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Darkcomet's Characters

First off...

General Drelin

Race: Human Cyborg
Equipment/Abilities: Able to survive some kinds of wounds that would normally kill thanks to his cybernetic enhancements, which compensate for his old age. His hands were completely replaced by robotic prosthetics, and are clawed. It doesn't mean much, though, due to the arm blades, which are not part of his body. He used to have a flesh-rotting sniper rifle, but it was looted after he died.
Alignment: Neutral Evil (Formerly Lawful Evil, but he kind of went insane.)
Backstory: Top secret. I will say, though, that someone, apparently wanting to use him as a weapon, reconstructed him from his fallen-apart state, bringing him back to life. Said person was killed by Drelin shortly after. This one, though, is a clone created around that time, and ended up here.
Miscellaneous: This is a clone of GitP's Drelin and shares his memories.

Since Enup Drelin's been retired/killed horribly...

The Illusionist (name unknown)

Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Equipment/Abilities: He's an illusionist. He makes illusions. Very good ones, I might add-most sensors report them as real. He has a short sword (on back in his avvy) which generally isn't brought out unless he feels like killing someone or making a point.
Misc: You'd better not bore him, or there will be madness.

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