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Deadly's Characters

Because one can easily have too many.

Place Town Status Active

Race Fairy Classes Fleshwarper/Surgeon/Necromancer/Occultist


Laume is a fairy with strange fascinations. She used to be shy and secluded, but has since come out of hiding and seems friendly and happy. She works as a surgeon, but also deals extensively in necromancy and occult lore. She runs a store in the slums, offering surgery and a wide variety of occult items and services.

Laume is a tiny winged fairy. She has long, dark green hair which reaches all the way to the ground when she stands upright. She is quite beautiful and well shaped, not extremely so but to another fairy she'd definitely be considered attractive. There is occasionally a sense of unnaturalness about her, but it's hard to point out what it is and it doesn't detract from her appearance.

She is usually dressed in a black leather skirt with a green covering and two gold chains, a green shirt with a small turtle neck, long black gloves and grey leather boots.

She has a black lotus flower tattooed on her stomach.

Trademark Gear
Laume uses a specially made scalpel. The handle is made from platinum, polished to a perfect sheen. The blade, which is made from obsidian, can be changed easily. Laume seems to have an endless supply of these ultra-sharp blades, which can also be used as thrown weapons.

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