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DnD Challenge Idea

Alright, this was an idea I had when talking to my mom, the only person in my family that DOESN'T play DnD.  Basicly, DnD Olympics.  You have a set level and a set amount of gold and overflow XP to make the most Olympic-style team of characters you can.  Not just skill monkeys, mind you.  There will be shotput, javelin, fencing, archery, maybe even magic competitions.

However, I need help coming up with details.

So, here's what I'm thinking so far...

100 levels that can be spread into multiple characters.  Total ECL may not go over 100 (18th level drow rogue counts as 20 levels).

GM chooses the ability score generation method, point buy being the recommended.

All Races and Classes can be used, if approved by the GM.

Flaws and raits are allowed.

Racial Variants are allowed.

The challenges would consist of checks for most of them.  Gymnastics would be a combination of Balance, Tumble, Jump, and Climb.  Races would be move speed with occasional Tumble or Jump checks.

Some events would be combats.  Resolved normally.

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