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Draken Frosthand

Draken's Exemplars of Evil, mostly.

The Four.

These entities shall be used sparringly if at all. Each one is a being whose presense alone shall trigger ill events. Except Amaenon and Menhel. I might use them both out of mere boredom for random, senseless acts of horror and violence. Mostly violence.

Draken Sapphiron Frosthand

The Coldbringer exists to wait for the end of all things, and in the meantime, he's got an entire, hateful species to command. The Kyorl'Zuraj are his kin, his children, and like Draken, they wait for the end of everything divine, when they will sweep existance clean of all of the god's creations and return it as it used to be.

Amaenon Val Hecatos

Amaenon is, on lack of better description, a Colossal Pseudonatural Kraken. His purpose, if any is umphatomable, and his past actions show no discernible pattern. He, or it, is a creature of the Far Realm, the only reliable course of action one can expect of him is greater hostility towards other beings of the Far Realm.

Amaenon owns a personal domain in the Far Plane. This location isn't much more than a convulsing nuclear holocaust. Like the heart of a titanic star. Few beings are able to survive this harsh condition.

Amaenon speaks all languages. His accent sometimes gives the impression that he is chocking on water, which is actually likely. His psionic might is almost as impressive has his physical resilience.

A creature that wanders and wards time. Az' manifests as a giant cloud ray or as a human with six arms, unlike what one would expect of something that has ties with time. He carries no watches or hourglasses on him.

A wormlike creature of primordial ferocity. Menhel keeps a code of honor that surrounds the concept of preserving other forms of life, for the sole purpose that there shall never be a lack of things to maul and devour.
Draken Frosthand

The Golems and other constructs.

Sliver, aka: Major Sentence

Race: Metallic Blot (Construct)
Class: Assassin, Mindspy
Age: -
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Power Rating:

A metallic blot is a kind construct created by Draken, their bodies are made of liquid metal, amorphous, ever-shifting, the creatures are usually made of mercury.

Sliver, is one of Draken's liutenants, he is a psycopath, a mild mind reader, and an assassin and infiltrator by excelence, his torture methods are also... Gruesome.

Common Knowledge:
-Sliver is a member of K.N.A.V.E.S., under the kname of "Major Sentence".

Castle (Planet, System) Frosthand

Race: Construct
Class: Building
Age: -
Alignment: Neutral
Power Rating: 8, 'cause you can't fight a damn world.

Castle Frosthand, the gigantic sentient structure that Draken and his servants use as a home, this construct of ludicrous proportions is in fact, a small part of a larger creature that encompasses worlds.

Castle Frosthand is made of Elementium, with an outer layer of ice that emits no cold. Elementium is described on the spoiler box bellow, under D&D rules. Also, the castle is able to remodel itself freely, so it's architeture changes at his will.


Elementium is a nearly indestructible metal, immune to fire, cold and eletricity, suffers nearly no damage due to acid and sonic attacks (1/4 damage), it has hardness 40 and 100 hp/inch of thickness.

Common Knowledge:
- Castle Frosthand speaks in Navy.
- Castle Frosthand can open portals to other places, he usually sends a shaft of metal with a sapphire att he tip as his "envoy".
- It is not possible to teleport into the Castle without authorization, just like you can't teleport inside the guts of someone else.
- Castle Frosthand regenerates damages at fast rates, he does this by remodeling destroyed areas with new materials brought throught the gate that originally spawned it in the Town.


More to be added later.


Race: Advanced Mithril Golem
Class: Warrior, Tempest
Age: -
Alignment: Neutral
Power Rating:

Appearance: Mitharion sports a strange look, he is a huge humanoid mithral golem with a pair of large, functional wings, recently, he fused himself with a mindless watcher but the second creature is not usually visible, save for a bunch of stalks coming out from some points in his bulk.

Doctor Eidolon

Race: Guaze (yea) Golem
Class: Expert
Age: -
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Power Rating:

Appearance and personality: Dr. Eidolon looks like a large bandaged humanoid, or a mummy, wearing a white lab coat and some objects you would find a medic wearing, he is usually pleasant to talk to, and will not usually enter fights, Eidolon will unravel his shape if attacked, avoiding hits, but will, as a last resort, attack with blood drain, poisonous and even contagious attacks.


Race: Superior Artillery Golem
Class: Wizard, Archmage
Age: -
Alignment: Neutral
Power Rating:

Appearance: Azzulon is a huge humanoid with four, clawed arms, three pairs of wings and his face sports few features, he is usally in the company of a metallic blot that acts as his cloak, and of a swarm that hardly ever does something.


