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Do you play a musical instrument

It's random question thread day.

Do you play an instrument?

I play Alto Saxophone, and Flute.

Clarinet - 1 year
Alto Sax - 1 year
Baritone Sax - 5 years
Guitar - 4 years?
Lord Vader

Violin for something like 10 years now, I think.
The Chilli God

Used to have learned to play the keyboard as well as the recorder when I was very young. Simple kiddie stuff.

Took up the acoustic guitar six or seven years ago, never looked back.
I stopped advancing over the last year - the last tune that was taught to me was the infamous Bach piece, but my favorite remains Romanza.

Stand-up bass- 7 years
Electric bass- Er... I got it about 2 or 3 years ago, but I don't play it much.
Piano- I tried for about two months or so.

Played the violin all through my public school years, like 4th or 5th grade through 12th.  I was always in the first violin section.

Learned to play the harp one semester while I was at college and yes, I want to buy a harp someday.

Play the piano off and on all of these years.  I have to memorize a piece in order to play it right.
Obsidian Blade

Piano - Ten years, though it's only been recently that I've actually started to enjoy the instrument and began really advancing with it.

Voice - Been singing in choirs since I was six, and started training it about two or three years ago now.

Guitar, flute and violin - About three or four months each as part of my school's music curriculum. I was never particularly good.

Guitar for about three years. I've been playing seriously for about one year.

I played the trumpet for about one year, then I switched over to Horn in F for the remaining 6 years of school.
I want to go back to playing it... but I have no discipline.

I play the Trombone, although I haven't had much opportunity to play recently.

Clarinet, Keyboard, Recorder.

Really want to try and learn some more instruments...

Violin for 6 years now....
I briefly toyed with a keyboard, but it bored me. Razz

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