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Dark Tide

Hey Guys.

I was thinking to run a campain for a while, and for a few days i've been planning stuff.

It will be set in Faerūn, as part of the Forgotten Realms.

So, this is the recruitment thread.

Players: 4 Preferably.
Level: ECL 3 (3000 xp to start with)

Abilities: 28 Point Buy.

Gold: 8,000 gp. <- You start off with little money. Any money you have left over from buying equipment is halved.

Races: Any Faerūnian Race.
(Human, Any Dwarf, Any Gnome but Svirfneblin, Any Elf, Any Halfling, any Half-combinations, Aasimar, Tiefling, Genasi)

Books used: I will accept anything from the Core Books, The Forgotten Realms Setting, Dungeonscape and Frostburn.

I will want (also) a small background of the character.

Is anyone interested?

I've already said I was interested. Still am. Razz

*goes to create character*

Haven't played FR in ages..let's see if i can manage a character.

I'm interested. I think I'd like to play a young sorcerer, who gets his magical powers from a mysterious, glowing red gem which he believes sometimes talks to him. Human, NG, I imagine. I'll write up a character sheet and a more indepth background later, if this is ok.

Deadly: That's fine =D.

All: please remember that you get a language specific to what region of Faerūn you are from, or what race you are. =). Plus some equipment.

Ok, here's a preliminary sheet for my character. I'm a bit unsure about a few of the details, mostly equipment and spell selection, so I'll probably change that a bit before play.

A brief Background is at the bottom. Let me know if you want anything changed, or have some other input on it.



Male Human, Sorcerer 3
NG Medium Humanoid
Init +2
Senses Listen -1, Spot -1
Languages Common, Draconic, Halruaan, Ignan
Age 21 Hair Black and dark gray Skin Dark Eyes Dark brown Deity Mystra Region Halruaa

AC 14 (+2 dex, +1 armor, +1 natural), touch 12, flat-footed 12
HD 3d4+3 (12 hp)
Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +2

Speed 30 ft.
Attack +1 (1d4+0 ; 19-20/x2) silver dagger (melee) or +3 (1d8+0 ; 19-20/x2) light xbow (ranged)
Base Atk +1 Grp +1

Abilities Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 16
SA Spell Shield (Dungeonscape p13)
Feats Spellcasting Prodigy (FRCS p38), Spell focus (enchantment), Spell focus (evocation)
Skills Bluff 9, Concentration 7, Decipher Script 3, Diplomacy 6, Intimidate 6, Knowledge (arcana) 8, Spellcraft 10
Proficiencies All simple weapons

Sorcerer Spells per Day 6/6
Save DC 14 (15 for enchantment and evocation) + Spell Level.
Caster Level 3

Sorcerer Spells Known
0th -- Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Flare, Light, Mage Hand ;
1st -- Burning Hands, Cause Fear, Sleep ;

Silver Dagger (22gp, 1lb)
Light Crossbow (35gp, 4lb)
Bolts [20] (2gp, 2lb)

Bracers of Armor +1 (1000gp, 1lb)
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (2000gp)
Wand of Magic Missile [3rd] (2250gp)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (750gp)
Wand of Mage Armor (750gp)
Wand of Detect Secret Doors (750gp)

Scroll of Comprehend Languages [2] (Regional, free)
Scroll of Endure Elements [4] (Regional, free)
Scroll of Invisibility (Regional, free)

Scroll of Enlarge Person [2] (50gp)
Scroll of Feather Fall [2] (50gp)

Spell Component Pouch (5gp, 2lb)
Scroll Case [12] (12gp, 6lb)
Silk rope 50ft (10gp, 5lb)
Torch (1lb)
Backpack (2g, 2lb)
Waterskin (1g, 4lb)
Trail Rations [2] (1gp, 2lb)
Ink & Inkpen (8gp)
Parchment [5 sheets] (1gp)
Flint & Steel (1gp)

Gold 150 gp

Load 30 lb.
Encumbrance Limits Light < 33 lb, Medium 34-66 lb, Heavy 67-100 lbs.

Presmer grew up in southern Halruaa, and like most people there studied the arcane arts from a young age to become a wizard. But Presmer never ended up a wizard despite both talent and interest, instead he chose the path of sorcery after purchasing a seemingly mundane red gem from a Calimshite merchant. Shortly after buying the gem, Presmer slowed down his studies, to the great concern of his mentors. Despite this, Presmer gained arcane power far quicker than should be expected from his meager studies. Presmer claimed that something within the gem granted him the power and guided him in his studies, so that he could focus on what was important rather than all the repetitive studies and practices he'd have to go through as a wizard.

Not surprisingly his mentors sought to convince him to stop this foolishness with the gem and return to wizardry. Presmer did not comply and in the end had to flee the country for fear of persecution. The truth about the gem and Presmer's newfound powers remain a mystery, and Presmer has learned to keep his beliefs about the gem to himself.