Race: Superior Watcher (Sentinel)
Class: Beguiler, Soothslayer (homebrew)
Age: -
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Power Rating:

Appearance: Victor is a roughtly spherical creature around 3 ft. in diameter, with dozens of long eyestalks protuding from the back of his body, his face shows several blue gems that work as eyes, with similar gems at the tip of each stalk, surrounded by metalic claws in the later case, he lacks a mouth per se, but has a set of small jaws whose use is not clear, since he doesn't mve them to speak.

Personallity: Victor is very polite with some, but he revels in toying with humanoid's emotions, particularly he likes their fear, their sorrow and their guilt, given the chance he will use his skills to instill paranoia and deceit among his victims.
Draken Frosthand

The Kyorl'Zuraj are Draken's kin. Ancient insectile creatures that predate the gods (as a species at least).

High Priest Anom' Lie

Knows as the Soul Shaper and the Herald. Anom'Lie uses a twisted form of Divine magic, along with incarnum powers, to his benefit. He is a member of the Prophet caste.

Highlord Azzun Coruzel

Azzun is Anom'Lie's bodyguard. A master of the scythe and wielder of incarnum powers of his own. He and Anom'Lie are blood-related, but like most Kyorl'zuraj such relations, they don't know or care to know more about that. They might be brothers, or cousins, or uncle and nephew, or grandfather and grandson for all anyone knows. He is a member of the warrior caste.

Archamage Nergal

A member of the loremaster caste, like Draken himself used to be. Nergal, the Unclean; Nergal, the Black; Nergal the Foul. This wizard had his grim hand in the history of more than one civilization, spawning ill myths at the cost of human lives.

Herald Rasskhazz

The Hivemistress, the Plaguebringer. Rasskhazz is an apothecary working under one of Draken's aspects. Elsewhere. She is an apt healer with much knowledge of poison and disease. Her main weapons, beyond her hosts of vermin, of course. She is a member of the Prophet caste. Which actually has more to do with divine-like magic than with actual prophecy.
Draken Frosthand

Other people.

Count Charles Altair

Race: Human.
Class: Tinker / Human Paragon
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 37 years old
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: Around 125 pounds.
Hair: Brown, a bit gray.
Skin: White.
Eyes: Brown
Languages: Common, Infernal, Undercommon, Elven, some others, but these are hardly spoken in the town.
Equipment: Tinkerings, a masterwork rapier.
Power level: 5

Description: This man smiles and waves in a calm fashion, his hands are covered by mildly thick gloves, or gauntlets, and his regal clothing is barely visible from under the long, black labcoat he wears. The hat in his head hides his eyes a bit, giving his face a malicious outlook. As he moves, the tingling of glass and metal comes like low music to your ears.

Backstory: Altair is a brilliant, insane, and volatile scientist, his devices can go from compact flamethrowers, to hiden poison inoculators, to bombs and rocket boots. He came to the town by using a completely mundane (non-magical) interdimensional portal, but is stranded now.

Not like he intends to return, there is a reason why a mad scientist jumps into a portal with no knowledge if he will be able to return after all.


Race: Unique Gargantuan Outsider
Class: Baernoloth Archfiend
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: irrelevant
Height: 19 ft. tall, 28 ft. long.
Weight: Heavy.
Hair: None.
Skin: Redish brown.
Eyes: Black
Languages: Infernal, Draconic and Abyssal, along with telephaty.
Equipment: Nothing so far.
Power level: 5 (least, scales)

Backstory: Herr'ec was spawned in the deepths of Castle Frosthand, but escaped recently, and fled to the Mor'Illorum property, seemingly at random where the attacks from the castle stoped. He is now a servant of lady irisa.

Description: Herr'ec can be easily descripted as a Brood Keeper with the tauric body of a huge mezzoloth in place of the "head" and some extra features that could be identified (with some dificulty) as belonging to an Umber Hulk, a bebilith and a Formian Armadon, he is a fearsome sight to behold.


Race: Yuan-ti Anathema
Class: Cleric/Hierophant
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: irrelevant
Height: 13 ft. tall, 22 ft. long.
Weight: Heavy.
Hair: None.
Skin: Redish brown.
Eyes: Yellow
Languages: Common, Yuan-ti, Infernal, Draconic and Abyssal.
Equipment: +3 Unholy, Wounding Halberd, Black Robes of the Archmage
Power level: 5

Description: A huge, serpentine creature with two humanoid, scaly arms and a mass of six serpents in place of the head, this servant of Mor'Illorum is the local High Priest of the Leviathan of Spite (Neutral Evil Lesser deity).


