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The Herald

Dragoon's Saddle [Item, 3.5]

Dragoon's Saddle
Description: This military saddle is made of finely tooled leather and appears both well-used and well-kept. When sitting astride a war-trained mount wearing this saddle, horse and rider alike feel more confidence in each other's skill.
Activation: As long as this saddle is being worn by a war-trained mount and ridden in by a rider, its magic is continuously active.
Effect: This saddle, when worn by a war-trained mount, grants the rider the use of the Mounted Combat feat.
Aura/Caster Level: Faint conjuration and transmutation; CL 3rd.
Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, mount, 450gp, 36 XP, 1 day.
Weight: 30 lb.
Price: 900gp.

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