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Deja Vu moments

Have you ever had any?

I had one yesterday when I was getting up after nearly getting a concussion.  I flashed back to a dream I had like 5 years ago.  I've had a lot more, like just before I started this thread.

The other day, I was in this deja vu thread, and--


Did you know that the opposite of  déjà vu is "jamais vu," the feeling of not recognizing a situation even though you think you've encountered it before.

There's also Deja Viste, the sensation you've been here before even though you don't remember being here.

They rationalize that Deja Vu is a misfired neuron in your eye which causes a momentary confusion. In essence, they think Deja Vu is just a mini stroke. Good for you.

I however believe differently, because, I had a weird dream, doing something I have never done, and never planned to do. I told my friend about this dream, and he remarked at the oddity of it. It wasn't a surreal dream, it was more like a photograph, but I remember it clear as day.

I was standing in Friendly's, facing the soft serve machine. My shirt was red, even though I was still wearing a black apron. In my left hand was an ice cream scoop, in my right, a cone with one scoop of pink ice cream, instantly recognized as your standard strawberry flavor.

I awoke, and found the dream, like all my dreams, slightly odd. At the time I worked in the ice cream shop, but I was a dishwasher with no plans of changing that. In fact, I hate customer service, so I was quite happy being stuffed in the back. My friend was one as well.

It was not three months before I was kicked out of the dishwasher position because they'd rather have English speaking people out front. So I was switched to scooper. And just one day, I was waiting on a customer, who had a strawberry cone, and for whatever reason, I had an ice cream scoop in my left hand. ((One of the pewter ones with red at the end of the handle that indicates it's a smaller size than the green ones.))

In more detail, mine was a dream from a few years ago where I was getting up off the ground under the triangle and the recess monitor was hurrying over asking if I was okay.  I remember in the dream I had transitional lense glasses, but in real life I had clip on sunglasses.  Well, yesterday, after I fell, the same thing happened, and suddenly I flashed back to that dream.


The explanation I had heard was that it was more of a mis-routing:  experiences that should have gone into short-term memory go directly into long-term memory.  Since you always have an association between long-term memory and the past, you feel like it "happened before" even though it is actually just happening now.

Even so, the fact that I have a witness to back up my claims of such a dream just goes to prove I'm psychic. So, yeah, I can tell your future for a dollar.

Trust me, Mox, if it worked like that I'd be rich.  Filthy frickin' rich.  On account of my having had like 12 occurences of this Dream-related Deja Vu.

Only 12? It happens to me all the time. The first time that I can remember was about 7-8 years ago. Happened at my cousin's grandma's house. We walked upstairs into the guest bedroom, mind you, this is my first time being in the house, and I remember walking into the room saying, "Holy crud! I've seen this place before!" And my cousin gave me a "WTF?"-look.

Uber, that's 12 that I can remember off the top of my head from the past 6 months.
The Bushranger

You know, a number of times I've been posting in town, and I have this strange feeling of not only having "done this before", but that its years ago it happened...


Don't any of you know? Deja Vu is a glitch in The Matrix, it happens when they change something  Razz

SSSSHHH.... They're not supposed to know.[/agentsmith] Cool

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