Description and Personality
Presmer is tall, young and rather handsome. Presmer is studious for a sorcerer, and social for a scholar, not quite fitting into any normal perception of his kind. Like most Halruaans he's rather distrustful of others, but tends to act friendly. Despite his distrustful nature he may not possess the wisdom to see through even obvious lies and deceptions, as the deal with the gem suggests.


Looks cool at the moment =).

Does anyone else wish to play? There is a space.

well, seems Deadly has already taken the Arcane spot...

Cassie, what are you planning to do? i'm a little torn up between a divine caster or a sneaky type...

If no one else wants to take that space... *gnaws on it*

Madmal wrote:
well, seems Deadly has already taken the Arcane spot...

Cassie, what are you planning to do? i'm a little torn up between a divine caster or a sneaky type...

Heheh, same. =P

I'm probably going to be either a Drow or Half-drow...Just got to decide whether I'm being a rogue/ranger or cleric...

myself, i think i'll try a genasi race...but i still need to work up the pc concept (aka, take a look at Frostburn, and find the old setting. Getting PGtF could also be on the list) Razz

*tanker role cries itself to sleep*


I think I'd rather play a rogue for this game...just because I'm not that familiar with the Faerunian gods and goddesses...

Half-Drow rogue. Hmm. *goes to plot*

*comforts the poor tanker role*

Hmm. So that leaves Tank.

...Hey Exy. Could I possibly get permission to use the Tome of Battle?
*big puppy eyes*

Hmm.... Divine slot open, i'm beign tempted by the druid class...

To Vael: So long as you can quote it to me. =D.

Players (4/4)
--- (Rogue) [Castaras]
Presmer (Sorcerer) [Deadly]
--- (Divine) [Mal]
--- (Tank) [Vael]

Altheria na'Turkash



Born in the city of Sshamath, the daughter of a slave human and a priestess of Lolth. Abused when young, made a slave and trained to be a slave. Gets caught stealing, but manages to escape. After much wandering through the endless tunnels, she makes it to the surface, and now wanders. Unsure of what she's searching for, but sure that she needs to keep moving, in case the drow are still after her. Doesn't care for much in the way of gold, or helping others. Just wants to survive, and help herself. She comes first, others later.

Cliche FTW eh? <.<

And now for avvie...

Did a small update of Presmer's item list; Changed the wand of enlarge to wand of mage armor, changed some scrolls and added others.

I've decided the spell selection makes well enough sense, so I'll leave that as it is.

I also halved the remaining gold, so the sheet should be final now, unless you spot any errors or missing details.

Okedokay =).

Both Sheets look good to me =).

Here's my character so far:
I haven't decided on a name, and the alignment is a toss up between neutral and evil.
I'm thinking she may be from Thay, but still working on that.

Looks ok.

So far:
??? - [Vael] [Warblade Tank]
Altheria na'Turkash - [Cassie] [Rogue]
??? - [Mal] [Divine]
Presmer - [Deadly] [Sorcerer]

okay, here it is so far, just missing half the equipment and the small background:


..i couldn't make up my mind, so i rolled a dice on gender. seems this Presmer guy may be a pimp.. Razz

And the only good-aligned character in the party? And teamed up with a (possible) Thayan? Poor Presmer, I can see his doom already Razz

Seems so =D.

Also (which I neglected to mention before) I need a reason for you guys to be in Almraiven. =). If you have no FR book, it says:
Almraiven: This port city is home to the country's largest shipbuilding facility. Aside from the whirlwind of merchant and guild activity, wizards and sorcerers know it as the premier centre for magical study in Calimshan.

So all I need is a (feasable) reason to be in Almraiven. =).

Oh and I'll give you a little more time if you want to make any changes.

((And for Vael to finish up))

Deadly wrote:
And the only good-aligned character in the party? And teamed up with a (possible) Thayan? Poor Presmer, I can see his doom already Razz

yeah, but look at the bright side of life... his cause of death may be by smothering Wink


Well, it's real easy with Presmer. His gem comes from Calimshan, so it makes sense that he'd end up there. He probably believes the gem told him to go there for some reason. And if Almraiven is the center of magical study it makes even more sense.

Altheria's been wandering, and might have seen this large city as a perfect place to get money, even if in an illegal way. What with all the merchants here, there's sure to be some rich pickings. And maybe there would be a thieves guild somewhere in the less savoury areas of the city she could join, if only temporarily. She is a rogue, after all.

Okay, so now that Exy has poked me...
Neutral Evil.

Verinth hails from Mulhourand, though she doesn't speak much about it. She gives hints that she adventured in the desert wastes, but never really specifies the location.
More recently, she has started discovering that she can harness mystical energies and and channel them into her combat skills, and so has decided to go to Almraiven to try and find out about her magic.
Why she traveled so far is unknown, but one might guess that she is avoiding something.

Is there still an spot open?

Not unless Mal doesn't reply.

*goes to poke him*

Esvele's character sheet's done. hope everything is in order.

Looks good, just need a reason for Esvele to be in Almraiven.

Ok... Mal gave me a reason.

So, I'll have the thread up in a few minutes...

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