~puts away cuffs~

Wohoo! Possible happy day!

Please stay... Fuzzy Townies are becoming endangered. We need as many awesome ones as possible. ^_^

Yay! Don't go! STAY! Please?

Fine, alright alright! Gawd...

You people are slave drivers, seriously.

Just... give me some time to... um... rest.

HE STAYS!!! YAY!!! *hugs*


so, Aiki's staying. Good! i beleive that calls for a river of wine!

*gets a heavy pick, and starts looking for the dike*
Orange Zergling


*hopes there's no character limit to posts*
The Chilli God

*Grumbles something about not knowing when to stop the timer, throws the timer into the trash.*

Welcome back and all.

Aikifox wrote:
Fine, alright alright! Gawd...

You people are slave drivers, seriously.

Just... give me some time to... um... rest.

Everyone needs to rest sometimes - it's good we have the hope of your return.  Take time out, chill, avoid the dreaded writers' block.  I hear it's heavy.

Yay for the staying of the Aiki...?



You brought me to this town, fox. I'd kill you if you left. -_-  To put it simply.

Siakitty wrote:
You brought me to this town, fox. I'd kill you if you left. -_-  To put it simply.

You see what I have to put up with on a regular basis? '-';

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