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Cynical Circle

Cynical Circle's Art.

Let's start this off with Famine, shall we?

By the way, here's my art process:
1. Start lightly drawing with 4H and 3H Derwent Graphic pencils.
2. Clean up lines with white eraser, then start using stuff in the B range to sharpen it up.
3. Ink lines with Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (tip F) and erase pencil lines.
4. After inserting missing lines, hit the colored pencils. Varying brands and stuff.
5. Scan in picture, then use GIMP to clean up lines, fiddle with the color balance/hue/saturation/contrast/brightness.
6. Sometimes I see if I can make it snazzier with GIMP's Cartoon or Van Gogh filters.

EDIT: Adding Conquest

       Enupnion Forum Index -> Arts and Crafts
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