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Destro Yersul

Destro's Character list

Destro Yersul

Class:Wizard/Archmage. May have a bit of Rogue
Race:Human (lich)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (hovering closer to good nowadays though)
Description: Destro is of average height. He always wears the same black cloak and robe, and always has the hood pulled up. As such, no one has ever seen what colour his hair is (except Spook. It's black with grey streaks and goes in every direction at once, for the record). His eyes, when he doesn't look like an undead horror, are grey. He has a green metal eyepatch over his left eye. He always wears gloves so people won't become paralyzed or freaked out when he shakes their hand.
Personality: Calm. There are few things that manage to phase Destro, one of them being the threat of his destruction. He enjoys drinking, whether it affects him or not, and is nice enough to anyone he knows. He doesn't much care about anyone he doesn't know (less so now). He's also obsessed with trout, for no reason in particular.
Equipment: A crossbow, which almost never gets used, and the omni-present robe and cloak. The robe is covered in pockets, all of which hold more than they should. Anything Destro could ever need is in some pocket or another, though he often forgets which one and whether or not he actually has the object in question.
Backstory/Town Story Destro came from a small town, which had the dubious honour of being sacked by orcs. Destro, fortunately for him, was off studying magic at the time, and only found out about it later. He tracked down and killed the orcs in question, assisted by the animated corpses of the villagers. The experience drove him justifiably crazy and after that he vanished for a number of years. He was to come upon Town during this time, and decided to settle there, becoming a lich shortly after. He was tracked down by the Nine and nearly destroyed a number of times before launching a counterattack and claiming the mantle of Necromancy. He has also killed off an evil version of himself and been possessed for a while by the old Necromancy, who is now entombed in a quartz paperweight. At some point after this he attacked Mechanus because he felt like it and ended up destroying a good sized chunk. The Inevitables re-routed him to Katharein as punishment, and he got to spend a good long time regretting most of the things he had done up to this point in time. This is also the reason for his change of heart regarding people he has yet to meet.
- Owns a floating house, which also contains a vault full of things he's collected.
- Has a raven familiar named Hrafn. Hrafn speaks in Blue
- Destro speaks in Green
- Hates paperwork, and gets the Trout to do it for him.
Current Plot(s): Helping in the semi-ongoing fight against Iris and the monster army

The Nine

The Nine, of which Destro is a member, are a group of Wizards who are Incarnations of the various schools of Magic. They are as follows

Abjuration: Abjuration is Neutral. He is perpetually calm, unfazed by anything and everything. He dresses in grey robes and has brown hair. He does almost no fighting, being content with simply protecting anyone on his side. Abjuration speaks in "Black"
Evocation: Evocation is Chaotic Evil. He is volatile and temperamental, the exact opposite of Abjuration. He dresses in multicoloured robes and has a burn scar over the entire right half of his face. In combat his favoured tactic is to blow everything up. A lot. Evocation speaks in Dark Red
Illusion: Illusion is Lawful Neutral. He is an enigma, always speaking in half-truths and cryptic generalities. He dresses in green, and has no facial features at all. It's not an illusion either, oddly enough. He most commonly fights with his rapier, making multiple versions of himself so he's even harder to hit. Illusion speaks in Indigo
Transmutation: Transmutation is Neutral Evil. He has replaced almost all of his original form with pieces of other creatures, and now looks like a cross between a bug, a demon, a crab, an earth elemental and a man. He fights with his fist, which is red and scaly, and a claw that looks like the kind a large crab would have. Transmutation speaks in Brown
Universal: Universal is Neutral Good. He has a pointed blue hat, blue robes, and a long grey beard. Looks like a stereotypical wizard, to tell the truth. He fights entirely with magic. Universal speaks in Blue
Conjuration, aka Locke: Conjuration is Chaotic Good. He is the only one of the Nine, other than Destro, to retain his original name. He has white robes and dark grey hair. He does not fight himself, preferring to make other things do it for him. Conjuration speaks in Red
Enchantment: Enchantment is Lawful Evil. He wears blue robes and has brown hair. He is the only member of the Nine other than Universal to have a beard, which in his case is a goatee. He doesn't start off a fight by fighting. He starts it by trying (with magical aid) to convince his opponent not to fight. Then he stabs them in the back. Enchantment speaks in Orange
Divination: Divination is Lawful Good. He's the only non-human member of the Nine (he's an elf) and wears blue and yellow robes and a star covered cloak. His hair is white, and fairly long. He doesn't fight at all. Instead, he tells the other people on his side what to expect and what to avoid. Divination speaks in Cyan

Destro Yersul

Future Destro (fDestro), aka The Armoured Man

Class: Smart Hero/Strong Hero/Techie/Soldier
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good, with a touch of Lawful
Description: Future Destro wears a suit of MJOLNIR power armour constantly, though he sometimes takes the helmet off. When he does he is revealed to be an ordinary man, with short dark hair and a pale complexion from spending too much time with the helmet on. He also looks uncannily similar to Destro.
Personality: A little eccentric, but mostly logical and straightforward. fDestro is honest and carefree, though he follows orders from higher up when they're given.
Equipment: the MJOLNIR armour, a time machine and more than a few guns. He has also been known to carry bio-foam injectors.
Backstory/Town Story: Though originally from a Modern setting, he figured out how to travel through time and went back to Town to meet Destro. He was initially worried about causing paradoxes, but after a while he became less uptight about that, due to figuring out the timestream would generally fix itself in short order. He spends a great deal of his existence off gallivanting through time, only showing up when he's needed. He has, at various points through time, come into the possession of an AI named Athena, as well as a large fleet of both Covenant and UNSC ships. These show up even less than him. All his equipment, being non-magical, is not stopped by anti-magic fields and the like.
Current Plot(s):

Destro Yersul

Endrik Anderson, aka Holy crap Destro's got a new character! Madness! SPARTAAA!


Class: Paladin/Grey Guard
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good, though he answers not to govornment or law, but to a higher power. Namely his god.
Description: A man of average height, who happens to be generically handsome and has both a beard and fairly short brown hair. Though he doesn't take his helmet off a lot, so it's hard to tell. He has a book, sealed in a metal case and attached to his armour with a chain. The armour is steel inlaid with silver, and the helmet has a pair of feathery steel wings on the side
Personality: Abrupt. He doesn't like to waste words, really, and a lot of what he says comes off as shorter than necessary. He's nice enough, if your name isn't in his book, and positively relentless if it is. Though he is not, by any means, a robot, it might seem that way sometimes.
Equipment: His armour, a Khopesh he took as a trophy from some defeated enemy, and a Lucerne Hammer with an oversized head.
Backstory/Town Story: None, yet. He's just showed up and has yet to explain his past to anyone.

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