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Damon's List of Extreme Rockocity.

I appologize if your mind is blow by the following characters:

Name- Damon [No last name]
Frequently Called- Damon
Race- Humaniod
Class- Swordsage, Alchemist, Engineer, Archivist
Alignment- Chaotic Good
Temperament- Fairly Calm. Few things will ever actually cause him to act rediculous. He is often calm and in control of the situation. Few things will ever get him scared, although many things will get him interested. The largest insult one could use to Damon would be insulting his line of work.
Occupation- Treasure Hunter
Description- Damon is 6'2'' and of a medium build. He has been considered handsome by some before with a strong and well built face. His hair is a Oaken brown while his skin tone is a tanned caucasian. He is always seen wearing his signature charcoal cloak. Behind that is a simple cloth like armor, the abilites of which are yet unknown.
Weapons- A katana like sword strapped to his back. The blade itself is made of Damons own invention, a crimson red blade with a streak of black here and there. The blade appears to be under no magical spell or otherwise afflicted. Other than that the only visible weapon would be a collapsable bow which extends from a one foot long stick to a full length long bow. Other than that Damon has an extensive collection of magical items which he will often just pull out with seeming endless pockets. Anything he wants is never more than a trip in his pocket away it seems. Asides from more treasures that is.
Story Back- Damon is just another adventure seeker. He's just around for Tresure and the promise of adventure. After graduating Treasure Hunter school he has visited all types of planes and worlds looking for neat objects. He now is in the town, looking for more treasure.

- None
Current Plot(s): None

Name- Brandmund Vahan
Frequently Called- Vahan
Race- Human
Alignment- Lawful Neutralish
Temperament- Brandmund Vahan is a fairly kind man. He greets, talks, gossips, and does all everything else most people do. Yet it is his angered side one must fear. For his skills are quite advanced after being trained by his "Master". He is capable of doing quite quick body work, due to lack of armor, and is based on strength with a sword and shield, speed with the body.
Age- 21
Height- 6'2''
Eyes- Green
Hair- Brown
Clothing- Valen wears only cloth armor. He wears it in thick layers as to provide minimal protection, yet give him virtually no retrictions on movement. This insures gim that his actions can be performed quickally and be slightly protected. Though his armor may protect him from a slight cut, it could not stop a arrow or bolt.
Weapons- Brandmund carries 3 weapons with him at almost all times.
The first and most seen is his shield, ALWAYS worn on his left arm, even when traveling. It is extremly thich, about three inches of solid metal. It is capable of withstanding almost any extreme temperatures and virtually all attacks. It inhibits Valens left arm though, making him unable to use it as long as his shield is there. The straps are wound in such a way that they stay tight to his arm yet only require one buckle to be undone to remove it.

The second weapon is his wand. This is kept on his person at all times, inside his cloth armor, behind his shield only slightly higher. It is about 5 inches long and it only capable of casting one spell. It fires extremly powerful yet condensed blasts of air. They are extremly accurate and have incredible range. The impact that they have can be compared to that of a modern day bullet. It will cut flesh and dent metal.

The third weapon is a shortsword. Nothing special about it. It is kept attached to his hip on his left side.
Back Story- After being trained by The Master, he decided to venture out into the world. Eventually ending up in the town.

Name- Drake Ryuu
Frequently Called- Drake
Race- Human
Alignment- Lawful Neutral
Temperament- He's a friendly warrior, yet who knows as time goes on.
Class- Dragon Shaman
Age- 18
Height- 5'9''
Eyes- Blue
Hair- Brown
Clothing- He wears the "Robes of the Dragon". That means upon beating an overwelming force, completing a plot, or just when his player needs him to, he will level up. His clothes will upgrade with him, eventually becoming armor. Currently they are bland, gray robes.
Weapons- He only has the "Knife of the Dragon". Which, like his robes, will advance along with him.
Back Story- Dragon Shamans are beings who strive to gain Draconic powers, not unlike what a Dragon Disciple does. However, unlike a Dragon Disciple, these beings are not necessairly born with the bloodline of a Dragon. Dragon Shamans, instead, earn their power by making a pact with a certain breed of Dragon.

[^Thanks Wikipedia!^]


Name- Hooch
Race- Hobo
Alignment- Neutralish
Temperament- friendly, when sober, EVERY emotion EVER when drunk.
Class- Hobo
Age- Hobo
Height- 5' 10''
Eyes- Brown
Hair- Brown
Clothing- He wears a solid green jacket, even when it's hot, a solid orange shirt. and long brown pants. All of which are very stained with all manners of liquids. He also dawns a beard. Furthermore he is always wearing a paper bag on his head. Not over his face, just on his head.
Weapons- Bottles of Hooch.
Back Story- The physical manifistation of poverty in modern town.

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