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Name: Caal
Race: Human
Class: Thrallherd
Level: Approx. 15
Description: This human wears a violet robe with an eye embroidered on the chest in golden thread. He wears a blindfold, and has a jagged violet crystal orbiting his head. He is accompanied by several underlings at any given time, as well as two high-level bodyguards.
Backstory: Caal showed signs of psionic ability from an early age. He was taken away to a monastery for training at age 12, and soon found that he had an aptitude for Telepathy. After several years of training, he began to subconsciously attract followers, marking his advancement into the path of the Thrallherd. Caal now spends his time living the good life, as well as furthering his own, private goals.

Name: Darius
Race: Human
Class: Cerebremancer (Psion/Wizard)
Level: Approx. 12
Description: This human wears green robes marked with a bizarre amalgation of arcane and psionic symbols. He holds a small, green, floating crystal sphere in one hand, and reads a book with the other.
Backstory: Darius' mother was a wizard, and his father was a psion, so it comes as no surprise that he grew up with a strong interest in both arcane magic and psionics. He enrolled in a cerebremantic college at age 18, and has been gathering arcane and psionic knowledge ever since. He has recently taken up adventuring.

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