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DeBunny's Characters

Name: Rizzen Seareer

Race: human
Class: Soulknife20
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110
Weapons: Mindblade (spiked chain and bastard swords), also carries a special spiked chain he's named "Demon Bane" (it is also an artifact of unknown origin), only uses it during emergencies or if he's in dire need of amusement

Backstory: Previously a young human thief who used shadow magic to bypass securities. He tried to steal from a prominant shadowcaster to test his skills and failed utterly. He was cursed with the form of a drow as punishment. Since that time Rizzen has floated in and out of various cities and towns making brief appearances and acting in the shadows, ever the manipulator. He seeks a cure from his curse so that he may take his revenge properly. This time has far passed and Rizzen is free from the shapechanging, though Katalia may still be a threat.

Common Knowledge: Shifted over to the nice guy side after his evil half quiet literally ripped itself from his body, taking his shadow casting abilities with it.

Current Story/Plot/Events:
None at the moment.

This is Rizzen's Color for talking.


Name: sRizzen

Race: Looks human, except for the tendrils and color
Class: Similar to shadowcaster in only a few ways, but he manipulates light/shadowcaster at other times
Alignment: Neutral leaning towards Evil/NE
Age: N/A
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 (or thereabouts, his unique body may alter it a bit)
Hair: Pure White, just like the rest of his body/Void black
Eyes: Turquoise/Red
Weapons: Odd green-hilted daggers he materializes out of thin air, his tendrils, his light manipulation/purple hilted daggers, tendrils, shadow manipulation

He was merely a shade, living a dismal life on the Shadow Plane up until the point where Katalia wrenched him out for an experiment. This experiment involved becoming rather connected to a certain boy's soul. This boy, obviously Rizzen, was granted power over shadows, but at the cost of his old life, instead becoming the cruel, hateful person that he was when he first entered Town. sRizzen slowly incorporated himself further into the soul, gaining more power over the body as he went. At one point, Rizzen was kidnapped (again) and due to whatever happened during this time, sRizzen was slowly rejected from his body. After sRizzen was expelled, he has wandered Town as his own entity once more, though he looks different and has stolen Rizzen's shadowcasting abilities. After having a discussion with Nightstar about the sentience of shadows one day, he elected to prove her wrong by making a few choice shadow manipulations. This eventually led to a fight with her that he lost and ultimately led to his death. He was reborn in New Town with a bit of a change in self...If he comes in contact with blood he reverts back to his 'evil side' temporarily and is currently trying to work around that.

Common Knowledge:
Looks almost exactly like Rizzen, except for the obvious color scheme difference and the tendrils. Generally not a nice guy and tends to enjoy murder and pain a bit too much. He doesn't like Maph'tey due to attempts to block him from Trog's via lights. He has yet to be convicted of actual murder, merely other minor charges.

Thinks himself rather clever, though he may not always be. Not to say he doesn't occasionally make blatantly stupid mistakes...
At times his tendrils seem to almost have a mind of their own, so not all effects on sRizzen are likely to stop the tendrils at the same time.

Current Plots:

This is sRizzen's talking color.


Name(s): Terre & Tirre

Race: Dvati
Class: Incarnate18
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (whether they believe that or not)
Age: 21
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 120lbs.
Hair: Tirre has red dyed hair while Terre has green dyed hair
Eye Color: black
Weapons: soulmelds

Dvati twins hailing from a small monastary in the town Quarvarr. They left the monastary particularly due to a strong distaste for the constricting rules, but mostly out of severe wanderlust. They have wandered the lands looking for adventure and typically not staying anywhere for more than a month.

Common Knowledge: They love to finish each other's sentences, delighting in the looks of awe that it strikes in most ordinary people. They tend to get in trouble with the law, as they find most laws restricting and they occasionaly go out of their way to break a few in order to make a point. They are rather charitable if they can get a good adventure out of the deal. No one is sure why they are residing in Town.

Notes: Typically cheerful and social, they only get angry when they feel they are being restricted or if a friend/twin is in danger.