Race: Hunefer
Class: Diviner/Monk
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: irrelevant
Height: 7 ft.  
Weight: 85 lb.
Hair: None.
Skin: dry yellow.
Eyes: Normal, human eyes. light brown.
Languages: All of them.
Equipment: Ascetic
Power level: 6

Description: A dried humanoid with no particular smell, Oridris was a deity of Prophecy before his world was ravaged by Draken, he and the rest of his pantheon where rutally murdered, their souls trapped within their corpses and then cast off into the alien skies of Draken's sign, bound to fall as frozen comets as an omen for the next worlds.

Oridris was animated by Atropus' negative energy shortly after falling, and retained his mind thanks to the imprisonment Draken imposed, he despises his new form, specially due to the Despair ability he has no power over, forcing all who see him to resist cowering in fear.

Personality: Oridris is a bit sad due to his current condition, and he wants revenge on Draken, not only because of his murder, but also to place an end to his attacks.
Draken Frosthand

Sci-Fi Town


Race: Maran (ECL 8 race)
Class: Aristocrat 4
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 148 years old
Height: 6'5'' ft.
Weight: Around 165 pounds. But looks slimmer.
Hair: None
Skin: Reflective, clear.
Eyes: None
Languages: Many.
Equipment: Robes, other things.

Description and personality: Vel'Arizen is a Maran noble, a diplomat of sorts, he is usually polite and likes to avoid violence when possible, but is not incapable of defending himself.

Backstory: He comes from Planet Marraen. Yes, that is it.

General Amn'Zeren

Race: Maran (ECL 8 race)
Class: Marshall 2/Warrior 2
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 190 years old
Height: 6'7'' ft.
Weight: Around 175 pounds. But looks slimmer.
Hair: None
Skin: Reflective, clear.
Eyes: None
Languages: Some.
Equipment: Marraenic crystal armor and swords.

Amn'Zeren is a Maran militar of high comendation, adept at close combat, he comands a considerable alotment of soldiers from Marraen, and leads a colonizating expeditionary force.

Or inavding force, if you prefer, as stated before, Maran thrive in conditions that are adverse to the life of most other beings. And Amn's job is to find planets and, as other races would say, "Glass" it, in order for the surface to become hospitable for this odd people.

Amn'Zeren is not a kind man, he is a hardened militar and cares nothing for species other than his, and in many ways, considers the Maran to be superior to all other races.[/img]
Draken Frosthand

By now he deserves his own post.


Race: Advanced Anaxim
Class: Dread Necromancer
Age: -
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Power Rating: 6 (An abomination is a demigod in effect, Maxinus will be scaled to be a threat.)

Appearance: Maxinus is a colossal leviathan of metal with all sorts of strange addons to his bulk, standing easily above 70 ft. tall and weighting more than it is worth mentioning.

Personality: Maxinus is devoted to order, orderly devastation, carefully planned genocide and perfectly designed torture. Draken designed him as a true avatar of war over 17.000 years ago, back in their homeworld, and the gigantic, walking doomsday device has not failed a single task ever since.

Maxinus takes residence in the underworld, the deepest recess of Pluto, the third layer of Hades, his domain is marked by an endless barrier made of dull metal adorned with thousands of agonizing faces. Over the centuries, the construct developed a taste for colecting the souls of fallen enemies into gems he thrusts into the wall, which slowly takes the shape of the victims face.

Maxinus is an able necromancer and a careful artificer, he keeps armies of undead and constructs on the Graysteel Wall, as he calls his domain.

Like all abominations, he is, in effect, a demigod, but he is not interested in answering prayers or granting divine magic, actually, due to his particular background, he nourishes a deep spite for all gods and aspirant deities.

Maxinus' Avatar: Maxinus rarely leaves the Graysteel Wall, when needed, he is mor elikely to send a special construct controled remotely, called an Avatar for the similarities it shares with the similar agents deities use.

Basic Sheet for a standard Avatar, if you care:
WARNING: Big f***ing, D&D Epic sheet.

