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Cynical Circle

Cynical Circle's Characters


Name: Phosphor Temra.
Age: 24
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good

Cynical Circle


Name: Allie Nixon
Age: 17
Race: Human
Alig: Lawful Neutral, but answers to somebody who is Neutral Evil.
Cynical Circle

Name: Cacarra (Cac for short)
Age: The illithid equivalent of young adulthood.
Race: Illithid
Alig: LN/TN.
Cynical Circle

Name: Liache
Age: Unknown. Appears to be early 20s.
Race: Execuloth (daemon)
Alignment: NE, but follows her summoner's wishes.
Gender: Female


Abilities: Can summon some objects, including her clipboard and pen. Most summoning is done by pulling the object out of her jacket, even if it would not fit within it without causing a notable bulge.
Magic extends mostly to various uses of impact aura, which is a grey lukewarm glow that strikes with minor concussive force---that is, an average impact bolt is equivalent to a decently-thrown brick, and a physical strike imbued with impact aura is akin to a swung brick in hand. The relationship between impact aura and bricks is something to be considered.
Liache's ovipositor tail is capable of administering a venom that causes mild hallucinations, nausea, skewed balance, and a general lack of coordination for approximately an hour, though the effects and duration can vary.
Cynical Circle

Age: 19?
Race: Human Teilherzen (Essentially a Nobody plus half a heart)
Alignment: Varies

Equipment: This sword (turns into the smaller object shown). Jacket's hyperspace pockets contain more mundane objects and some healing items.

Abilities: Well-versed with her Naught Sword. Able to create illusions.
Cynical Circle

Name: Template
Age: Operational less than 5 years, but has an adult-proportioned body.
Race: Synthetic thingy.
Alig: TN?
Her skin is rather lighter grey than it is in this picture.
Abilities: Unknown for the most part.
She is the only one capable of operating the 01 Capsule, including opening the door and editing its inner and outer dimensions and its contents.

Equipment: The 01 Capsule, which is a grey boxy structure about the size of a portable toilet with one door.
Its inner dimensions can be changed by Template, and has some basic configurations, including a transport pod mode and a bare-bones sort of living space (about 7 by 7 feet).
Theme Song:
Angry Clouds - Ricky Eat Acid

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