Current Plots:

Tirre's color Terre's Color for their respective talking (subject to change periodically, they find it amusing to switch voices tones and confuse people, be sure to read the posts carefully to determine who's talking)


Name: Xeni

Race: Greater Doppleganger, but appears as a human.
Class: Some unfathomable level in Truespeaker with a little bit of sorcerer thrown in.
Alignment: Chaotic. Completely.
Age: 383
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 162 lbs.
Hair: White
Eye color: Gray
Weapons: Truespeech and Bows (rarely uses his Truespeech though)

All that is currently known is that he formed when a small black blob had an attempt on its life. Xeni has since gone here and there in Town.

Common Knowledge: An accomplished archer with good intent most of the time. Has a bow that bestows random elemental properties upon his arrows as he sees fit. He was killed at one point, but appears to have returned to Town.

Notes: Truespeech seems like a native tongue to him, so he is consequently enabled to do seemingly impossible things with it. As is such, the universe is similar to clay in his hands, but he's careful to not fiddle with it too much.

Current Plots:
Pursued by demons for apparently destroying a layer of the Abyss

This is Xeni's speech color.


Name: Yurioc

Race: Mouse
Class: Telepath 30 (A psion with the telepathy domain, for those without any particular D&D knowledge)
Alignment: NG
Age: 1.5 years
Height: 5 inches when standing on two legs
Weight: 19 grams
Weapons: Never seen with any

Yurioc was a typical mouse living in the Omnishop. He spent his time eating grain and wandering the shelves. On one particular wandering, he slipped off a shelf and fell into a vial below. The vial's contained concoction endowed Yurioc with sentience and large intelligence. Using his newfound intellect, Yurioc spent much of his later time reading various manuals and investigating technoligcal devices. After some time he constructed his own computer and joined the shop's employees.

Common Knowledge:
He lives and works at the Omnishop. He is incredibly intelligent and is capable of constucting mostly non-existant technologies.

Plots: None

Yurioc speaks in this color.


Name: Karaglen

Race: Silver Dragon/ Uses the form of an elven girl
Class: Cleric of Bahumut
Alignment: LG
Age: Wyrmling
Hair: None/ Black in elven form
Weapons: Teeth, breath weapon, claws, divine magic, small dagger when in elven form

Rescued from sacrifice to a dark god and then passed on to Xeni as an egg.

Common Knowledge:
Xeni is acting as her foster father.
Rather close to Mychasi.
Cleric of Bahamut.

A quiet thinker, more content to help out passersby and be an unassuming dragon, rather than being the center of attention.

Current Plots:
Pursued by demons for being with Xeni during the time he destroyed part of the Abyss

(will have more on her as it comes)


Name: Katalia Inheriok

Race: Human
Class: Shadowcaster/Necrocarnate
Alignment: CE
Age: Looks to be in 20's
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Void Black
Eyes: Brilliant Blue
Weapons: Shadow Magic, Shadow Elementals, Necrocarnum, Necrocarnum Zombies

Appears to be angry with Rizzen for an attempted theft sometime during his childhood. She appears to have not forgiven him and is slowly amassing an army of necrocarnum zombies as well as just generally terrorizing people.

Common Knowledge:
Doesn't appreciate people getting away from her. Organizes attacks with elementals and zombies before getting involved herself in fights.

Current Plot:

Katalia speaks in currently used color.

Many other characters float around, but may or may not be temporary:


The shadow teddies.

Race: Some kind of unknown metal/organic material combination. A living construct almost.

Appearance: Black lustery bodies, coated with a large amount of short spikes. They sport a pair of large bat wings, wingspans at least twice as long as their bodies, which is to say that their wingspan is over 6 feet. Their hands and feet are armed with long and slightly serrated claws. The head is fanged, with said fangs sticking over the opposite lip a fair ways. A horn juts from each side of their head, initially going downwards, but turning forwards after an inch or two. They also have that semi-cute fluff ball tail on their rumps. As such, it can be sort of noticed that at one point in time, they looked like oversized, yet normal, teddy bears, but they are rather different now.