Maxinus’ Avatar
Medium Construct (Planar, Law)
HD: 51d10+397 (9007)
Speed: 60 ft. (12 squares); Fly 200 ft. (Perfect)
Init: +9
AC: 55 (+5 Dex, +10 Ins, +20 natural, +10 Ghost Touch, Mithril Breastplate); touch 25; flat-footed 40
BAB/Grp +30/+37
Attack: Spinning blade +45 melee (2d6+15), or electricity ray +35 ranged touch (10d6 electricity), or Weapon +55 (1d8+27 +special effect; 17-20/x2)
Full Attack: Weapon +55/+50/+45 (1d8+27 +special effect; 17-20/x2), 2 spinning blades +45 melee (2d6+15), 2 slams +45 melee (2d6+7), shocking touch +45 melee touch (2d6+7); or electricity ray +35 ranged touch (10d6 electricity), 6 spikes +45 ranged (2d6+15) (120 ft. range increment)
Space: 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks: Enervation ray, Rend 4d6+18, sonic blast, spell-like abilities, summon iron golem, vampiric touch, pact
Special Qualities: Abomination traits, Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, magic immunity, construct traits, fast healing 15, PR 60, damage reduction 10/chaotic and epic and adamantine, Integrity, Awareness
Saves: Fort +18 Ref +15 Will +21
Abilities: Str 40, Dex 20, Con -, Int 20, Wis 30, Cha 25
Skills: Climb +55, Jump +55, Spellcraft +45, Knowledge (Religion, Arcane) +45, Intimidate +47, Spot +50, Listen +50, Diplomacy +44
Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (Longsword), Greater Weapon Focus (Longsword), Epic Weapon Focus (Longsword) Improved Critical (Longsword), Improved Sunder, Combat Reflexes, Tenacious Magic (Mark of Justice), Improved Initiative, Multiattack, Improved Multiattack, Flyby Attack, Epic Vitality, Ability Focus (Sonic Blast)
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 40
Treasure: Equipment
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Spell-like Abilities: At will: greater dispel magic, displacement (DC 18.), greater invisibility (DC 19), ethereal jaunt, discern lies (DC 21), disguise self, fear (DC 21), hold person (DC 20), locate creature, suggestion (DC 20), Haste, Crushing Despair, Magic Circle Against Chaos; 1/day—hold monster (DC 21), mark of justice, Bestow Curse, Order's Wrath; 1/week— geas/quest. Caster level 51st. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

Sonic Blast (Su): As a standard action, Maxinus can emit a 60-foot cone of sonic energy that deals 25d6 points of sonic damage to all creatures that fail a Reflex save (DC 44); those that succeed take half damage. The save DC is constitution (Charisma) based.

Enervation Ray (Su): As the spell. Caster level 51st

Vampiric Touch (Su): As the spell. Caster level 51st.

Summon Greater Iron Golem (SM): 4/day, Summons a Huge Manacore Iron Golem with 25 HD.

Integrity (Ex): Maxinus uses his Charisma modifier whenever a living creature would use her constitution modifier (Including hit points and fortitude saves).

Awareness (Ex): Maxinus adds his Wisdow modifier as an insight bonus to his armor class, and his Intelligence modifier as an insight bonus to all of his saves.

Pact (Su): As a full-round action, Maxinus can forge a magical pact with a creature, said creature need not be aware of the intention to forge the pact (or, specifically, of the use of this ability), but must agree with the terms of the contract, no matter which these are. Once the pact is sealed Maxinus causes a dull symbol similar to a mark of justice to appear somewhere on the target (usually his hand), the target of the pact can use this symbol to send a message to him as a move action, Maxinus can, at will, teleport to the subject’s location but receives no information on the area or the creature in the while.
While the pact is binding to the target, and the conditions are usually negative to him, Maxinus is bound to his word after making such a deal, and will never willingly break his word. Maxinus can’t end the pact unless it’s condition is fulfilled, but the target can break it at any moment he or she desires, any spell or effect that can negate the Bestow Curse spell can negate the pact, if aimed to this end the spell has no other effect, Maxinus is instantly aware of any broken pact.
Breaking a pact is dangerous, unbound to his word (or bound to his word) Maxinus will either seek revenge or fulfill the failure terms of the pact, as fitting.
Whenever a pact is broken, there is a 50% chance that a Koliarut will appear to punish the infractor, and a 10% chance that an Aspect of Maxinus (Gargantuan Anaxim, 70 HD) followed by a group of four advanced Koliaruts will appear instead of a single one. The summoned aspect remains for one hour, but any Koliarut will stay until destroyed.

Equipment: +5 Mithril Breastplate of Greater Universal Energy resistance and Ghost Touch;
• Resistance to acid, sonic, fire, electricity and cold 30.
• Ghost Touch
Maxinus swords: All of the following are longswords, but bear the name and same special powers of weapons described in the Epic Levels Handbook, all are +6 weapons:
• Gripsoul
• Finaldeath
• Souldrinker
• Stormbrand
• Herald (+6 Axiomatic Power, Dread longsword. Herald can change it’s dread property at the wielder’s will as a free action once a round)

Maxinus has sent a new, improved Avatar.

His sheet is far to epic-y and shall not be posted because I is lazy.

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