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Crystal Plot Characters [Part 1] [Part 2]
- Exachix Prolari NorZilliar. (#FF0000)
- Lorrian Solari Zephyr (#555555)
- (mirror) Exachix Solari Zephyr (#008800)
- (mirror) Lorrian Prolari Zephyr (#000088)

- Karsen. (#AAAAAA)

Tirganach Characters [Part 1]
- Karaki Molari (#0088FF) + Daronna
- Lemuel

Others [Part 1]
- Mitsuya (#FF00FF)
- Tessa
- Liselle (#000088)

Hamlet [Part 1]
- Artemer (#880000)

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Name: Exachix Prolari NorZilliar ((Ex-Ah-Chicks Prol-ahh-ree Nor-zil-ee-are))
Gender: Male
Original Race: Elf
Templates: Werefox (see Fenric). Shadow Soul.
Classes: Wizard 5 / Cleric 5 / Mystic Theurge 10.
Domains: Healing and Fire
Familliar: See Karsen. None At the Moment.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, tending towards good though. When Shadowed, this tends to Evil, but stays Chaotic Neutral.
Personality: Kindly and will help out, however is vicious to those he's upset at.
Age: 131 (Birthday is the 25th of July, if he remembers)
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 90 lb

Elf: Tall Elf, Long Black Hair, reaches down to his waist, sometimes ponytailed, sometimes tucked into robe. Deep Blue Eyes.
Hybrid: Red Fox, tall, (about same size as Elf). Black tips to ears with spread when he's in Shadow-Form. White Chest and throat.
Fox: Red fox, white ended tail and White Socks. Black tips to ears.
Has a red robe with a hood, concealing other items of clothing. Black Gloves.
Also, to the shock of all, has a blue priests robe! Wears only on special occasions.
Also, wears a very smart red robe with no runes on it for in the courtroom.
Although he has a rapier, it's usually not used as he uses a Sprirtual Quarterstave summoned before battle. He has a few throwing daggers, but recently these are left in a drawer in his room. He also owns a longbow and a sling.

Exachix was born a Zephyr, in what seems like an insignificant elven village in some insignificant wood. His father was the village mage, and so, Exachix discovered simple cantrips early on in life. However, he had a darker side, and at times stole from other villagers. Even if it were minor items such as potions, thus began his life and training as a rogue. However he wasn't the perfect thief, and so soon his fellow villagers routed him out, and cast him out, only when exachix was 50. Upon the night he fled he dropped and lost his crystal amulet, which his bretheren found much later on.
However, Exachix was running, and soon, after being in the wild for a very long time, he found Karsen, who became his freind and his familliar. Both of them were like brothers to the other, helping and supporting the other through the time of termoil that was going on for both of them. Much later, they found a small town, and began to steal things there, before running away.
80 years later they came to town, and Exachix, feeling very sorry for himself after them, atoned for his misdoings and cast away thiefery.
Soon after, he helped a certain Lykan fight Monoliths. By help I mean 'got beat to a pulp by one'. The Smoke Monolith is still wandering around, somewhere, and characteristically, Exachix has forgotten about it. That incident resulted in his death, and so, after being ressurected by Holy Myobi, he felt bad and wanted to re-pay the temple and Inari for what they have done, in the best method he could think of. He became a priest of Inari then.
Exachix found out about his sister much later on, Lorrian Zephyr, and around this point became involved with Krystal NorZilliar, a Daughter of Fenric. Later he became married to Krystal.
Lorrian (Vamp) attacked him within the temple of Inari, but got forced back. She died then and was ressurected as normal.
Soon, Exachix and Krystal, a long with a group of Fenric's Kits, ventured into Ravenloft for a 'break'. Here Exachix and Krystal were killed by their mirrors. They were ressurected again soon later, but this forced Fenric into a precarious Situation. See his story for more details.
They returned and Exachix continues his work in the temple, and plans on developing both his Arcane and Divine Skills. After Fenric was attacked but the spell weavers, Exachix became the High Priest of Inari's temple.
Exachix and Krystal have 4 Kits, 2 male, 2 Female.

He speaks in the text colour #FF0000 (Hex RGB) (Red)
Exachix has got some Inherited Powers because He is, or was, a Zephyr, but these are not the normal Air Aligned powers, rather his favoured Element: Fire. These still have to be worked out, but They are likely to be Minor. They can only be used when he has his crystal. (which he had)
He is the Head Priest in Town's temple of Inari.
He is also a Judge in town's courthouse.

Lorrian Zephyr - Vampire -> Humanoid
The Fiendish Hideout
- Ravenloft Adventure(s) w/ Fenric etc
Elemental Crystals of Ylarra.
Exachix's and Krystal's Kit's Prophecy's Plot's storyline. ('ses galore!)
Urm... anything else? =)


Lorrian Solari Zephyr


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+ Karaki
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+ Lemuel

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In the Hanger, a small black fighter-craft sits. It's almost like a flat object, like a cuboid. it's also thicker in the center, although it doesn't trasist from thick to think smoothly, with a sort of bend in the cuboid creating two 'wings' that flap downwards. There is also a dome of glass, presumably the cockpit. In addition, the hull goes forwards a jutt, at the end of each wing.
Along the sides, two red stripes have been painted, and at the back, there are two primary engines, and several places where, presumably, course adjustment thrusters can be found.

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