Height: 3 feet on the dot

Weight: 80 pounds-ish

Claws, fangs, force (the magical kind), whatever else they can get their vicious little hands on

Created by sRizzen to eventually assassinate the little girl Lakshmi, only because he couldn't bring himself to do it. They now wander around on unknown tasks set forth by him, occasionally surveillance, occasionally kidnapping, occasionally murder. It varies. They are also rather protective of their master and enter a rage-like state when they witness him in recognizable danger.

Common knowledge:
Now reasonably less violent thanks to the release from Edict's control.


The evolved shadow teddies. Now known as elder teddies.

Race: Technically the same as the normal shadow teddies, but a drastically different form and with a few different abilities

Appearance: They have the same black lustery color of the normal shadow teddies, but they are a good deal taller, slightly above a human's typical height. Imagine a Yuanti Pureblood but tack on lizard features instead of snake and you have a decent picture. The horns typical of shadow teddies are gone, replaced with a very very short spines on the back of the evolved teddy's head and neck. They are draped in a faint orange robe that has holes slit in the back to accomadate their large wings. They have lizard like tails, complete with the ability to detach if necessary. Their eyes lack a pupil or an iris, instead just one solid 'white' that happens to be orange. They are covered with fine scales and keep the fangs and claws of the normal shadow teddy.

Height: About 7 feet

Weight: 200 pounds

Claws, fangs, force, abilities they've mimicked from foes

One of the older shadow teddies reached a point where it adapted too much and simply evolved into a new form as a result. Its spines grew into tendrils which wrapped it into a caccoon which began the 'evolution'.

Common Knowledge:
Now reasonably less violent thanks to their release from Edict's control.

Important Elder Teddies:

Presumably the same as the normal teddies.

The third stage/generation shadow teddy. AKA "Gen"

Appearance: It, or rather, she appears as a typical human woman dressed in the orange robes of the evolved teddies. She has light brown hair and orange eyes. Occasionally when she wills it, her face seems to flicker through hundreds of others, but just for a brief instant.

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 100 pounds. Yes, she's very light.

Weapons: Presumably force and other magics

She seemingly at random formed from one of the longer lived evolved teddies.

Common knowledge:
Gen is currently the racial goddess of the shadow teddy line with the large assistance of Fenric.

Speaking color.

The acid green teddy.  It has no further specification other than that it is either the newest Third Generation, or the first Fourth Generation.

Appearance: Clothless.  This teddy quite literally looks like a standard teddy that was stretched to make it slightly taller than an average human.  It has the same overall thickness of a standard teddy, but with the increased height, it looks rather skinny.  Unlike stardard teddies, though, this one has a discernable face that is very much like a humans.  At least until one sees the enlongated canines and pointed incisors.  The gray eyes may throw off the human look a bit, too.  Other than these simple differences is likely the most easily noted characteristic of this teddy: it's bright green skin color.

Height: 6' 11"

Weight: 130 pounds

Weapons: Claws, fangs, force magic, and a another ability that shall remain secret for now

Created by the Universe's Blind Spot spike after the destruction of Gen.  It promptly labeled the other teddies on the demiplane as "inferior" and left to explore Town.

Common knowledge:
Horrifyingly homocidal.

Name: Richard Gerint
Race: Human
Class: Nothing in d20 Modern, I'm sure.
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 25
Hair: Off White
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 162 pounds
Gear: His fedora, his briefcase

Backstory:  For his current life in Modern Town, he is nothing more than your average man that happens to know way too much about killing things efficiently.  He is helped along by his suitcase that can change into just about every weapon he can think of at the time.  He's joined the Monster Control Services.

Maybe if you people are lucky I'll write up his original life.

Common Knowledge:
Accomplished weapons user, both melee and ranged, with a particular focus on firearms.  He lives with Corinne, but seems to have acquired a good number of other guests.

Identical to Xeni's typical appearance.  Why you say?  Because Xeni is making himself a living memorial in Richard's honor, using his body to allow Richard to 'live on'.

Speaking color.

