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Devil Worshipper

Ok, here's the rough idea for Elric and the Devil Worshippers.

Base Class is Cleric. Unless otherwise specified, use the information for clerics in the Player's Handbook.


- Bane, Disguise Self, Detect Thoughts, Suggestion, Dominate Person, and Demand
- The custom spells "Invoke Death" and "Mindlink"
- Hellfire, Hellfire Storm, and all of the "Investiture" spells from the Fiendish Codex II
- All "Summon Monster" variants with the caveat that only devils of the appropriate HD can be summoned. Your extra spell-slot is required to be a "Summon Monster" if there is one for that spell level. A devil worshipper may spontaneously summon a devil as per a Summon Monster spell in place of any other prepared spell of the same level.


A DW gains power through either adventuring or sacrifices leading to the condemnation of souls.

5 sacrifices, or 2nd level: the DW gains a Teddy Bear of Despair.
10, or 4th level: Devilish Robes.
15, or 6th level: Staff of Hellish Fire.
20, or 8th level: Devilish Boots
30, or 10th level: Ring of Devil Control
50, or 12th level: Dagger of Soul Stealing


A DW gains the Devil-Touched feat "Devil's Favor" as a bonus feat.

At 6th level, the DW may choose a Brand of the Nine Hells as a bonus feat. The choice of lord cannot be changed once made. This feat can be taken at any level advancement after 6th if the choice is not made then, but the bonus spot cannot be used for any other feat.


Devilish Robes

Lawful Evil robes of protection +3. They are black with a red silk lining. The outer shell is slit to reveal the red underneath when the wearer moves. It gives fire resistance 10. Cannot be created.

Staff of Hellish Fire

Unholy, Axiomatic Staff +3. It can cast Greater Magic Weapon at the wielder's level three times per day, and an Unholy version of Burning Hands also three times per day. Cannot be created.

Ring of Devil Control

A lawful evil ring that grants the wearer a +10 bonus to any check to command or controlling their summoned devils. This includes any banishing of the devil, attempts to wrest control, and the devil's own willfullness.

Dagger of Soul Stealing

A dagger +1. Criticial on natural 20 only. On Critical, the victim must make a will save DC 15, or die instantly, having their soul drawn into the dagger.

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