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Venti Keraunos


Class: Ranger

Gender: Male

Race: 3/4 Grey Elf and 1/4 Human (Tainted by spirits).

Alignment and Temperament: CG, leaning CN. He`s friendly and a good judge of character, yet he does not trust the very pious due to his past.

Faith: n/a

Description: Tall and slender, with golden hair and azure eyes, and about 7'2", yet these fine features are marred by a jagged scar across his right eye that glows, yet it is not light but darkness that shines from his scar. Due to the darkness that emanates from his scar he draws the attention of the pious, thus he always wears a dark green hood to hide his right eye. He`s always a comfort to almost all when he is around due to his friendly demeanor, and his strange aura of leadership.

Equipment: Venti wears a suit of azure armour which, also to the trained eye would be found to be possessed by a spirit, a dark green cloak with hood and dark green leather vest, bracers, breaches and shoes. Venti wields a golden blade custom made in the shape of a lightning bolt with edges like a scythe at each end, the blade glows when wielded by a spirit or one possessed by a spirit. Venti also has two smaller versions used as thrown projectiles. His only other weapon is a 6'6" long custom made black bow with arrows made with special black steel tips. Other than that, you can always find a few odd items on his person.

Backstory: Was raised since his early life to be a ranger. The child of the Princess and an experienced ranger in a very segregated country, when the King found out about his daughters son, Venti and his parents were hunted out of the country and, when he was only in his teens he discovered, from a gaurdian spirit that had made it it`s personal duty to protect him, that the royal family had a pact with a demon such that the first born should recieve great power, but the parents and second born would have to die, this happened to be at the same time his mother fell pregnant with his sister Argenta Penn.

When the demon came to claim his sister and parents Venti and his father fought valiantly but, his father and mother were slain by the demon but him and his sister survived with help from the spirit, during the demons final breaths it took its last swipe at Venti and struck him across his right eye, and upon impact the remains of the demons soul was transferred to Venti granting him extraordinary powers, but causing all pious people to react badly to him especially if they see his eye as they believe he is cursed.

After the fight with the demon Venti joined the band of rangers his father had been part of, and took his sister with him. After hearing of the death of the King and the search for his heir, Venti is looking for his home country yet he cannot find it to his disdain, and during his search for his home country he was set upon by some paladins, and during the fight Venti and his sister managed to escape and in their flight they came across the Town.

-speech is Dark Blue
-Spirit`s speech is Cyan
-He's prone to seeing things that exist in ethereal forms due to his accursed right eye, due to this the pious think that he is demonspawn and thus he hates them.
-While before he fought the demon he was skilled in holy magic he will not wield it now, as he has no faith in any spirit save the one who came to protect him against the demon.

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