Name: Loaya
Nickname (what everyone knows her by): Jinx
Race: Tibbit
Class: Battledancer/Sorceress
Alignment: Somewhere along the neutral axis
Age: Not terribly old, but not particularly young, even though she looks rather young
Hair: Tan with silver streaks
Eyes: Green
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 93 lbs.
Skin: Light brown
Gear: Collection of knives and other knicknacks necessary for spellcasting

The tibbit called Jinx by Richard and Corinne was accepted as a pet in their home shortly after they found her in Richard's dining room. She looked to be an ordinary cat, so why not? Over the course of blending in as a cat, Jinx has managed to find trouble with a certain agent 616. After a particularly nasty battle with said agent, Jinx cast off her cover to better engage in the fight. Her secret's rather exposed now, but she seems to be rolling with it just fine.

Common Knowledge:
Rather nice looking cat.
Not a bad looking woman.
Accomplished spellcaster.
Accomplishes fighter/dancer.
Doesn't take kindly to cat-based insults.

Jinx is a member of the Fifth Tier, under Nezia and actually a coworker of Xeni's, sent to Modern Town to monitor Richard Gerint.
Ooh, ooh, little fun fact: Xeni and Jinx hate each other to the point of being actively willing to kill the other.
Seems rather uncharacteristic for Xeni, but he has his reasons.

Speaking color.

Name: Nezia
Race: Human by the looks of it.  Age suggests otherwise.
Class: ....we'll call it the "Slice 'n dicer"
Alignment: Neutral technically, but she constantly shifts back and forth with what can only be called "drastic mood swings of the alignment".
Age: 387.  4 years older than Xeni.  This may be important or on a non-existant test. Take notes.  Dispite this large age, she looks to be mid-twenties.  (Fairly common age for my characters I notice...)
Hair: Shifts randomly, but not as randomly as her moods.  Usually sticks around black and brown.
Eyes: Gray
Height: 6'5".   She is by no means a short woman.
Weight: 115.  She is, however, surprisingly light. Very light.
Skin:  A light tanned color.
Gear: Her robes and the threads concealed within.

You'd be rather surprised by how much of this is tied to Xeni's rather unknown backstory, but then again, I'm not partial to revealing the pre-Town lives of my characters.
Don't get me wrong, I know what they are for every single one of them, I just don't tend to write them up.
Well, some of the Xeni + Richard bits threaten to slip out on occasion, but that's for plot business, so it doesn't count.
So for now, we'll just say that Nezia's is closely tied to the second half of Xeni's.
As for Town life, she has popped in and out on business typically pertaining to Xeni, as she has little to no other business in Town itself.
She leaves those things to Xeni on most occasions.
She is typically found within the Fifth Tier, where she acts as the leader and as the unofficial mail courier.  That last part is only due to a few restrictions hampering the presence of multiple Tier members in one area without the direct consent of a leader.
It's far easier for her to just do these things herself than to have to constantly review and give approval for everyone else.

Common Knowledge:
Xeni's superior.
Tends to be rather merciless.

The main thing that separates Nezia from all the other average Janes that happen to suffer alignment based "mood swings" is her threads.
No, not clothes, but actual threads. As in yarn, or twine.
'Cept these aren't yarn or twine, but rather some strange metal that is of a atomic/molecular thinness.
This basically means that if she decides to have one of these pass through you, you get sliced in half easier than a knife through air.
She can manipulate the size of these threads at will to adapt to situations and once they hit a certain size, they become a distinct, glowing green.
Once they hit the green stage, they no longer slice things apart.  This stage is usually used for gripping or restraining objects/people.
A rather important note would be Nezia's apparent ability to manipulate these threads as if they were her own limbs, moving them through the air dextrously and with little thought.
Nezia has a very large amount of these in her possession, the maximum predicted to be around a few hundred or so being on her person.
The threads have certain other magical properties, the most well known of which is their ability to create interplanar portals.

Speaking color.

The Eight Tiers (An organization with little mini-organizations within it, though, they'd probably be better described as over-sized departments...)

Don't expect your typical Organization decription format, I'm going to type all this information as I see fit, which may or may not be in a slightly organized, sense making manner.
This also may or may not be all pertinant information to the Tiers.
I tend to forget things.

