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Dustworld 1.5 Beta Testing

Due to recent and extensive editing of the rules, we're going to proceed with a 'new version' of Dustworld, for playtesting.

See the rules thread for the actual changes in rules. Among them are: Edited Background rules, a heavily edited XP system, and some new skills, but there's also a number of rule clarification I felt were overdue.

I will require no more than 3 people for the adventure I've planned, and there will be a deadline: August 20th.

Note: Don't try to join the game if you don't intend to stick around. Sorry, but, it seems like every time I try to get a game going someone poofs either shortly after the beginning, or never even finishes their character.

So.....Good luck, I believe?


Yeah. Eight days past deadline. I've got...two people, neither of which volunteered publicly, one of which had to be asked directly.

....So, what's it gonna take to persuade you guys to come and volunteer?
Lord Vader

I'd play, but I can't guarantee regular access.

Well, I've been meaning to test the effectiveness of the new XP system, and I'll be expanding the weapon lists shortly. Just have to stat the new weapons out.

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