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Enupnion Rule System (Enupnion Setting)

Okay, so this is where the discussion of the new system we want to create the rules will take place.
Or, if we decide to stay with 3.5 DnD, we'll discuss the change and blah here.

Class-less system! Let's throw out classes like we've already thrown out races, and make it more flexible and customizable by using skills instead.

Let's also replace the usual magic system with a modified Incantations variant. It'll be more interresting: Magic takes longer, is more specific and cause problems if not performed right. But everyone can use if if smart enough.

And we have our Freak system, with Freak Points, instead of races. Because it's just too damn freaky fun and versatile Very Happy We discussed using the D20 mutations system, modified of course, but I like how it works.

Okay, for my first proposal...
I've already stated I want a new rules system.

First things first... here is what I want.
No classes (like Deadly). Seriously... do I look like I have a class to you? Yeah, I do, but that is in school, not in a definition of who I am. There for, I suggest we implement a...

Here is a rough rough look at what I'm thinking (which is entirely subject to change):

We'll have different school categories. Like...


-Classic Combat

-Abjurer's Moon

-Conjurer's Moon

-Enchanter's Moon

-Seer's Moon

-Fallen Moon (this would include freak points and mutations)

-Moon Rituals (clerical)

...and yada yada, onwards and more. Yay.
(Just as a note, I'd consider combining the four moons into one skill due to the system I'll introduce next, but that is for other times to think about).

However, such broad and wide skills can't possibly cover all the minute details, so my system would work like this.
Say we go with a point system. You spend one point on say... Fallen Moon. You then get a sort of drop down list which goes like this:

-Fallen Moon

--Shard Use
--Ritual Power (strength of transmutive rituals)
--Ritual Endurance (How long rituals last)
--Ritual Speed (how swiftly you can make them)
--Fallen Moon Knowledge
--Freak Points

Obviously a rough sketch, but we'll roll with it for the idea.
Okay, so you spent one point on the skill overall, so each subskill gets a point (yay). However, you also get say... two extra points which you can add to any other subskill in that area and increase your proficiency with it.

So that is what I've thought of so far. I've also though that perhaps creating skills that overlap one another might be something to consider (like having a Lore skill which contains all the knowledge skills).

I like how that sounds. It's definitely worth working on, I think.

Sounds good.

And the good thing about working up a new(ish) system together is that those of us who haven't gotten around to learning 3.5 rules can get away with it, too.

This is turning more and more into the homebrew system my parents use for gaming...Razz

Skills rather than classes, D6s for everything...will we get rid of the hitpoint system next? And the levels? Wink

What I'd also quite like is if you don't need equipment to survive. As in, you could be a level 8(or the equivalent), and not have to rely on your +2 boots of butt-kicking, or your +3 Sneaky Bastard Sword...You could still kick goblin ass easily with a perfectly ordinary rusty short sword, and no armour.

Actually, I was already thinking of removing the HP system.
As in... you'll have HP, but you'll never gain more. Or if you do, it'll be very very little.

The idea I have is this:
Two combat skills, say we'll call them... Roll With It and Dodge.

Roll with it is basically taking hits without really suffering from them. Blocking with armor, negating the blow's force, taking very minor wounds... yada yada.
Dodge is just that. Moving out of the way.

Someone will attack you, and you'll roll to either Dodge or Roll With it (or possibly both- probably both, in fact). Dodge combats the attacker's to hit, while Roll With It combats the damage they deal.
If you Dodge the blow, they miss and deal no damage. If you Roll With It, you subtract an amount according to your success.

Vael that sounds a lot like what is used in the Serenity role playing game. Ever played it?

Er... nope. Never.
Never even seen it.
The Herald

I'm just going to toss this out, since it hasn't been mentioned yet...

Instead of creating a whole new rules system, why not use GURPS?

Gleh ... feels like ... Rolemaster.

:backpedalling away: I'll be happy to contribute to the world design and stuff, but a whole new gamesystem?

:face scrunches up in a sour-lemon expression:

Please excuse my ignorance but, what's a GURP?

Artemis wrote:
Please excuse my ignorance but, what's a GURP?

GURPS -> G.U.R.P.S. -> Generic Universal Role Playing System

Ah, Thank you, Helgraf. Very Happy

No problem. My geekery is at your disposal.

Problem with using GURPS or some other system is that not a lot of people here are likely to know it. There are already many here who don't know much about the D&D system, we really shouldn't go and make it worse. Personally I know what GURPS is, and I know it's supposedly class-less, but that's all I know and are likely to ever know about it.

Secondly, the problem with using an already existing system is that we'll probably need to change it heavily anyway with the direction we're currently going. And the more drastic changes you make to a system, the more confusion it creates. In cases like that it's often best to either cut down on the changes, or replace the system entirely.

I haven't done much thinking, but in case people are still trying to figure things out for this, I'd like to propose the following ideas.

It's sort of based off a classless system I saw a while back, as well as some other systems I've seen and heard or.

1) We use d8 as the main die. You roll a number of d8s equal to the amount of ranks/points/blah you have in your skill.

2) You have ability bonuses, like in DnD, but they do not add in another die, but instead add their direct bonus to the skill. Other things (like items, or magics, or other outside influences) may add a direct bonus. It is rare that anything adds in another die.

3) I'm considering the idea of allowing you to spend level points to increase your base abilities. If you balance them with skills, then it should be fine to allow it.
They won't be as major as they are in DnD, in other words. It may be far wiser to increase your skills.

Sounds like a good idea Vael...Except D12s could be slightly more flexible. *shrugs*

...But are any of us going to be doing stuff for this? I know I can't at the moment, but is there any interest in this still...?

I'm still interested, but we really do need more people to start posting ideas and comments. I've only received one comment on my Brief History, for example, and I don't see a lot of new suggestions and ideas I can comment on. I don't want to put time into this if only one or two others help out.

I also think we need to focus less on the rules system, especially the details of it, and more on the actual world.

I agree. As I don't play with rules, and wouldn't know where to even start making and balancing a system, I'm much more interested in developing the actual setting.
Besides, a part of me feels that we'll need to work on the finer details of the world and inhabitants before we start ruling them, anyway.

Heh. If we get the major details down, then we can start working on the minor details.
But seriously, guys, don't bother working on this if you don't want to. Don't let it prevent you from working on the flavor- hell- if you want to even write up DnD stats on monsters that is fine by me. I can just convert them later.

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