Location of the Tiers:
The Tiers are, in fact, located outside the boundaries of Existance. They aren't in Dead Space or anything (they are in an area closer to a simple void), they simply happen to not be within the standard bounds of the multiverse. This applies to time as well, they are not tied down to Time as pertaining to Existance, though they keep very close taps on everything that happens so that they can give the impression that they are indeed going by the same flow of time. Don't want to talk to someone, go back to the Tiers, and visit them again after weeks of Tier-time but only seconds of Existance-time. That would be confusing for the someone the Tier member was talking to.
The Tiers reside on and in a small planetoid within this void of nothing.
The planetoid (called the "Orb" or "Sphere" by the Tier members. Yeah, they're real original.) is of artificial make, being mostly machinery on the inside and synthetically produced plants on the outside.
Villages for the Tier members dot the surface of the Orb along with occasional, more important buildings that act as HQ's for individual Tiers.

The individual Tiers (and descriptions):

The First Tier: Maintenance tier, they reside within the Orb and are charged with making sure everything works.
This tier is vital to the survival of the Orb, making sure that it both remains a hospitable environment for its inhabitants and that it doesn't get consumed by the void it resides in by making sure its inner-protection mechanisms function properly. If anything, anywhere on the Orb, goes wrong and does get fixed within a few moments, the First Tier can be expected to have sent over a few workers fairly quickly.
They are master engineers, but horrible at most other things, not having had time for much else.

The Second Tier: Information processing tier, also within the Orb. This Tier organizes, interprets, and decodes information collected by the organization as a whole.
Hm...there's not much else to say about this one other than that few in Existance are as skilled at doing what they do than they are.

The Third Tier: Containment tier, resides within a large, spiked dome and tasked with containing prisoners, experiments, dangers to Existance, artifacts, and a few others.
You know those giant greenhouses that look like really cool geometric shapes composed of lots of triangles/rhombuses and such placed side by side? This tier HQ looks something like that, only with rather irregular looking shapes acting as the "pieces" that form the dome. They're blue, too.
Occasionally people pose specific threats to the Tier, or Existance, and are captured and delivered here. Not all "threats to Existancee" apply because, quite frankly, most don't get as close to their goal as they think they will and this tier knows it. This tier focuses on the ones that look genuinely close to succeeding in their quest. People in Town warrant special restriction due to the probability of them being stopped eventually by the large quantity powerful beings there. Limos almost warranted an extraction team, but he didn't by virtue of all the people already popping up to stop him.
Experiments from the Seventh Tier are often stored here if they are deemed too hazardous to be stored there, but too important to be destroyed.
Artifacts are stored here as they are found.

The Fourth Tier: Observation tier, resides in a large spire and watches random points in Existance, searching for possible interests.
This one is mostly just a Tower with a seemingly infinite number of floors filled with people watching Existance, typically through scrying.

The Fifth Tier: Investigative tier, resides within a large pyramid shaped complex and investigate interesting finds pointed out by the Fourth Tier. Most active tier out in the rest of Existance.
This is usually the only Tier to actually send members out into Existance and are, for the most part, the hands of the Tiers. They perform scouting operations, personal investigations, exploration of unscryable areas, among other occasional assignments. Sometimes they are sent out simply to assist people/towns/civilization(infrequently)/governments. Sometimes they act as mysterious "volunteers" for militaries deemed help-worthy by the Tiers.

The Sixth Tier: Home defense tier, resides within the Orb and tasked with defending the Eight Tiers.
This is pretty much the military of the Tiers, charged with little else than defending their home. The most common Tier soldier wields what could be described as an elemental ray gun.
Various soldiers exist for various situations. If you can think of it, they probably have an equivalent or something better.
Again, not much to say about this one.

The Seventh Tier: Experiment tier, resides in a mundane looking series of buildings and in charge of experimentation and testing of/on magic, items, and select beings.
They test magic, non-magic, scientific, non-scientific, living, unliving, undead, probably, improbable, etc. things. They are not beyond performing what some might call "cruel experiments on living beings" if they believe it may be useful to their cause. They try to avoid anything particularly evil without just cause.

