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Enupnion's New Admin

Due to the exit of all admins and moderators, it is time to get a new administrator.  All nominations should be posted here, por favor.  Nominations will run until next Wednesday and votes will run the week after.

Not all are gone...  

I'm still here and keeping track of things.

Well, I still think we need someone active in the community, and Vael's agreed that a new administrator is needed.

I nominate Wukei.

I nominate Hawkeye and second Wukei.

I'll second Hawkeye, if he wants it.
The Herald

I don't think Wukei would be good as a mod or admin. She has too much history of disappearing for long stretches of time, and that's not something that really recommends itself for these sorts of positions.

You might actually want to ask why I disappeared, you know...and at least I'm trying to save the board.  As far as I can tell, the people that have heard my plan for doing so are favourable to it.
The Herald

I know that you get sick frequently, and I'm not faulting you for it. I'm just saying that it might be a good idea to make somebody else admin, someone who will be more regularly available.

Actually, I wasn't sick for the last 3 months.  My dad was cleaning and got ahold of my computer.  Anything he gets ahold of disappears, and I'd just found it.  (Of course, it's ruined now, but at least mom is letting me use hers for now.)

Usually the problem of why I'm gone for over a week is computer related (though the first week is usually a sickness.  This time it was the computer the whole time.)  My power cord is ruined and I have to buy a new one, usually.

I think people can do without me for a week.  And then something screws up.  I've got the worst luck of all time.  Just ask Hawkeye.

But I think that my plans will actually benefit Enupnion.  So far, I haven't seen anyone else even try to think of ways to bring the place back to life.  In fact, it seems that things get worse every time I disappear...

I'm sorry for the following post, I do not mean a personal strike against anyone.

Wukei is subject to random disappearances and is opinionated. I would rather have someone who's here constantly and remains neutral on most matters.

The Administrator should be a completely neutral judge of the players, and cannot resort to banning, ever. Okay, well, not ever. But any administrator would have to accept this power not to reshape the world in their image, but use the power to allow all the other players to gain the most fun.

The Lock, the Ban, and the Warning are tools of the Moderators and Administrators, but not ones we require here for everyday purposes. Well, Locking old threads are fine. But for conflicts between players, these only start a vengeful war.

A Moderator must not take sides and they must not use their power to prove they have the power. The Ban or Warning are only for spammers or Active trolls. A Moderator's job in an argument  between two players is to help calm down both players and lead both parties to a singular, reasonable conclusion.

It is not an easy path, that's for sure. With great power comes great abuse of power.

So, Wukei, I have nothing against you, but your stark and often violent reactions to anything revolving Genderbending or Gender deconstruction leaves me great fear that I will be banned under your leadership, and before I could even consider you to be a good administrator for this board, you should prove yourself to be above such things in the future, mayhap in an oath that we can quote in future reference.

I have plenty of respect for transgender people.  I'm a transvestite.  What I have a problem with is your making those of us that are transgender look like we're not normal human beings.  Drawing attention to us makes us look like freaks.  Leaving us to our roles in life makes us seem normal.  You're hurting your cause more than helping it.

I personally think that there shouldn't be any restrictions on talking about politics and religion.  As long as it's a discussion and not a flame war.  

I also believe that there are instances where people need to be banned.  People that like to draw others into flame wars or people that just like to troll should be banned.

I guess that proves my point, you have no real respect for my ideas, but only for what you think are my ideas. In fact, my move to deconstruct gender is a way of proving that gender isn't a distinctly binary movement, and it's foolish to think of such. If anything, I'm trying to prove that we are, as trans people, just people with an adjective attached.

We could consult each other on these ideas in random chatting, and I promise to be respectful of your beliefs if you are of mine. We may learn a lot from each other.

As for other parts. I don't mean about that. If two people want to argue, let them argue. Your job as moderator is to alert people of the argument and lead them to a proper location. If you start banning or warning everyone that gets into a small argument, well, there won't be many people left, will there?

As a small Forum, moderation strategy should be geared in a motherly aspect of calming down participants, and playing a tactful approach. It isn't hard to solve a flame war without banning people, and if it's the first thing you resort to, you're doing a bad job.

A Sargent of Bootcamp gets into trouble for everyone that drops out of basic or fails it. This should be the same idea for a moderator. You should take it personally if someone decides not to show up on the board again, whether you banned them or pissed them off.

This thread is getting off topic and becoming more of a personal argument.  Please follow the current rules and this thread will now return to it's original intent.
Vael wrote:


If a Moderator or an Administrator finds a thread going off-topic, they’ll post a friendly message trying to nudge it back on-topic – how hard a nudge depends on how far off the rails the thread has gone.

