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Die Die My Darling

Die Die My Darling

Cain (currently inactive)
Age 257
Race Half-Fiend Mountain Dwarf
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Description Cain is the spawn of a demon warlord and a powerful Dwarf necromancer. He makes a living plundering and looting and has spent his time since leaving the town 18 months ago plane-hopping in search of the last piece of a powerful amulet he has been repairing. He did have a celestial half-brother by the name of Abel but Abel was killed during a fight quite soon after Cain left the Town.
Power Level Cain is a level 25 Barbarian with Half-Fiend powers. His Sword, Requiem, is the source of most of his fearsomeness; the blade is said to be possesed by the souls of Old Gods that Cain slayed during his 90-year Warpath after he killed his father.

David "Prime IIx" Thompson
Age 23
Race Augmented Human
Alignment Undeclared/Undecided
Description Born from the great, cold womb of one of his home planet's grand war machines, DT was one of the many supersoldiers enaged in the thousand year war. However, on a mission deep into the heart of enemy territory, he tripped an Old Weapon that sent him spirraling into an abyss. An ordinary being would have been torn asunder but DT survived.
Power Level DT's own remit was that of force leader and as such he is well equipped to handle combat situations. Furthermore his physiological and psionic enhancements make him a formidable one-one-one opponenent.


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