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Dartonus's characters

Regular town characters

Name: Sha'rall
Power level:6

Race: Illithid (mind flayer) Lich (AKA alhoon)
Class: Abberation 8, Archmage 5, Wizard 27
Alignment and Temperament: Lawful Evil, Short tempered to sorcerors, helpful to wizards, Tends to rob fresh graves for brains
Age: 4,792
Height: 7 ft
Weight: 90 Lbs
Hair color and Length: Hair? What Hair? He's a lich, he does'nt have hair!
Eye color: Pinpricks of red
Weapons: Magic (necromancy specialized, Divination+illusion banned), Prismatic blade (Keen Flaming burst, Icy burst, and shocking burst Shortsword), Greater prismatic blade (same, except longsword), Soulcutter (Keen Vorpal scythe with the ability to cast lightning bolt 10/day and chain lightning 5/day, CL 32), Drowslayer (Flaming burst, icy burst, and shocking burst light crossbow of humanoid (elf) Bane

Story: Not much is known about Sha'rall, except what the few survivors of his coordinated attacks say. He was an Illithid prince in the house of Rall in the Illithid city of Sur'ran, growing up in an Illithid city where Drow and illithid lived in harmony. At some point during this time, he slew a goblin who had in his possession one of the shards of oblivion. He unwittingly became a pawn of themortiverse, and, guided by the Mortiverse's cruel whispers, went to the local temple of Ilsensine, and led a massive force of clerics of ilsensine, goddes of the illithids and drove the Drow out, slaying many. Horrified by what he had done, he tried to drop the shard, but It had been bound to the goblin's skull, which was on a string around his neck. The skull is now bound to him, perhaps permanently. He self-exiled him for many years, became a lich, and tried to ascend to the throne of the city, but was rejected by the Elder Brain because of his Lichhood. Angrily, he slew the Illithids of his city, defaced the temples, and killed the elder brain of the city, scattering its pieces through the city. Horrified, He fled the city after attempting to resurrect the slain Illithids, but turning them into Necromantic abominations instead. He later met a group of incompetent adventurers who became quite powerful before his plain to make them slaves to the Illithids and redeem himself could come to Fruition. He Later Drowned the most powerful with a sudden attack of Rock To Lava spells (what a waste of tasty Brains) And turned on the others, Leaving only the weakest alive, but placing a great curse on him (a hated sorceror), Reducing the Hapless sorceror's Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, and Charisma to 1. Some time after the event(he disappeared for a 400 year period, rumors say he created 49 phylacteries in highly inconspicuous places around the planes), He reappeared and started a large weapons company in a canyon, Heavily guarded by his loyal awakened undead.

Common knowledge
-The form of one of his 49 phylacteries is known, but its location is not: A gold piece
-Rumors speak of a phylactery in Howler's crag in pandemonium
-Stealing from his workshop is no easy task - Prismatic spray spell traps are everywhere, and so are his loyal arrow demons
-He supposedly gives discounts to fellow Illithids
-Rumor has it He knows Bel, Lord of the first layer of Baator
-Prone to possession by the entity he is attempting to destroy

In addition to worshipping Ilsensine, He also worships Midnabar, Little-known greater deity, lord of famine, droughts and the desert, and The Mortiverse (created by speeblefreak on the WoTC boards), Bringer of doom and despair who could crush you by looking at you.

Ongoing storyline:

Name: The Panda Bandit
Power level:5

Race: Human Werepanda (lycanthrope)
Class: rogue 20/assassin 10
Alignment + temperament: Chaotic Evil, tries to stay true to the dictionary panda definition- at taverns, he eats, shoots, and leaves.
Age: 35
Height: 6 feet
Weight: human 95 lbs, hybrid 400 pounds, animal 850 pounds
Hair color: white with a few black patches
Eye color: Human black, Hybrid and animal red
Weapons: hand crossbow, heavy repeating crossbow, Masterwork +5 Vorpal Katana
Story: born a lycanthrope, the panda bandit was very shy. He rarely talked. upon discovering the dictionary definition, he set out to clearly define what a panda does: eats, shoots, and leaves. During his childhood as the son of the captain of the royal guard in the bamboo forest, he saw a coup overthrow the king and goblin mercenaries kill his father. He hooked up with Krall to help get revenge and got drawn into Sha'rall's service in a very confusing affair.He recently caused a nuclear explosion at trog's in an incident involving a Uranium-238 elemental's death throes.
Common knowledge: It's not safe to be near him when he is eating.
Notes: has faint black, mask-like marks near his eyes.
Ongoing storyline:

Name:Krall, demonic bounty hunter
Power level:5

Race: arrow demon
Class: ranger 6
Alignment + temperament: CE, tends to shoot the enemy full of holes first, asking questions later (if at all)
Age: 670
Height: 6 feet, 6 inches
weight: 150
Hair color: blood red
Eye color: blood red
Weapons: 2 +3 large composite longbows, 4 +2 keen scimitars, claws, 2 large oathbows
Story: Krall was a common arrow demon until he discovered bounty hunting. He immediately made it his career. always looking for faster craft, he stole from Sha'rall to get his hands on The demon wing. Sha'rall eventually caught up to him and forced him into his service.
Common knowledge: He is willing to hunt down anybody except Sha'rall - For a price
Notes: none
Ongoing storyline: None

RIP Bob the Uber commoner.

