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DivaDe's Character(s)

Name: Mirage Sungazer Russkij

Race: brass dragon (in elven form), age 243, though appears to be in her mid-20's

Class:rogue 4/dragon 12

Appearance: 5'5, dark brown waist-length hair, eyes like molten brass, lithe and graceful, moves like a cat (see avatar - Vael's awesomeness incarnate)

Possessions: in Town: dress made of hundreds of beautiful butterfly wings, ivory and jade choker, a small brown pouch that seems to carry much more than it should, short sword that emits a soft blue glow, +3 Flaming Returning Distance throwing axe (acquired in the Shadow Realm), an engagement ring (The band is made of pure silver, and flanking the stone are two tiny oak leaves of pure gold. The large, sparkling diamond is set in platinum.  And, inside the diamond, can be seen the figure of a tiny dragon, breathing fire.), also another ring on her right hand (gold with a large diamond, engraved in Celestial - "To my love, may happiness reign, and darkness never befall you")///adventuring: white long sleeved shirt, khaki cargo pants, black leather bodice

Background: Mirage is a young brass dragon, but she has grown tired of being around other dragons all the time. She feels things move too slowly in their company, so she has polymorphed and ventured into the world of humanoids. She is loud, cheerful, and very proud of herself (not arrogant - more like proud of...nothing in particular). She always has a story, and some of them seem like they must be fiction, though she swears by every word. She enjoys music and games of chance, and is a terrible flirt. Mirage wants to learn to read and speak every language, and never passes up an opportunity to learn a new one. She speaks in this color.

Married to Orion Russkij and living in a beautiful castle he built for her.  She recently had a child - Maia Svietlana, goes by Svietlana.  She was supposed to die, but she and Orion made a deal with Aesa which changed her fate.

Languages: Common, Elven, Celestial, Sylvan, Gnomish, Dwarven, Goblin, Terran, Orcish, Undercommon, Draconic and Aragrakh

Transplanted from GitP due to server issues.

Str 18
Dex 25
Con 20
Int 16
Wis 17
Cha 22

Hover / Wingover / Flyby Attack / Adroit Flyby Attack / Power Climb / Improved Speed / Improved Maneuverability
Multiattack / Improved Multiattack / Improved Natural Attack bite and claw / Blooded / Snake Blood / Alertness / Leadership / Tactile Trapsmith / Keen Eared Scout / Improved Initiative

Name: Larkin Damodred

Character is no more.

Name: Kismet Russkij James

Race: brass half-dragon, age mid-20's

Class: mentalist

Appearance: 5'7, white hair kept in a thick braid, eyes like molten tar, slightly metallic skin, large dragon wings the color of polished brass

Possessions: a bracelet with a charm of concentric circles with a line running through their centers, a golden locket containing portraits of her younger twin brothers (Auric and Revan), a silver dagger with a twisted blade worn in a wrist sheathe, a gold engagement ring set with a bright ruby, and a silver ring with an emerald inset into it. On the side is some writing that reads "All You Need Is Love".

Background: Kismet is Mirage and Orion's daughter from the future.  While assisting a friend with some experimental time magic, she was accidentally pulled into a temporal distortion and deposited into the present.  She seems to pop in and out at random, though as time goes by, her understanding of the magic improves, giving her some degree of control.  She could be considered something of an oracle, as she comes from the future and has lots of knowledge about certain things in the present.  She speaks in this color.

Thanks to a little help from Cupid, Kismet has fallen for Axl James.  After helping a friend, she collapsed and messed up their wedding plans a bit, but it all worked out in the end.  She and Axl got married, and he built her a house in Town for them to live in.  Now, the honeymoon phase...

Languages: Common, Elven, Undercommon, Draconic, and Russian

Name: Trixie/Freya

Race: human

Class: cleric/wilder/psionic theurge, CN

Appearance: Trixie is a busty blonde lass with bright blue eyes.  Her eyes and hair seem to be all she has in her head, as she isn't very bright.  She tends to ignore most people, men or women, unless she finds them attractive or useful.  She wears black leather pants that look like they have been painted on, matching boots, and various skimpy halter tops.  She sports a rose tattoo on one arm, a gift from Faye.  She seems to have two things on her mind, sex and trouble.  She speaks in this color.
 by Vael, awesome as ever

Possessions: Silver holy symbol of a circle bisected by a lightning bolt, a whip, a gold and platinum ring with a mythril core, engraved inside with "Trixie - Pat - Kristina, Unto fire, unto darkness, unto death"

Background: PENDING

Languages: Common

Name: Marie

Character is no more.

Name: Dean Winchester (yeah, ok, so I used the show Supernatural for inspiration - sue me)

Race: human

Class: unknown

Appearance: light brown hair, spiked in front, piercing green eyes, stubbly face, 5'8", wears a dark leather jacket, jeans, and a dark t-shirt. This is a good visual reference.

Possessions: dull black handgun, worn notebook he carries with him at all times

Background: PENDING

Languages: Common, Infernal, Celestial

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