The Eighth Tier: Administrative tier, resides within the Orb and charged with overseeing the other tiers.
They appoint Tier leaders, preside over the rare hirings that occur, dismissals, and generally poke their noses into the going-ons of the other tiers, occasionally directing people from the Fifth tier to certain areas, posing potential experiments to the Seventh Tier, etc.
Act as the main government for the Tiers.

While the Tiers may (seemingly) have little focus or overall goal, the one thing they seem to care about over all else, is the continued existance of....Existance. While they may not always be following the pursuit of this, they almost always at least offer a passing glance to anything that could threaten it.

Notable Tier members:
Loaya (Jinx)
Richard (past life)

Name: Aciba
Race: Elf at one point, werewolf at this point
Class: Sorcerer
Alignment: CE
Age: 143
Hair: A dark grey in hybrid/wolf forms, brown in his human form
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'0" He's a rather tall elf.
Weight: 150 lb
Skin: Darkish tan when in human form
Gear: Mostly just spell components, a couple of staves and wands, one or two magical rings

He was first seen with Nezia's arrival with in Town, working rather closely with her, for all intents and purposes, as her assistant. He was visibly seen to be prone to violence as seen by the periodic people that would go "missing" on the streets as he wandered around. Yet, he wasn't evil to the core as he does have his good moments, they are/were exceedingly rare.

Common Knowledge:
Actively performs "tricks" on Xeni. By tricks, I mean potentially deadly traps and such.
Works at the Eight Tiers, specifically the Fifth Tier. Same one as Xeni.
Not known for being nice, or even particularly subtle, though it does happen.

He is almost always in his hybrid form, as he prefers it over the other two.

Speaking color.

The Three Pixie Sisters

Pixie #1

Name: Fienna
Class: Ranger(2)
Age: 25
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Silvery Gray
Height: 2'4"
Weight: 15lbs
Gear: Small longsword, small composite longbow
Speaking color.

Pixie #2

Name: Dietta
Class: Fighter(3)
Age: 26
Hair: Light red
Eyes: Dark Gray
Height: 2'4"
Weight: 15lbs
Gear: Small +1 longsword
Speaking color.

Pixie #3

Name: Siella
Class: Rogue(2)
Age: 28
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown/Gray mix
Height: 2'5"
Weight: 16lbs
Gear: Small +1 dagger, small masterwork composite shortbow
Speaking color.

The pixies were driven from their home forest by a massive fire that ultimately erased that forest from the face of the planet, save for ash. The pixie sisters set out to find a new home and maybe a culprit to the Great Fire.
It was on this quest, that they stumbled upon the Hamlet.

Fienna's dress is red with black trim.
Dietta's dress has a black upper portion and red bottom.
Siella's dress is black with red trim.
Siella is the most powerful of the trio, being the only one among them born with the ability to use irresistable dance.

In terms of power rating:
Fienna: 2 (Lvl 6)
Dietta: 2 [Lvl 7)
Siella: 2 (Lvl 8 )

Newest batch plus Aria.
These six (and Edict) are all allied and work rather closely with each other, for the most part.

Orginal Description:
She is unremarkable, faint orange-tinged hair, flowing green robes and a pair of small axes strapped to her waist.
Race: Human
Class:  Mostly Fighter
Alignment: N (evil tilt)
Hair:  Orange tinge
Eyes:  Light green
Height:  5'2"
Weight: 138 lbs
Gear: Magical axes
Speaking color.

Orginal Description:
[Sariai's companion], a creature that looks like a blue skinned gnome, dressed in similar robes with similar hair....
Race: Shven (extraplanar sub-species of gnome)
Class:  Sorcerer (summoning focus, few modified bit)
Alignment: NE
Hair: Orange tinge
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 3'9"
Weight: 78 lbs
Gear:  Various magical trinkets
Speaking color.

