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Denbek's Characters

Denbek's "Town" characters.


Name: Alwyx
Race: Celeste
Age: 185
Height: 6" 9
Hair colour: white
Eye Colour: blue
Alwyx is a member of the secretive "Order" and was sent to track down an exile. he wears light robes and a hood and has wings (all celeste's do). He carries a sword, bow and a staff with ice magic. he has a scar over his left eye. He wears a ring shaped like half of the sun and half a crescent moon on his left ring finger.
Alwyx speaks in blue


Name: Kailina (Often shortened to Kai)
Race: Feline
Age: 19
Hair: Brown
Eye Colour: Cat yellow
Kailina is a Preistess acolyte Of Kyn (the cat goddess). She is new to the Order and so has a black, hoodless robe and still has her collar on. She is a Bringer, meaning she goes on a Treatise Pilgrimage where she must bring some new information to The Library of Kyn. This unfinished treatise, she carries either in her hand or the brown leather bag slung over her shoulder. She has a Katana, but it is mainly ceremonial and she has little fighting experience. This she makes up for in graet knowlege of ancient Feline Magick. She came to study Half-Vampires.
Kailina speaks in dark blue.


Name: Baa'Shek
Race: Reaper
Age: ?
Hair: none
Eye colour: none
Baa'shek is the physical embodiment of death. The grim reaper is merely and ascended reaper named Gri'Mm. Baa'Shek is immortal but still killable and a good friend... If you can get past the deathly, skeleton visage...
Baa'Shek speaks in red


Name: Maya
Race: Centaur
Age: 29
Hair(coat): Bay
Eye colour: Yellow
Maya is an inventor and runs "Maya's Gadgets and Gizmos". If she doesn't have the item you are after, she can probably make it if given an accurate description. She is new to the town and struggling a little.
Maya speaks in green

Christian Lexian III

Name: Christian Lexian III
Race: Guardian
Age: 36
Hair: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Christian (Chris) was the first mate on the ship "The Black Revenge" and has been preying on merchant ships for the last 20 years. He apeared in the town mysteriously and the eyepatch he has is obviously a new development. He may give the apearance that he doesn't want to talk but he wishes to atone for his sins.
Chris speaks in blue

Lucia Lexian

Name: Lucia
Race: Guardian
Age: 19
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Blue
Lucia was left for dead by her uncle, but led to believe it was her father. She was brought back after a terrible episode inside Chris's mind.
Lucia speaks in violet


Denbek's "Modern Town" characters

James Ruben

Name: James Ruben
Nationality: English
Age: 27
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
James is young and has led a bad life. He is an assassin and lives well off it. He believes in "live fast, die young" with a passion. He carries two revolvers and a silenced machine gun, but has a knack for finding other weapons when he needs them.
James Ruben speaks in red

Keira MacAnnigan

Name: Keira MacAnnigan
Nationality: Irish
Age: 19
Hair Colour: black/cyan
Eye Colour: Blue
Keira is an Irish racer, looking for fun. She has certain... other... talents, however.
Keira speaks in cyan

Benjamin Johnson

Name: Benjamin Johnson
Nationality: American
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Ben is a mechanic and the owner and proprietor of "The Fuel Tank" bar and garage. a mysterious man who keeps to himself.
Ben speaks in orange

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