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Race: Unknown - Lycanthrope
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 222 lb

Description: Disdain is tall and well built with clearly defined muscles underneath his fur. He stays in Hybrid form almost all the time, now and then turning into a complete wolf but he never wears his racial form. His fur is black except for a white spot about one inch wide under his chin. He wears a hooded dark red robe with blue trimmings and his feet are bare. His primary weapons are his claws, which are magically enhanced to extend during combat. he also carries a razor sharp shocking burst knife in a special holder in the sleeve of his robe. His personality is gruff and as his name suggests it is very hard to win his respect.

Backstory: Many things about Disdain are known, like what his real name and race are. All that They know about him is that he is a high ranking member of and organization known as 'The Culling', Scorn's (GITP character) direct subordinate.
Class: Fist fighter 14 (monk varient)
Story so far: none as of yet

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