Any poster that openly attacks, insults, belittles, or abuses another poster will have their offending post modified and a warning issued to them. You can be critical of another poster's viewpoint in a debate, even going as far as to explain why you believe them to be mistaken and backing your points up with rules quotes as appropriate, but the moment your criticism extends to the person who posted that viewpoint, it has crossed the line.

Specific things you cannot do on this message board that might be allowed elsewhere:

   * Tell a poster to shut up or to stop posting on the current thread.
   * Name calling, including terms obviously meant in a pejorative sense such as "troll" or "fanboy"
   * Use passive-aggressive insults, such as "Anyone who believes that is an idiot," or "I'd call you an idiot, but it's against the rules." Yeah, we know that technically, you didn't call him or her an idiot, but guess what? It's still not allowed.
   * Harassment of other posters, such as repeatedly following them from thread to thread to dispute them, personally.
   * Tell a poster that they clearly didn't read what you wrote. Alternately, any statement that implies that the only way someone could disagree with you is because they don't understand you/can't read properly is likewise not allowed.
   * Responding in kind to a poster who has flamed you. Please inform a Moderator via PM and wait for the offending post to be scrubbed or deleted. Remember, the more they flame, the deeper a hole they dig for themselves, but don’t spur them on.
   * Belittling people who care more about roleplaying than mechanics.
   * Belittling people who care more about mechanics than roleplaying.
   * Putting down or insulting ANY play preference, including (but not explicitly limited to) choice of game system, choice of preferred levels, classes, or races, choice of setting, choice of power level, etc. You cannot call another poster a munchkin or make any other disparaging remarks about how they like to play the game. You can express your own preference, you can express why you don't care for their preference, but you can't put someone down for feeling differently.
   * Belittling or putting down anyone or their opinions based on post count, member rank, or how long they have been a member.
   * Posting insults or slurs based on anyone's race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, or sexual orientation is a warning (see below).

We run a much tighter ship when it comes to flaming than many other places you might post. We have tried to create a place where people can have discussions about gaming and other topics without the rampant personal attacks prevalent at other RPG boards. If you find you are incapable of participating in a debate without resorting to attacking your opponent instead of his position, our suggestion is that you find another board to post at.

Any post that, in the judgment of the Moderators, was made solely or primarily to incite angry responses and/or flames, or attempts to disrupt a thread so that it becomes a flame war, will be edited to remove the offending content and the poster issued a warning. If a thread is judged to have been started for this reason, it will be locked, and the poster issued a warning.

In particular, editing a quote of another user's post to make the other user's words appear misleading, inflammatory, or insulting is considered trolling, and any such modified quotes will be removed and a warning issued.

List of members who have posted in Nov

Lord Iames Osari
The Bushranger

Much like voting in a President or a Senator, the nomination and voting of an Administrator is as much about rule policy and moderation philosophy as it is about the person.

That said, I am merely asserting the point that there is no one that instills in me a confidence to run this forum without potentially abusing the powers. If that is the case, Anarchy or personal moderation may work. As far as it goes, it isn't that hard to get Vael to come here and make forum changes, or to, you know, move the twenty or so people to a new forum that might be more liberal with the changes.

We really do not need Moderation or Administrators, currently. When it becomes a forum with a good amount of new players that have a hard time getting along with each other, then it's fine.

What do we need moderation for? To warn the few players we have left if they get into a tiff? No one is really that afraid, and anyone that goes around threatening to ban people for minor things will soon be playing by themselves in this playground.

I nominate Nobody, because I feel that, currently, there's no reason for administration. And if we vote someone that's overzealous, the standards of play will decrease dramatically.

If I am to inact any ideas to save this board (mainly the one of a board war [between characters, not players]) we will need an active administrator to speak to the administrators of other boards about getting their okay.

Now then.  I'm about to put up the nominated members (that would be me and Hawkeye) for a vote.  (I should be able to modify the first post for such a thing.)

I think there should also be a choice for Nobody, as Moxie suggested.

Thirded, for nobody.

The option has been added to the polls

Against my better judgement I drop in to offer my suggestion for elevating wxdruid to admin, if she would accept the position. I know I'm not really here and my vote probably doesn't count for anything as a result, but she's been with us from the start, served very well as moderator and she's still around and active. I can't honestly think of any others who I think would fill the role better.

The time for voting is long over and this thread is now locked.  Please ask if you have any questions.

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