Name: Omni
Power level:5

Race: elemental undead
Class: Undead 25
Al and temperament: NE, Calm and evaluating
Age: ?
Height: 5 foot 5
weight: 100 pounds
Hair: None
eyes: None
Weapons: Sonic warhammer, flaming scythe, ice greatsword, acid crossbow, and lightning daggers. Possibly others.
Story: Unknown
common knowledge: Control over elements, difficult to kill at best.
Notes: can change his form by turning to ice and reshaping himself.
can recolor ice
ongoing storyline: None.

Name: Grist
Power level:5

Race: Half Farspawn Human
Class: Cleric 20 (Death, destruction)/Hierophant 5
Al and temperament: NE, cold, calculating, and ruthless.
Age: 24
Height: 5 foot 8
weight: 120
Hair: white, down to ears
Eyes: brown, piercing
Weapon: + 5 vorpal greataxe
Story: unknown
Common knowledge: Leader of the clerics of the mortiverse:
Aust: Drow cleric 20, Keth: shadow half orc 20, Edath: half fiend dwarf cleric 20 (all above destruction, evil) Zelt: kobold cleric 15, Vern: svirfneblin cleric 10/rogue 5, Wezt: duergar cleric 10/wizard 5, Xaryl: skullcrusher ogre cleric 10/fighter 5, Zenn: human cleric 10/barbarian 5, Treft: elf cleric 10/Monk 5 (all above evil, death), 10 human cleric 10s (destruction), 10 gnome cleric 10s (death), 10 halfling cleric 10s (evil), and 40 half elf adept 5s.
Ongoing storyline: none.

And now, a nintendo homage!
Power level:5

Race: Picori
Class: Wind mage (Coming soon!) 30
Alignment and temperament: CE, playful, self-centered, selfish
Age: 20
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Weight: 85 lbs
Hair color and length: Light blue, over one eye, two flops down sides are shoulder-length
Eye color: red
Weapons: Magic, +5 short sword

Story: As a young minish, Vaati was apprentice to the local sorceror, Ezlo. He one day stole Ezlo's magic hat that granted wishes and was given ultimate power. He got beaten by link 3 times, and eventually moved to the town when he got fed up.

Common knowledge:
-Don't leave Anything that grants wishes around him, or he'll steal it.
-Enjoys scrabble and boggle
-Can shrink down to 1 inch height.
-Good swordsman

Notes: All credit goes to Nintendo. Please don't sue me.

My Megaman from BN3: Blue
Name: Megaman Woodbug
Power level: 4

Race: Navi
Class: Deleter 50
Alignment: N
Temperament: fairly cheerful when a bug is not affecting him
Age: No Idea.
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 100 pounds
Hair color and length: brown, short
Eye color: green
Weapons: Buster and a whole lot of battlechips, including Murmasa blade.
Story: Play Battle Network 3. you won't be dissappointed. after that, he jacked into a computer and wandered into the town.
Common knowledge: random bugs affect him upon entering battle, such as temporary invulnerability
Capcom gets credit for making megaman such a good character that I had to add him to my town portfolio. please don't sue me.
Police officer.
Ongoing storyline: None

Name:Grrentooth Goldblade
Power level: 4

Race: goblin
Class: paladin 20
alignment: LG
temperament: Overzealous
Age: 20
height: 4 feet
weight: 80 pounds
Hair color and length: none
Eye color: brown
weapons: +5 evil outsider and undead bane longsword with a golden hilt
Story: His parents among Krall and The Panda Bandit's many victims, Greentooth has developed a "I don't care" attitude towards his own death. as a result, he upholds justice quite zealously, often taking punishment into his own hands.
Common knowledge:
Charges into battle with a great shout.
Often brings down every hostile creature in a mile down on the heads of whatever hapless group he is accompanying.
yes this is a leeroy jenkins tribute.
ongoing storyline:


Sci-fi town characters

Power-level 5

Human inventor, hacker, and pilot
Age: 26
Height: 5 foot 2
Weight: 104 pounds
Hair color and length: ear-length metal cables
eye color: one eye grey, the other is a robotic eye.
Weapons: Laser rifle, plasma sword
Common knowledge: Tends to do things only for his own good.
Can manipulate metal into various shapes and forms
Notes: Not a very good pilot.
Owner of the Silver Blade
Ongoing storyline: none

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