Orginal Description:
Dressed completely in black, complete with an overcoat and heavy boots, the blue-gray haired figure would look almost ordinary if it weren't for the black scarf around his neck, writhing in a distinctly life-like fashion through the air.
Race: Human (only a half blood, though)
Class: Rogue, Perfect Wight (some modifications, of course)
Alignment: N (evil and chaotic tilt)
Hair: Blue-gray
Eyes: Blue-gray (darker than hair)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 176 lbs
Gear: Symbiont scarf, magical daggers, few other magical trinkets
Speaking color.

Orginal Description:
The woman has rather smooth features and a distinctly fair complexion.
Paired with the pointed, long ears sprouting from her just shy of shoulder length red hair, the woman is easily identified as an elf.
An elf in a bright blue skirt with an also blue sleeved blouse.
And an odd double-weapon strapped to her back. The weapon begins as a double sword, only the end that was supposed to be the "double" in the weapon has been replaced with a halberd head. the weapon is slightly more than half of the woman's height and clearly made of adamantine, althought the tip of the sword seems to be a made of silver, somehow crafted in such a way as to not look like that part might fall off at any moment.
She wears no shoes, but her feet never quite seem to touch the ground anyway, instead "landing" roughly half a centimeter above the ground with every step. If an obstacle, such as a rock is present, then the "landing" level is pushed up slightly as to keep the foot that half a centimeter away from the highest point of the ground where her foot would hit.

Race: Elf
Class: Psionic Warrior/Perhaps something more?
Alignment: N (evil tilt)
Hair: Red
Eyes:  Green
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 124 lbs
Gear:  Her magical sword/halberd combo
Speaking color.

Race: Human
Class: Doesn't really have one.  Assimilates the fighting styles of others
Alignment: LN (evil tilt)
Hair:  Lustrous silver
Eyes: Bright gray
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 128 lbs
Gear:  Spiders
Speaking color.

Uleryunabil (Ryu):
Orginal Description:
For one so important, he is a small figure, no more than a three feet in height. Yet, he still cuts an imposing figure, thickly wrapped in a dark cloth that splays out on the floor about him, leaving only his piercing blue eyes open to the world and a few locks of a red-tinged black hair slipping out through the wrapping on his head. A shape similar to a six pointed star floats in the area just in front of where his forehead would be, the upper most and lower most tips stretched out a few inches beyond the others. The shape glows with a malevolent blackness, eagerly devouring any light that dares near it and producing an eerie violet glow about the room. A simple gray sash is tied where the figure's waist would be, the ends hanging off to the left side, only a few inches off of the ground. The sleeves of his robe hang limply to his side, they too, splayed out along the ground in their great length. If his arms are within them, then they are too small to be openly identified.
Race: Unknown
Class: Psion, Sorcerer
Alignment: LE
Hair:  Black with red tinge
Eyes:  Bright blue
Height: 3'2"
Weight:  75 lbs
Gear:  That star-shape object, possibly other objects
Speaking color.

Most of the group arrived in Town separately, doing completely unrelated activites.
Sariai and Nurlew arrived on the streets with the apparent intent of making allies, immediately striking up an alliance with a man known as The Priest.
Galinai arrived in the tavern, merely watching.
He left shortly afterwards to fetch Tennel from a twon by the name of Toos, the groups previous location.
For the record, Toos (a town of primarily gnomes and halflings with occasional humans) has been removed from the map.
These two reentered Town with the intent of heading to a meeting with the rest of the group members.
Aria entered Town far before the others (except Edict) and made her way into the Cabal of Grammaton.  She has since risen to the position of leadership.
Ryu appeared in the Scar near Edict, accompanied by the acid green teddy.
He performed something the gem prison of the elder teddy Shazian and left KNAVES.  He sent Galinai out to retrieve Tennel.
Edict had been in Town for a much longer time, his activities for the most part concerning KNAVES.  Ryu seems displeased with his loss of control over the teddy line, which he, not Provost Edict, created.
Ryu seems determined to correct the problem.

It should probably be noted that Galinai and Sariai are half-siblings.

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Name: Nhilvyll

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Name: Kale

Character Gaiatars
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Richard (1st)

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